What are the benefits of Strong Hair?


Imagine this.
You step out of the bathroom with towel-dried hair. As you blow dry them, your comb is your microphone, the living room your stage. The solo guitar section is up and you’re ready to give the crowd some head banging music. As you flip your hair, they bounce with your every move, swaying to every beat.
Now imagine the same scenario but with flat, dull hair.
Sad isn't it?
Not everyone is blessed with bouncy, lively hair as seen in movies, music videos and fashion magazines, but wishes to possess. And why not? How to get thicker, strong hair takes patience but once done, the benefits that you reap from it are plenty.

#1 Better Texture, More Volume

Healthy hair has a texture and volume most women would die for. It’s not rocket science to know that thick, strong hair has more volume and needs no teasing to rock styles like the Brigitte Bardot look or the 90’s inspired puff. Texture and volume can be improved with a well-balanced pH level, ensuring thick and bouncy hair that is smooth and tangle-free. Manage the pH level of your hair with use of a good shampoo and conditioner with hydrating and restoring ingredients that give your hair life.
Strong Hair for Better Texture

#2 Damage Protection

Healthy hair is like your natural heat protection serum or spray. Healthy hair stands the test against winds, dust and even harmful rays of the sun. Stress won’t easily affect your hair if your hair is strong and thick. Having brittle hair will be scarce once you treat your damaged hair and groom it to be strong and healthy.
Reduce hair damage by strong hair

#3 Easy To Style

Strong hair makes styling so much easier. Bring on the curling iron or the crimper, strong hair will take you through it all, leaving you with jaw dropping looks. From beach waves & curls to straight hair, strong hair will stand by you. Short, medium or long hairstyles, both work amazing if your hair is thick and long! Mind you, make sure you use a hair strengthening shampoo and conditioner to ensure your hair withstands the styling processes. Pantene Hairfall Control range of hair care products assure stronger hair in 14 days.
Strong hair for better styling

#4 Leave Them Open

Having just one day of the week with hair that makes you feel confident and lively is a thing of the past if you have damage free and strong hair. So, healthy hair is your license to leave your hair open, every day!
Naturally Strong & Flowing Hair

Now, when aiming to grow strong, thicker hair, the most important tip is to maintain a healthy diet. Food like eggs, fish, oats, nuts, etc, which are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acid, iron, zinc and vitamins B, C and E, will aid good hair growth. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Supplements like fish oil and flaxseed oil help, too.

Pick Pantene’s Damage Control Shampoo, that washes off impurities and nourishes and strengthens hair to prevent hair fall and breakage. Make the choice to love your hair!