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Nobody wants to struggle with their hair while they’re vacationing and having a gala time. Hair can get pretty taxing if not taken care of while traveling due to a possible climate change. All your amazing pictures and outfits can go for a toss if your hair doesn’t behave the way you want it to. If you don’t take care of this hair and settle with styling tools to do the work for you, you’ve signed up for hair fall. The most important healthy hair tip is to understand your hair and why it behaves a certain way. If you don’t understand the cause, it would be impossible for you to deal with it and find a hair fall treatment or hair care routine that works best for your hair while you’re away from home.

So, let’s understand why our hair needs extra care while traveling.

Our hair is accustomed to a certain climate and atmosphere and when we travel to a different place, it tends to act up. It’s difficult to manage and style this hair. It can get frizzy or it get can go flat and even break. Extreme climates can have extreme effects on your hair and lead to hair fall. It’s imperative to know how to prevent hair fall to get more great hair days wherever you go.

The key to having flawless hair is using the right hair care products at the right time. We cannot change or have control over the weather, but we do have control over our hair and how it behaves if we use the right products for our hair.


Under no circumstance are you allowed to lose this bag because it will have all the products that will make your hair look stunning! So, ladies, hold this bag near and don’t forget to put all the below mentioned products right in it.


Long flights and humid weather can make your hair greasy and flat. Styling this hair can be extremely difficult, let alone getting Insta-worthy pictures . The best-kept secret to having voluminous and fresh hair without taking a shower is dry shampoo.

How to use- Dry shampoos are available in powder form and in liquid form i.e. sprays. You can spray it or dab it directly on your scalp and comb your hair over it.

When to use- In humid regions, hair can get oily and flat easily. Washing your hair every day isn’t feasible, therefore, it advised to use dry shampoo whenever your scalp starts producing excessive oil and you don’t have enough time to hop in the shower.

What does it do- A dry shampoo absorbs all the grease and excessive oil from the scalp. It keeps the scalp and the hair fresh for a longer time.


The frizz problem gets more real when you travel. In dry as well as humid temperatures, frizz is difficult to tame. Frizz can lead to breakage and hair fall. But don’t you worry! A little serum is all it takes to reduce hair fall if not stop hair fall and get the most moisturizing hair fall treatment. The most valuable hair fall tip that one must diligently follow is applying a serum. A serum like Pantene Open Hair Miracle nourishes your hair like no other and keeps frizz and hair fall at bay.

How to use- Use a walnut-sized dollop of serum and apply it generously through the length of your hair

When to use- Apply Pantene Open Har Miracle after you step out of the shower. It adds moisture to your hair and avoids frizz from turning your crown into a frizzy ball of rough hair.

What does it do- Using a serum gives your hair total protection from the changing weather and heat. It tames the frizz and nourishes your hair from within and works as a perfect hair fall treatment and damage repair solution for your hair.


Hair needs most care and protection from damage while we’re away from home, and no luxury hotel can provide you with a shampoo that helps your hair get overall protection. It is beneficial to carry a shampoo that strengthens your hair and protects it from hair fall. Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo by the Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution Range is an 80ml travel-friendly shampoo. Not only does it protect your hair from the problem of hair fall, but it is also easy to carry while you’re away.

How to use- Apply a coin-sized amount of Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo on wet hair. Rinse off under running.

When to use- If you’re in a humid place and you’ve got an oily scalp, shampooing every day might be crucial. Whenever you shower, it is imperative to shampoo your hair.

What does it do- It cleanses your scalp and strengthens the roots. It deals with hair fall at the root and gives your hair the protection that it needs


We’re all aware of the importance of the conditioner. This importance doubles up when you’re traveling, and the conditioner becomes a necessity. In dry or humid weather, hair tends to lose moisture and can get dehydrated. This loss of moistures can lead to breakage and trigger hair fall. Therefore, the best healthy hair tip and easiest way to reduce or stop hair fall is conditioning. Using a conditioner that deals especially with hair fall like the all-new Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner is a must. Its 80 ml pack is not only easy on the pocket but also travel-friendly.

How to use- Use a coin-sized amount of the conditioner and apply it through the lengths of your hair, especially the roots.

When to use- The conditioner must be paired with a shampoo and should be used right after shampoo, on rinsed hair.

What does it do- It adds moisture to your hair and nourishes it deeply, preventing hair breakage and hair loss.


We’re all guilty of using hair styling tools as a quick fix when traveling. To get hair that’s perfectly curled or straightened, we tend to resort to styling. It’s important to use a heat protectant that protects your hair from damage, as heat damage can cause immense hair fall. But what if we told you Pantene Open Hair Miracle also works as a heat protectant? Not only is this a great anti-hair fall tip but also a great packing tip.

How to use- Use a walnut-sized amount of serum and apply it generously through the length of your hair.

When to use- Apply Pantene Open Hair Miracle before styling your hair with any styling tool.

What does it do- Heat can cause extreme damage to your hair; it protects your hair from the damage caused due to styling.

There you have it. Everything you need to get a great hair day, anywhere you go. Here’s to fabulous looking hair wherever you go with Pantene.

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