Why Onions Help Improve Hair Health

Did you know? An onion can reduce the risk of a heart stroke. It prevents the plaque build-up in the arteries, preventing a heart attack. If you want to cut down on salt and sugar, increase the amount of onions in your diet as they provide a good taste without the need for either. Onions can also improve the circulation of blood in the body, ensuring growth of new cells, which is key for good hair growth and treatment of damaged hair. Learn healthy haircare tips from experts at Pantene India.

Including onions, raw or cooked, in your diet helps your hair in certain ways:

#1 Sulphur

The sulphur content in an onion is a mineral that is required in our body for protein synthesis. Through this synthesis, our body builds new cell structures. In terms of hair, the presence of sulphur helps collagen production which is the base for growth of new cells. Sulphur also prevents thinning of hair as it increases the elasticity and strength of your hair. Strong hair serves as a platform for healthy & stylish hair; understand more benefits of strong hair by Pantene India experts.

#2 Folic acid

Folic acid when included in one’s diet, can prevent premature greying. The red blood cells in your body are also kept in check when folic acid is added to your diet, which helps in providing oxygen to the scalp and follicles. A deficiency in folic acid can cause excessive hair loss, anaemia and so on.

#3 Zinc

Lower zinc levels can lead to excessive hair loss. Men diagnosed with male pattern baldness generally have a zinc deficiency causing the hair loss. Include zinc in your diet to strengthens the structure of the hair follicle. The division of the hair follicles for new cell growth is also encouraged by the presence of zinc in your body.

#4 Magnesium

Magnesium is known for reducing the amount of calcium that gets clogged on the scalp. Excessive build-up of calcium causes dryness and scalp to be flaky. The magnesium from onions will help prevent this, thus preventing dandruff.

#5 Iron

Including iron to your diet helps the body absorb the other minerals and nutrients. The oxygen in your body is supplied to the roots of your hair, directly, due to the production of haemoglobin by the iron present in your blood.

#6 Vitamins

Vitamins B & C present in onions provide an antibacterial shield to your scalp, strengthening it through collagen production and maintaining the strength of the hair. Understand haircare benefits of Vitamins by experts at Pantene India. Selenium present in onions, along with zinc, boost your immune system and maintains hormonal balance.

Onions for Healthy Hair

It’s not tough to keep up with a diet that includes onions. Integrate this versatile vegetable to your diet to have hair that is healthy and strong. It may cause bad breath but that can be ignored as the benefits from it are plentiful. Support the intake of onions with a good hair wash routine. A good diet clubbed with your hair wash routine will help you treat your damaged hair and put a stop on hair fall. Pantene’s Hair Fall control shampoo and conditioner should be the yin to your yang when it comes to balancing a healthy diet and hair care. You won’t regret it.