The rainy season is here and unfortunately, the monsoon hair care problems came with it. While we all love to sit back and relax while looking out at the rain, it’s true that hair care during the monsoons can be a little bit of a hassle.

When the climate becomes very humid, it causes a range of hair problems such as greasiness, frizzy hair, dandruff and hair fall. This is why extra attention must be given to your monsoon hair care, since it’s important to always remember to maintain your regular hair care routine of shampoo and conditioner, along with various pre and post shampoo techniques that will help you maintain smooth and frizz-free hair and control hair fall.


There are various reasons why hair is more prone to hair fall during monsoon. The biggest reason is the humidity in the atmosphere that makes our hair frizzy, and makes the scalp greasy, which could lead to clogged pores in the scalp and lead to hair fall. When your hair is greasy, you also tend to shampoo it more often, which strips the moisture from your scalp and hair and your hair, leading to problems like hair breakage & hair fall. Hair fall in rainy season isn’t fun for anyone, but there are ways you can control it to the best of your abilities


The thing about rainy days is that while they’re fun and relaxing for us, they pose a whole host of problems for our hair. The moisture in the air makes our hair frizzy and more prone to hair fall. One way of ensuring your hair gets the extra moisture it needs to prevent frizz and hair fall is by oiling it regularly, ideally as a pre shampoo treatment. However, during monsoons the humidity makes our hair and scalp too greasy and applying oil might make it feel heavy and bogged down.

The Oil Replacement technique is one where you don’t have to use oil to get smooth and voluminous hair. Pantene Open Hair Miracle works as a nourishing oil for your hair, without any of the greasiness. The oil replacement technique works by using the Pantene Open hair Miracle as an oil as it nourishes and softens your hair just like a hair oil, without making it feel heavy or greasy. This in turn gives your hair adequate moisture in preparation for the monsoon climate and can work much the same way oil does.

How To Use Pantene Open Hair Miracle

Pantene Open Hair Miracle works as an oil replacement for hair, a serum and a leave in conditioner at the same time and can be used in any of these ways. It’s lightweight unlike most oils or leave-in conditioners and also very easy to use. You can use Pantene Open Hair Miracle before shampooing, instead of oil to moisturize and nourish your hair. Just squeeze out a walnut sized amount onto your palm and apply it to your hair. Make sure it is distributed thoroughly and is evenly applied throughout your hair, and leave it on for half an hour at least. Then shampoo and condition your hair normally, and use a small amount of Pantene Open Hair Miracle again as a leave in conditioner to give your hair some extra moisture. Incorporating these steps into your regular haircare routine, especially during the rainy season will really help to control excessive hair fall during monsoon.


Here are some monsoon hair care tips for you -

• It’s a common mistake to think that because the moisture in the air is high during monsoon, our hair doesn’t need more added to it. The truth is that if there is excess humidity, you need to give your hair more moisture to lock it in and keep it smooth, because hair has a tendency to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and distribute it unevenly, leading to frizzy and unmanageable hair.
• Remember to always use a serum after you shampoo, as it really locks in the extra moisture in your hair shaft and keeps your hair smooth and manageable for longer.
• Always wash your hair if it gets wet in the rain to avoid greasy hair, as rainwater is acidic and dirty and not good for your hair. It may also cause bacterial and fungal infections on your scalp.
• Take care of your diet and try to eat healthy food that aren’t too oily. Eating oily food will make you scalp oily, which will lead to clogged pores and hair fall.
• If you need to style your hair, use a pea sized amount of Pantene Open Hair Miracle as a heat protectant before styling your hair. This will protect your hair from the damage caused by heat from the styling equipment.
• Always, always, always condition after you shampoo. Never forget the importance of a regular haircare routine and try to follow it at least 2-3 times a week to wash out the grease and grime that occurs so easily during monsoon.

We hope this was an informative guide to monsoon haircare to prevent hair fall during rainy season, as well as a new way to nourish your hair without the greasiness of oil. Pantene Open Hair Miracle is a true all in one product as you can use it as an oil replacement for hair, as well as a serum, leave in conditioner or as a heat protectant. This makes it the perfect ally for you while you fight against the dreaded monsoon hair problems and hair fall, so remember to incorporate this essential monsoon hair products and tips into your monsoon haircare routine!


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So happy monsoon to you with the best in class anti-hair fall solution!

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