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What are some of the cool daily hacks that can prevent hairfall?

Hair fall is a problem that a lot of us face every day, and many things contribute to this. Thankfully, this is not the end of the world.

There are a lot of good hair fall tips out there, and you can use them to reduce excessive hair fall! Read on to know how to control hair fall and get the type of hair you love.

Eat Right

What you put into your body gives your body nutrition, which reflects on how your hair looks. One of the top healthy hair tips you can get is to load your diet with proteins, vitamins, iron, and zinc. A lack of these micronutrients is linked to hair fall, and here’s why!
Your hair is mostly made of protein. Hence, including protein in your daily diet can enhance your hair’s protein content and strengthen your hair follicles. Most natural protein sources also contain iron, which boosts the red blood cells and helps deliver nutrients more efficiently. Apart from proteins, it’s important that you include vitamins in your diet as they improve the collagen level in your hair and give it that beautiful structure. Zinc is another integral component; it is known for its properties to naturally heal hair and promote hair growth.
If you are someone who wonders how to control hair fall a lot, then it’s probably a good idea to follow a healthy diet.

Be Gentle

Your hair contributes a lot to your look. Often, because of this, we put a lot of pressure on it. This includes reckless styling and roughening up. Treating hair this way is one of the biggest hair fall reasons.
Among good hair fall tips, one is to remember that you need to comb your hair gently. You should also make sure that you use the right comb for your hair as the wrong comb is going to again cause your hair to fall. Another thing you can do is avoid tight hairstyles and accessories as they tend to put a lot of pressure on the hair, causing them to detach from the roots or causes hair breakage.
One maneuver you need to perfect is handling wet hair as your hair is much more vulnerable when it’s wet. A good hair fall shampoo such as the Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo can come to your rescue in such a scenario. However, it is important to dry your hair gently and not comb it while it is wet.

Get Rid of Split Ends

When you have split ends, the hair nutrition that is allotted to a single strand of hair gets divided among all the splits the strand has had, which makes it not enough for a single strand as a whole.
Regular trimming is considered to be one of the top healthy hair solutions for this hair problem. Ditching your heat styling tools and being extra sensitive to your hair when it’s wet is also a great way to avoid those split ends.

Pick the Right Products

It's important that we figure out what these are and pick only them. Using a hair fall shampoo or a hair fall conditioner that isn’t compatible with your hair type can be one of the most prominent hair fall reasons. Not just hair fall but also cause structural damage to your hair.
You just have to go for products that are compatible with your hair. The Pantene Open Hair Miracle is one such product that is designed for all hair types and can also help you fight frizz and breakge and reduce hairfall.

Use Home Remedies

One of the most basic healthy hair tips is something you’ve probably been hearing about since you were a kid, and that is oil massage, helps with blood flow to your hair follicles and is also very relaxing. Another home remedy that can be among top hair fall tips is steam. Essentially, steaming lifts your hair cuticle and makes it easier for any hair treatment to penetrate better.
Hair masks are also great as they condition your hair on a deeper level and repair any damage that hair may have gone through. This is considered to be one of the greatest hair fall tips for those who have put their hair through extensive coloring, styling, and processing.

Stay Fit

No matter how silly this point sounds, staying healthy on a mental and physical level is extremely important. Today, stress is something everyone feels, and it is one of the major factors causing hair fall. When you invest yourself in physical exercises, certain hormones are released. One of these is called endorphins, which cause you to feel happy and your stress to get reduced.
Exercising maintains good blood circulation, thereby allowing for robust blood flow to your scalp. When this happens, your hair follicles receive the necessary nutrition and your hair fall decreases. Being in poses such as the headstand significantly improves the amount of blood that reaches one’s scalp, thereby contributing to hair care.

It is imperative that you give your hair the right care every day as it is only then that you will get the kind of results that you want. This is also the answer to the most frequently asked question – ‘how to control hair fall’.
The new Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range is created with the ancient secret of Fermented Rice Water and Pantene's Patented Pro-Vitamin formula to give you the perfect hairfall solution.  Some products from this range are the Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and the Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner.
Caring for your hair on a daily basis is a great way of preventing hair fall. So, do just that and have the beautiful hair you fantasize about!

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