‘The bamboo that bends is stronger than oak!’

That is not just a quote but a philosophy to follow for strong and flexible hair.

The core secret for a strong hair is not just how rooted and nourished it is but also how flexible it is under various practical conditions like hair fall due to pollution, dryness & stress. That is why in the current times Bamboo hair treatments are in vogue! From bamboo supplements for hair growth to bamboo extract hair masks, it has become an essential ingredient to hair care helping retain and improve hair’s original flexibility and strength.

One of the fastest-growing plants in the world is Bamboo. And the ground and dried bamboo extract is the medicinally active part taken from the bamboo plant.

Rich with natural astringent and antioxidant properties and silica content, it’s a powerhouse ingredient in skincare and haircare products.

A] Benefits of Bamboo Extract For Hair

Bamboo for hair does a great job of increasing hair health as well as growth. Bamboo extract for hair growth helps draw the vital nutrients to your hair follicles which does the job of fortifying and nourishing your scalp and hair strands.

Using bamboo extract for hair growth helps improve the hair’s texture and shine, helping your locks become softer and more manageable.

B] Other Surprising Benefits to know

Not just that, the bamboo extract benefits for hair offers benefits to our scalp, skin and nails too! While bamboo extract is commonly used for hair growth, it has also been shown to boost your skin and many women have reported that bamboo is extremely effective at promoting fingernail health and overall skin beauty.

Used for centuries, Chinese herbal medicine and ayurvedic medicine in India have prescribed Bamboo extract for curing wounds, calming skin burns, promoting bone healing, relieving congestion and helping boost overall well-being internally as well as externally.

With so many uses, how to incorporate the benefits of Bamboo extracts into your hair care routine?

C] Ways To Use Bamboo Extract

1. Consume Powdered Bamboo Extract Twice A Day Orally:

Bamboo extract benefits for hair is great if it can be consumed in two forms: powder & capsule. Capsules are a simple encapsulated form of bamboo extract to take with water, making it easy to consume and can be incorporated pre or post your daily dietary routine. Whereas bamboo powder extract can be added and dissolved in a glass of water. You can also sprinkle onto your food or add salads daily to see the effects of bamboo extracts starting to work just make sure to know that bamboo extract you consume is entirely natural and organic.

The Silica present in the powdered bamboo extract makes for an essential mineral in our body. It's widely distributed from our skin and hair to our bones and joints. If your silica levels are depleted your body might prioritize fortifying bones and connective tissue first rather than your hair.

If you're actively facing hairfall and want it to impact the hair more rapidly, consider consuming bamboo powder twice a day to improve the possibility of faster results. You can start experimenting by taking small doses 2 times daily, once in the morning and a little before bed. When we sleep our hair strands start rebuilding at a slow rate, so consuming a little silica powder at night might help with absorption.

But do keep your safety in mind before investing in this choice. Since everybody reacts differently to oral supplements, it’s always better to have a dermatologist’s opinion for the correct dosage recommendation and the right duration of the usage.

2. Pair Bamboo Extract with complimentary combinations of other ingredients:

Bamboo extract is great and effective, but when paired with other nutritional ingredients, it gives your hair, skin, and nails a nourishment boost. If you are genuinely interested in enhancing your results, by pairing bamboo extract with ingredients like Vitamin C and Collagen you can expect amazing skin & hair to create visible results.

3. Include it in Your Haircare Routine:

Bamboo extract is an excellent addition to your haircare routine.

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**due to breakage

We hope this article helps your understanding of bamboo better and how it can help your hair care routine. So GO BAMBOO with your hair and fight your hairfall problems today!

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