Hairfall- The two words that make up for the shortest yet the scariest horror story that no woman would ever want to witness. However, most women can’t escape it and face hairfall every day. This makes it imperative to know how much is too much. We lose about 100 strands everyday but anything more than that is excessive and alarming. Hair is a big part of our identity and appearance. It adds confidence and resembles our style in ways more than one. When this important part starts falling away, all the positives that it brings along also begin to fall apart.

Therefore, it’s necessary to find an answer to the question of ‘How to reduce hairfall?’

Tried and tested hairfall treatments & home remedies for hairfall have failed to answer this question of how to stop hairfall too. But fret not, ladies! You’ve come to the right place to find all your answers. Let’s get to the root of it and find the best hairfall treatment for your hair.


We all know how important emotional well-being is when it comes to our body to function. Stress is one of the key troublemakers that cause hairfall making it one of the biggest hairfall reasons. However, hairfall due to stress is not permanent and stressing over your tresses wouldn’t be an ideal hairfall solution.

Flat irons, curling tongs, and blow dryers are temporary saviours that cause permanent hair damage. The heat from these styling tools not only absorbs all the moisture from the hair but excessive use can also cause damage to the hair follicles and the scalp

Deficiency of food rich in iron and vitamin B can also lead to hairfall. As hair doesn’t get enough nourishment, it weakens and tends to fall. Diet plays a key role when it comes to strengthening the roots. Strong and healthy roots stem out strong and healthy hair.

Don’t we all wish that we could reverse aging? With age, your hair not only greys but also falls away. While greying can be covered with hair colour, hairfall is one thing that cannot be covered. Science has evolved and created hairfall treatments like hair implants, but the maintenance of solutions are expensive and do not guarantee a permanent solution

Hairfall is a common side effect when it comes to medication. Hairfall due to medication can be temporary, but this lost hair takes ages to grow back, making hairfall caused due to medication a permanent problem.

The scalp has a great part to play when it comes to hair growth and hairfall. Sweat and dirt can clog the follicles and create an unpleasant environment for hair growth. If one doesn’t maintain a healthy scalp, hairfall is unavoidable. Home remedies like DIY masks are one of the leading causes of a clogged scalp.


Tips &
To Deal

1- The right products

While dealing with hairfall, it is quintessential to use products that deal specifically with hair fall. Using the best shampoo for hairfall and following it up with a nourishing conditioner can be one the most basic yet effective hairfall treatment. Make sure to always look for the ingredients that a product contains and whether it helps stop hairfall. The all-new Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with Fermented Rice Water and the patented Pro-Vitamin formula which helps reduce hairfall effectively.

2- Minimize the heat damage

On days that you’re running late or wish to style your hair with curling irons and straighteners, it is imperative to minimize the heat damage with a heat protectant like Pantene Open Hair Miracle. Apply a walnut-sized amount through the lengths of your hair and let the power of Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin Formula protect your mane from the heat damage. 

Pro Tip- Keep the blow-dryer 6 inches away from your scalp to minimize the damage.

3. Diet

Hair is the fastest growing tissue of your body, which is why it needs plenty of nutrition to aid the growth process. Providing your body with the right kind of nutrients will ensure that your hair grows strong and healthy. In order to deal with hairfall, you also need to focus on hair growth. Making a few changes in your diet can induce hair growth. Here are some diet essentials when it comes to facilitating hair growth and stopping hairfall effectively.

a) Greens

The most common yet the most effective hair growth tip is the consumption of greens. Greens like Spinach, guava, gooseberry, etc. are rich in protein, iron, and zinc that aid hair growth.

b) Amino Acids

Argine, a very beneficial amino acid present in red meat, nuts, and dairy product channels hair growth. Lysine is another amino acid present in seafood and dairy that helps in collagen production. Collagen plays a big role in making hair healthier and resilient.

4- Hydrate

The best hair growth tip that one could easily adopt is to keep your body hydrated. Hairfall is caused mostly due to lack of moisture. Water makes your hair more flexible, less brittle & therefore less susceptible to hair damage & breakage! The benefits of water are unending but most of us forget to drink up 3 liters every day. Heat tends to absorb all the moisture from our hair, making it dry and prone to breakage. The easiest way to get supple and radiant hair is by drinking water.

5- Hack it up

a) Serums for the win

Dry hair is prone to breakage. It is essential to deeply nourish your hair before you step out. Serums and leave-in conditioners like Pantene Open Hair Miracle provide nourishment to your hair and take the least effort to work with

b) Wide tooth comb

Post-shower detangling can turn into a nightmare if not done right. Hair is the weakest when wet. It is ideal to use a serum like Pantene Open Hair Miracle to provide that extra nourishment to the lengths of your hair and start detangling. The best way to detangle is to use a wide tooth comb and work your way from the bottom to the top. This will reduce tugging and breakage caused due to the pull in the opposite direction.

c) The right way to dry your hair

Wet hair is prone to more damage and the maximum amount of hairfall takes place post-shower. The technique of drying our hair also has a great impact on the quality of our hair. Blow drying causes massive heat damage and sometimes also damages the follicles and scalp. It’s a known fact that even though blow-drying will make your hair look bouncy and perfect, we cannot ignore the damage that it brings along.
It is advised to use a cotton towel and pat dry your hair, with minimum pressure and let your hair air-dry. Air-drying causes zero damage to your hair and lets your hair stand strong in the long run.

d) Satin Pillow-cases

One of the most common hairfall reasons is breakage caused due to friction. Most women use cotton pillowcases which tend to create friction between your hair and the fabric. Switch to a satin pillowcase and avoid the breakage caused due to friction.

However, to break it down to you, it isn’t possible to completely avoid hairfall but these minor lifestyle changes will eventually help stop hairfall. Hormones, medication and other problems make it difficult for one to avoid hairfall. Following a great diet, exercising, meditating and most importantly using the right product can highly benefit one when it comes to dealing with hairfall. So, girls, choose Pantene Pro-Vitamin Advanced Hairfall Solutions Range and give your hair the best nourishment and care that it truly deserves. Created with the blend of science and nature, it’s the best hairfall treatment to save your lovely locks.

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