Why You Should Use Bamboo For Your Hair?

Is your browser history full of “What is the best hair fall treatment?”, “What to do to get thicker hair?” or “What to apply to make your hair shinier?” or “What will help you in improving the texture of your hair?” We have one answer for you: Bamboo. Yes, Bamboo for hair! Being the world’s fastest growing plant, bamboo is also one of the most versatile plants in the world. Bamboo is beneficial in a variety of medicinal and pharmaceutical products in addition to clothing, kitchenware, and even furniture. Other than this, Bamboo is also a wonderful component for your hair.

It contains the highest concentration of vegetative silica of any plant! Silica is a trace mineral that is gradually depleted over time. And a lack of it has an impact not only on the health of your hair, but also on the health of your skin, nails, and other body organs. We know all of you are tired of the same old promises made by hair fall shampoos and hair fall treatments. So, it’s time we try bamboo for a change!

A] Bamboo for Hair:  

The conversation around hair fall reasons and hair fall treatments might seem as if getting the perfect hair might be a daunting task. But following a haircare routine that takes care of all aspects of hair – from nourishment to dryness to hair fall will ensure that your hair is healthy. That’s why bamboo can be your go-to solution and we are going to show why it is good for your hair!

Bamboo contains a significant amount of silica, an important trace mineral that promotes hair growth, strengthens hair, and restores suppleness. As most of us have a deficiency in silica, bamboo extract can benefit everybody. And as natural silica is an important component for hair growth, skin health, and nail health, bamboo can give you luscious and longer hair. Bamboo hair products range from Shampoo to Bamboo extracts to Bamboo hair treatments. You can choose your way with Bamboo to heal your hair the way you like it.

B] Benefits of bamboo for hair growth

A lot of hair experts recommend natural silica Bamboo as a must-have ingredient in your haircare routine. Here are the top 3 benefits adding bamboo to your haircare routine:

1. Thicker Hair:

With rising pollution and degraded water quality, hair thinning has become a problem for a lot of us, isn’t it? It is the story of every other individual. Bamboo charcoal for hair stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, strengthening hair follicles and fostering the formation of a thicker mane, and is known for its scalp-soothing effects.

2. Shinier Hair:

Even for people with sensitive skin, bamboo is soft and harmless, and it helps re-energize the strands of your hair if they're depleted of nutrients. It makes the hair look attractive and healthy as the antioxidants in the natural component of Bamboo work as a fantastic nutritional supplement. Bamboo has all the natural ingredients that can help your hair look shinier and more luscious. And that is how this powerful plant’s components promote moisture retention, which softens hair and is a wonderful hair strength treatment.

3. Hair Growth:

Bamboo's high silica content can have a number of positive effects on your hair, including faster, healthier hair development. You'll be continually giving your hair the nutrients it needs to develop thick, strong hair if you add bamboo extract as a part of your beauty routine.

Shiny and moisturized hair is what we generally associate with flexible hair, as it is easier to manage and style. The moisture keeps hair strands from becoming brittle and breaking in the middle. 

C] Can bamboo for hair help to repair thinning or damaged strands:

Most of us live in cities where air and water pollution are almost always at their peak. Over the years, we have seen and felt our hair’s quality being degraded. One of the saddest things about living in the 21st century is that our hair will never be as thick and shiny as the hair of the people from the 19th century. Their hair wasn't exposed to such chemicals and pollutants which we face these days.

Everything has changed now. Our water is hard, and our air has smog. Our scalp is dry, our hair is thinning, we have damaged strands of hair and we all are tired of trying the same old hair repair treatments which provide us no control for our hair fall. It is time we try something new and better. If our problems have changed then so should our solutions, right?

That’s the reason why there is so much buzz around solutions, hair treatments and hair products that give us a chance to explore new ingredients like bamboo. We need a powerful and versatile plant such as bamboo to help our damaged hair that could be a result of using the wrong hair products, overexposed heat of straighteners and curlers.

If you are one of many people who long for long, thick, and shiny hair it is time to revamp and give bamboo a chance!

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