How often should you wash your hair? When it’s greasy, or when it seems too dry? What is a good hair wash routine to follow? What to include in the hair wash routine? These are questions that wander the minds of many.

When it comes to hair fall prone hair, it is important to keep in mind certain things during your hair wash routine. Learn how to schedule your hair wash as per hair type.

#1 OIL

Oil, whether it’s from your scalp or applied on your hair, is beneficial to your hair. It is ideal to massage your hair with oil and keep it on for roughly an hour, before you shampoo. This enables your hair to bask in those nutrients and not get stripped down of its natural oil after shampooing. This also helps the shampoo completely take off the impurities from your hair without harshly affecting the scalp. In today’s hectic lifestyle, Pantene’s Oil Replacement comes to the rescue, as it’s filled with the goodness of oils with a Pro-Vitamin formula that nourishes the lengths of the hair. Learn about haircare benefits of oil replacement serum offered by Pantene.

Nourish hair with oil replacement


Yes, it’s a given that using a shampoo and not soap or just water, is principal when it comes to washing your hair. But it doesn’t just stop there. The kind of shampoo you choose for your hair is vital. Shampoos heavy on chemicals will harm your hair in the long run. Pick a shampoo that hydrates, rejuvenates and strengthens your hair, for e.g. Pantene Hair Fall Control shampoo. Condition your hair later to moisturize and strengthen it. By using Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner one can get healthy and stronger hair in 14 days.

Hairwash shampoo & conditioner


Always, always air-dry your hair. Yes, you may need to use a blow dryer now and again but keep those times on a minimum. Air drying your hair after every wash ensures your hair breathes and gets its life back.

Dry hair naturally

Implement the above tips in your hair wash regime and strengthen your hair with every wash.Taking care of one’s hair needs time and patience and the right methods. Carry those out and you are good to go!