The Quest

Pantene scientists embarked on a passionate quest to find the ultimate answer to the biggest hair concern – Hairfall*. During this quest, they travelled far and wide, searched across land and sea and it was only a chance encounter which landed them in a quaint, hidden village in South West China. Mesmerized by the 17ft long Rapunzel-esque hair of the Yao women, they knew that they had stumbled on nature’s best kept anti-hairfall* secret which they would soon uncover.

The Discovery

The women of the Yao Tribe have preserved this ancient secret and passed it on for several generations, the secret to their long and glorious hairfall free hair – Fermented Rice Water! Seeing these women running wooden combs through their thick tresses with flawless ease, the Pantene scientists surmised that the secret to their long, hairfall-free hair must lie in the fermented rice water that the women were preparing and treating their hair with.

When Science

Met Nature

When Pantene scientists took this ancient ingredient back to their labs, they learnt that it contains a fascinating combination of eight amino acids and vitamins. Empowered with this ancient ingredient information, they infused Fermented Rice Water and Pantene’s Patented Pro-Vitamin science to create Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solutions. A blend of tradition, technology and craftsmanship that would inevitably make hairfall* worries a thing of the past.
*hairfall due to breakage


Advanced Hairfall
Solution Range

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Pantene combined the miraculous
Fermented Rice Water with its Pro-Vitamin
Formula in the form of the new pantene
Open Hair Miracle promising you more

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