Spotting strands of hair on your pillow after you wake up or in your bathroom drain after a hair shower, can be unpleasant signs of excessive hair fall and damage. Several women are testimony to the fact that despite using hair fall shampoos, followed by several anti hair fall remedies tips and hair fall treatments, the situation refuses to get any better.

Hair fall can be limiting. Styling hair, or making puffs and buns, making them short or letting them grow long all can be very daunting. Flat hair and lack of lustre are problems one ends up tackling on an everyday basis. All this often makes one wonder and question “Does a real, effective hair fall solution even exist out there? “, “How to stop hair fall?”, "Is there a hair fall treatment that works?" and so on. This article will be the God sent answer to all your hair fall problems, while highlighting the causes of it and a hair fall treatment or hair fall remedy, you can add to your routine.

  1. Causes of Hair Fall
  2. Symptoms of Hair Fall
  3. Hair Fall Remedies

Let's get to know the causes of hair fall before finding a remedy!

Understanding the real cause of hair fall will help us find a hair fall solution efficiently. Listed below are a few common hair breakage and hair fall reasons:

1. Using the wrong shampoo

Being aware of your hair type and hair condition can prevent hair related problems such as frizziness, hair breakage, hair fall. For instance, if you have frizzy hair, you need a hair shampoo that moisturises. In case you are already witnessing hair fall, you need an anti hair fall solution. But if you end up using the wrong shampoo, it can instigate further hair fall problems rather than being a hair fall solution. Hence, using the correct hair fall solution like a vitamin-based anti hair fall shampoo can help accentuate your hair type and prove to be the helpful hair fall treatment you need.

2. Daily hair care routine

Too much heat, humidity or dryness are all bad for hair. Keeping out in the sun for too long, not washing your hair enough or washing them too much, not taking relevant steps for nourishing the lengths can all cause hair loss. Revamping your hair care routine or lifestyle can help you as a hair fall solution to improve your hair conditions. Taking care of your scalp in the right way is possible only by changing a few things in your lifestyle like combing your hair, oiling it at a regular interval, using hair conditioning remedies and using the right hair fall solutions.

3. Extreme Diets and malnutrition

If you tend to follow diet charts then it is important for you to take in all necessary vitamins and minerals in some form. Having a vitamin and mineral rich diet is very important for your hair growth, hence becoming a possible hair fall solution. Extreme dieting can get you weak and pale. It is better to follow a proper diet, take in a lot of nutrients and exercising enough. Our hair needs all kinds of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Insufficient intake of nutrients, lack of healthy seasonal foods can cause loss of hair and unhealthy hair.

4. Physical and Mental Stress

Extreme physical strain can leave your hair dehydrated along with excessive mental stress, persistent illness or drastic weight loss or gain. All of which can be responsible for hair fall. Taking too much stress about something can lead to hair breakage as it becomes super dry and flaky. Physical strain on the other side is good for your body but leads to hair fall with accumulated sweat. As a hair fall solution, one can always turn to reduce mental stress. Or take to a great hair shower after rigorous workouts.

5. Hair fall due to heredity

Genes play a major role in deciding your hair pattern. It is common for hair loss problems to be passed down genetically. Men are susceptible to partial or complete baldness while women may be susceptible to inheriting alopecia from their mothers. While this may sometimes be out of your control, you can always use a hair fall solution that is mild yet nourishing to your hair. If this doesn't work, you can always sort out a reputed dermatologist to put the situation in check.

6. Hormonal imbalance

For an individual, it is important to understand that hormonal imbalance can cause large amounts of hair fall. You might be exercising well, taking in all the nutrients but if your hormones are not aligned then you may have problems like hair fall, baldness, nausea and so on. So, in this case you should always consult a doctor before taking matters in to your own hand. As for your hair fall issues arising due to hormonal imbalance, you can start with a mild hair fall solution shampoo and conditioner to externally help you.

