Keep Greasy, Smelly Monsoon Hair at Bay With These Tricks!

The scariest hair season is here, and it has brought new hair care challenges with it. That’s right! Monsoon is keeping up with its reputation. Along with a ton of hair fall reasons such as the humidity, rainfall, and fungal infections; it has also brought with it the problems of greasy and smelly hair.
A lot of questions arise here. While most of them revolve around how to control hair fall in this season, many of them fail to focus on how to avoid greasy and smelly hair. Read on to know just how to do that!

Waterproof your Hair

By itself, rainwater is considered to be pure and unpolluted. But as it makes its way from the clouds to the ground, it collects many impurities and pollutants from our atmosphere. In some cases, it also reacts with the compounds in the air and becomes acidic, which can lead to excessive hair fall. Another problem this has is that it leads to a greasy appearance and bad smell. So, one of the best hair fall tips here is to wear hair accessories such as a scarf or a turban that will protect you from the wrath of the rain, not to mention raincoats and umbrellas!

Shampoo Off the Rainwater

As you know, rain is not a good friend of your hair, especially impurities-populated acidic rain. And when you get drenched in this rain, your hair gets exposed to bacteria and infections. This can lead to infected scalp, greasy hair, and hair loss. Hence, it is wise to wash your hair with a good shampoo such as the Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo after they have gotten wet in the rain. In fact, regular shampooing is one of the best healthy hair care tips in the monsoons. Even if you are not able to wash your hair due to time constraints, at least dry them as soon as you are out of the rain. It is also suggested to use dry shampoo post drying hair to avoid greasy hair in monsoons.

Don't Tie Wet Hair

Say, the rain has got your hair drenched and you don’t have access to anything that can dry your hair. The monsoon frizz is settling in and your hair is starting to look bad. The instant this happens, a lot of us prefer to do an updo and hide from the world that we are, in fact, having bad hair day.
But did you know? Tying up wet hair causes them to smell and is one of the biggest hair fall reasons, as hair is the most vulnerable to damage when wet. So, how to control hair fall then? The answer is to simply not tie your hair. Let your hair breathe and give it a chance to air-dry itself.

Go Easy On Styling Tools

With the monsoon shattering your dream of never-ending great hair days, styling can seem like a great solution. But what a lot of us avoid acknowledging is that it is one of the top hair fall reasons. Using these, especially heat styling tools can introduce static electricity into your hair; and as you already know there is certain chemistry between electricity and rain. Additionally, heat styling also gives your hair a type of dull, greasy look, which is definitely unwanted. However, if styling is not something you can do without, consider applying a protective serum like the Pantene Open Hair Miracle hair serum to avoid excessive hair fall

Oil Your Hair

Massaging your scalp and hair with oil helps enhance the blood circulation and provides moisture to your hair strands. This locks in nourishment and keeps your hair from falling. In fact, oiling hair twice a week during monsoons is one of the best hair fall tip you can get. What this essentially does is it gives your hair a new life and keeps it from becoming greasy.
Among more healthy hair care tips, it is recommended that you steam your hair after oiling them. This helps the nutrition and the moisture of the oil to reach your roots, thereby locking your hair health in.

Condition Your Hair

In monsoons, the humidity in the air reaches a pretty high point. This causes hydrogen bonds to form in your hair, thereby leading to frizzy hair. Managing this frizz can be a nightmare and you might just have to bid goodbye to some of your hair.
So, how to control hair fall? One of the top hair fall tips for this is to condition your hair thoroughly. The Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner is a really good product for this. Alternatively, you can also go for dry conditioners because, at the end of the day, it is conditioning your hair that is going to put a distance between you and damaged hair.

Get That Spa

To a lot of us, hair spas sound like a luxury we can do without. But this could not be farther from the truth. When the question ‘how to control hair fall?’ is asked, most answers do include hair spas. It’s true that shampoos and conditioners that are compatible with your hair will help cleanse your hair. But spa treatments give your hair and roots the necessary nutrition and can even rescue you from damaged hair and excessive hair fall. Plus, if you have colored your hair or gotten them chemically treated in any way, a spa treatment goes a long way.

Use Serums

The monsoon season, by itself, is one of the biggest hair fall reasons, but that’s not all. With it, the season also brings the woe of smelly hair. One of the greatest hair care tips for keeping hair healthy is to take proper care of your hair.
So, then how remove smelly and greasy hair and control hair fall? We have already discussed a few of the greatest hair fall tips above. And adding to the list is hair serums! Not only do hair serums give proper moisture to your hair and make it managable, but they also give you a chic appearance and hair that smells good. One of the best hair serums for you is the Pantene Open Hair Miracle, its special formula with Pro-Vitamins nourishes hair and ensures frizz removal and lesser hairfall

Avoid Oily Junky Food

Your diet plays a major role in how your hair looks and how healthy your scalp is. Owing to the humidity in the air that the monsoon brings, your hair is more on the greasier side. If you add oily junk food to the mix, the greasiness of your hair tends to rise and reflects in the form of an increase in oil on your scalp.
Additionally, oily foods make your body demand more water, and you don’t really feel all that thirsty in the humid weather. This lack of water intake majorly contributes to smelly and poorly nourished hair. Having said that, one of the most effective healthy hair tips is to eat healthy.

It is indeed challenging to take care of your hair in the monsoons, especially when they are more prone than ever to becoming greasy and smelly. But at the end of the day, it is only when you put in a little extra effort that you can have the lustrous hair you want.
One of the best hair care solutions of all time is Fermented Rice Water. Pantene scientists infused Fermented Rice Water from a hidden village in South West China and Pantene's Patented Pro-Vitamin Formula to create the all-new Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range. This blend is the perfect recepie for healthy and gorgeous hair. Use Pantene hair care products and be rest assured of healthier hair. This monsoon, stand up to the rain and get that perfect hair you crave for!

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