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Many of us have grown up listening to one crucial hair advice - a good oil massage can give you hair goals like no other. But as far as we all recall, the greasy oily hair look has never been anyone’s favourite. Then again, is there any other solution for providing your hair nourishment of a hair oil without the oily, stickiness?

Yes, of course there is and nope, we aren’t talking about hair masks. We are talking about Oil Replacements. Today, Oil Replacement has freed us from the hassles of the old traditional champi’s stickiness, smell and more. In fact, Oil Replacement for hair is the new self-care choice. It gives you multiple benefits of natural oil minus and almost twice the hair nourishing factors without the holdbacks.

Feels like all your hair dreams will come true with an oil replacement, isn’t it? But before you go all out buying your oil replacement for hair, let us get to know a little more about what kind of oil replacement are out there.

In fact, our in-house hair experts’ team have got you covered a step further. We will help you understand on how to pick an oil replacement.


Every oil replacement has its own benefits, but not all of them will provide you hair nourishment. Just like a hair oil, selecting an oil replacement is dependent on the hair issues you want to address. One can be looking to reduce hair fall while getting hair nourishment at home, while another can be on the lookout for an oil replacement that brings back the shine. Don’t worry, this isn’t rocket science and we’re here to break that down for you below.

Here is what you need to keep in mind while choosing the right oil replacement for hair -

(a) Check the ingredients before you buy

There is a sea of hair nourishing treatments in the market and finding ‘the hair mate’ in oil replacements requires you to be thorough with the ingredients your hair needs to feel healthy.

• If you are looking to get rid of the frizz and dryness, you need a silicone conditioning oil replacement.
• If rejuvenating your hair texture and bringing back the shininess is of prime importance, then a nut-based oil replacement will give you the hair nourishing treatment you’re looking for.
To sum it up, if you’ve got your ingredients covered, half of your job ends there.

(b) Is it right for your hair type?

Our hair type plays a role in selecting a conditioner, shampoo and hair oil. Likewise, selecting an oil replacement for your hair isn’t any different. Knowing your hair type and if this hair nourishing treatment you’re about to pick meets your hair type is integral to finding your crown’s glory.

• If you’re one who has curly hair, your hair needs an intense moisturising hair oil replacement. Curls often get need that extra hair nourishing treatment. Select an oil replacement cream for your hair infused with the almonds, jojoba and marula.
• For thin hair, a light weighted oil replacement treatment will not give your hair a bounce but also give it the gentle care it needs.
• For thick, textured hair, a little extra hydration will go a long way. Keeping your tresses healthy and naturally beautiful should be the goals. For that, we recommend a hardworking oil replacement cream.

Benefits of an oil replacement

Now that you know how to select an oil replacement for hair nourishment, knowing its many benefits can help you seal the deal with an oil replacement. Here are a few benefits of using a good oil replacement.

a) First, it ensures to give you a hair nourishing treatment without the hassles of hair oils.
With an oil replacement, you don’t have to deal with the acne, smell and greasy look ordinary hair would bring.
b) A good oil replacement lets you go about your everyday life. Its non-sticky texture lets you apply it on-the-go with a natural look.
c) It detangles your hair and gives your hair a healthy smoothness.
d) Most of the time every gorgeous hair look on social media has a fairy oil replacement working hard behind the scenes. Its ingredients make your hair glam ready.
e) Lustrous shiny hair is possible with an oil replacement. It protects your hair from all the dust, sunlight and humidity. It even makes split ends, hair breakage, hair fall are all a thing of the past.


Since you’re on the lookout for a great oil replacement for hair nourishment, we know one such hair care product that covers you with multiple benefits. The Pantene Open Hair Miracle is a revolutionary creamy textured oil replacement invented to give you 2x stronger hair than an ordinary oil treatment without the hassles & stickiness of the oils.

Pantene Open Hair Miracle is a multi-purpose miracle cream with 4in1 benefits – oil replacement, serum, leave-in conditioner & heat protectant.

Let us tell you more about the 4in1 benefit Pantene Open Hair Miracle -

Oil Replacement:

It’s a hassle-free nourishment that leaves you hair stronger and helps prevent hair fall . Apply like oil from root to tip and leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off. It is hassle-free compared to oil, so no sticky hair or stained clothes!


There are various benefits of hair serum, like you can reduce hair fall with serum, also you can keep frizz at bay and get soft and shiny hair in seconds! After you hop out of the shower, take a walnut size amount, rub it on your palms and apply it along the lengths of your damp hair to get detangled, frizz-free hair all day long or keep frizz at bay and add shine and softness to dry hair by applying a pea-sized amount before you step out.

Leave-in conditioner:

Now get smooth soft hair easily with rinse-free conditioning. Open Hair Miracle can be used in place of a conditioner on those days when you don't have the extra 5 minutes in the shower to apply and rinse-off your regular conditioner!

Heat Protectant:

No more styling damage, so style your heart out ladies! When styling your hair with a blow-dryer or an iron, apply a walnut size amount to your damp hair to create a protective layer.

To top it all, Pantene Open Hair Miracle won the Vogue Beauty Awards in the Daily Hair Oil Category.

Another reason to get your hands-on Pantene Open Hair Miracle!

Make hair miracles come true with Pantene Open Hair Miracle (formally called Pantene Oil Replacement) is perfect to give your hair the nourishment it needs and to keep it lively as you.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!