7. Medical conditions

Like we spoke about hormonal imbalance, medical conditions like PCOS, thyroid, PCOD etc are also possible reasons for your hair fall. In a lot of cases, these kind of medical conditions lead to large amount of hair fall. Along with hair fall, hair thinning and flaky scalp can be experienced too. Your medical conditions and hair fall caused due to it can be covered with a physician's recommendation of a hair fall solution.

8. Medication

To treat the mentioned medical conditions or hormonal imbalance, the medication provided can also cause a lot of hair fall as a side effect. Sometimes, medication in general come with a lot of side-effects where hair fall is the foremost to note. Taking medication after consulting a doctor is very important and taking it in the right amount is also very crucial. In this case, a hair fall solution suggested by the doctor is best.

9. Pregnancy

As you eat the sufficient amounts of food for yourself, it may not be sufficient for your body. Being pregnant causes a lot of strain on your body resulting in dehydration, fatigue, tiredness which may lead to hair fall in the end. Eating proper and right amount of food is necessary during pregnancy. It can help you and your baby remain healthy and also keep you away from hair fall and all other hair related problems. While you concentrate on the bigger picture, don't ignore taking care of your hair with the right hair fall solution.

Find the symptoms of hair fall, find the hair fall remedy!

So you've been noticing your fallen hair strands wherever you go, but how do you know if you have hair fall? Anti hair fall experts say, that if you notice more than 50 to 100 strands of hair fall per day, you have something to worry about. Apart from that, there are many symptoms to know if you are in need for a hair fall treatment as soon as possible.

1. Hair thinning on your crown?

Your hair is starting to feel thinner than usual. You've been noticing a loss of volume. But the best way to confirm you really need a hair fall remedy is by simpy keeping an eye on the volume of hair on your crown. Hair thinning on the crown area is by far the most common sign of hair loss. For men, this can be very visible. On the other hand, for women, you can begin to see a receding hair fall and scantiness at the sides of the forehead.

2. Bald patches:

A bald patch as small as a coin, can be a sign of balding. At times, this can be noticed visibly, while other times, you may feel a sense of itchiness in one specific area of your scalp. Either way, its advised to turn to a mild hair fall solution to nourish your scalp and hair immediately.

3. Sudden loosening of hair:

Your hair may have been rooted in strength all your life, but sometimes due to sudden shock like hair tugging or overuse of hair ties can result is sudden hair loss. This is the kind of hair fall that leads to hair thinning and definitely needs a hair fall solution routine in place.

4. Are you losing hair on your body?

Hair loss doesn't just happen on your scalp. Your body can suffer from hair fall too. And, this can be a condition that happens with irreversible diseases treatments such as Chemotherapy for cancer. Even though it is not permanent and the hair starts growing back, using the right hair fall solution can help improve the situation.

Hair fall remedies to stop hair fall

Hair fall can be scary and sometimes not in our control, but there are some things that can be taken care of to reduce hair fall. Finding a hair fall solution is not a one-track path. It is well rounded, holistic process of maintaining several aspects of your life, all ending in happy and healthy hair.

Mentioned below are some milestones to keep in mind as a hair fall solution and path to strong and healthy hair.

1. What are the best everyday practices to control hairfall?

It is surprising to see how basic everyday habits can result in hair fall control to a great extent. But you are what you do every day, right? Practicing good habits can take you long way and give you the right type of hair that you desire. Practices like picking the right comb and using only wide teethed shampoo combs on wet hair first. You can use a brush after this.

Rubbing your hair with your towel seems to be the quickest way to dry it but this can leave your hair too dry and tangled, leading to breakage. Instead, simply pressing out moisture and later air-drying it naturally becomes a hair fall solution. Trying to dry your hair out with a rug or towel can cause a lot of damage to your hair and scalp. Leading to extreme dryness, it can also cause dandruff and hair breakage ultimately leading to hair fall.

Washing your hair is itself a great hair fall solution. Maintaining hygiene around yourself and keeping your hair clean from the bacteria and fungus can be a good way to keep your hair healthy. Make sure you wash your hair at least thrice a week using a hair fall solution like anti hair fall shampoo followed by a conditioner to keep your hair moist and easy to manage. It’s all about finding the one that perfectly matches your hair needs and knowing how to use a conditioner and shampoo the right way.

2. Pick the Right Products

Try to avoid harmful chemicals in your hair products. Use leave-in conditioners that provide nourishment and lock moisture for the lengths of your hair giving you healthy hair tips. At the same time be wary of using too many products for hair fall treatment as over treating them may cause brittle and weak hair. Washing hair is extremely important but so is making sure that it is not dry. Keeping your hair moist and moisturised is a good start to deal with your hair fall problem. This way you can allow your hair to take better shape and it will become easy to manage for you.

Simply using a carefully chosen hair fall shampoo and conditioner on a regular basis acts as a hair fall solution. Usage of Pantene Hair Fall Shampoo which contains the nourishing formula of Pro-Vitamins, which cleanses your hair and scalp gently. And when followed by Pantene Hairfall Control Conditione, moisture gets locked in your hair keeping them soft and healthy. This makes sure the lengths don’t become dry and maintain healthy hair tips. Pantene Open Hair Miracle is recommended as a leave-in product after a complete hair wash for smooth open hair all day long.

3. Style It, don't fight it

Trying out new hairstyles or giving yourself a new look can cause a lot of damage to your hair which is obviously unintentional but unavoidable. Giving yourself a new look is equally important as giving your scalp and hair proper break. Try to stay away from excessive hair colouring, ironing, treatments and harsh products. Picking more natural and less complicated hairstyles, that help your hair and scalp breath is important. Whereas, tying your hair in tight braids, ponytails or pull back hairstyles regularly causes an increase in hair fall. But this shouldn’t stop you from styling and wearing your hair the way you like it. Proper hair care procedures followed with styling can not only give you the desired look but also keep hair away from damages like hairfall and thinning. Shampoo & condition with right products like Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range and combine the routine with using Pantene Open Hair Miracle before styling your hair protects your hair from breakage and hair fall.

4. Time for some lifestyle changes

The best to bring any change is to be the change. Change your way of living and a lot of your problems will start vanishing. Having troubles with hair? Develop a few good habits that can give your hair a blast and keep you fit and healthy too.

As mentioned earlier, hair fall is not only a result of external factors but also a result of internal factors-- physiological as well as psychological. Treat your body right by following a diet for hair fall which helps maintain internal peace and control stress levels. This helps as a hair fall solution and can be one of the most profound answers to the question, “How to stop hair fall?”. The answer is simple. Yoga and exercise, meditation and nutritious food all can be added to the list of healthy hair tips. Apart from supplements in form of pills and powder, natural strength one gets through natural foods such as Amla or Indian Gooseberry, Aloe Vera and Beetroot juice all help in keeping the scalp clean and fulfilling the nutritional deficiency that may be causing hair fall.

5. A great hair massage

Massaging your head is proven to be working the best for stimulating blood circulation, hence being the healthiest way to stop hair fall before it takes over. It results in increased hair growth and relieves your stress which is a main cause of hair fall. Massaging helps to keep your hair in shape and keeps it healthy.

6. Vitamins-rich food or products

Many a food we see around us have vitamins within them and they are the missing nutrients your hair craves for strength. Foods rich in Omega-3, high-protein foods and iron-rich foods along with lots of water consumption can be the hair fall remedy you've been waiting for. Not just foods, but vitamin rich shampoos such as Pantene with Pro-vitamin B5 formula helps reduce hair fall drastically.

To conclude, hair fall may seem like a permanent problem for both men and women but changing your routine and developing good habits can be a good start towards stopping hair fall. As for the age-old dilemma of "How to Stop Hair fall?", the answer lies in picking the right hair fall treatment or hair fall remedy as per your hair fall severity. Using the right hair fall solution like Pantene and following a hair care routine diligently will put your hair fall problems to rest. Now that you've understood hair fall from A-Z, you know what to do!