We try out new food, new binge-worthy shows and new outfits but when it comes to haircare, we don’t really show the same enthusiasm.

C’mon! Let’s admit it - we all have learned and have been told that hair fall is the truth of life, and we must live with it. Haven’t we?

We have learned to compromise, and our busy lives do not give us enough time to research, get the right knowledge and make the right choice, right? If you are one of those who want to try something new for your hair but are holding back for whatever reason, YOU have come to the right place.

One of the best things that you can use for your hair is bamboo. While you might have heard a lot about the benefits of bamboo for your hair, how it practically helps your hair is something you might not be aware of.

Read on to know more about bamboo and what it can do for your hair!

A] Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is a rich source (a whopping 70 percent) of natural silica which is your hair’s best friend! This nutrient is so important that a lack of it results in hair fall and thinning. When your hair is damaged, silica nourishes and repairs hair follicles. In fact, silica is not just important for your hair, it’s also important for your skin and nails. As we grow older, silica starts depleting and that results in the typical aging signs like dull skin, lack of luster in hair, wrinkling and more.

B] Bamboo Products You Can Explore

Here are bamboo aka eco-friendly products you can try -

1. Bamboo Comb or Hairbrushes:

Bamboo comb or hairbrush scores high in durability unlike normal combs or hairbrushes that you might have to replace at regular intervals. What a lot of us don’t really know is that the kind of comb we use can affect our blood circulation. Combing properly can result in oxygen and nutrients reaching the hair follicles and this in turn results in more nourishment and less hair fall

The best thing about using a bamboo comb is that it helps you detangle and manage different kinds of hair including curls. It helps in transporting natural oils in your hair from the scalp to strands.

2. Bamboo Tea Leaf

Besides silica and its amazing effects on hair, skin and nails, bamboo tea leaves help in better digestion and have a positive impact on overall health. Usually, a lot of us start our day with caffeine, but a drink made of Bamboo Tea Leaf can nourish you.

3. Bamboo Hair Towel

Bamboo towels are soft and perfect for those who have sensitive skin. As they do an amazing job of absorbing moisture and help your hair to get dry faster after wash. If you are someone whose schedules and to-do lists look daunting, bamboo towels can save a lot of your time by helping your hair dry faster!

4. Bamboo Silica Supplements

We have already seen how the lack of silica can affect your skin, nails, and hair. One of the ways to address this is with Bamboo silica supplements that contain silica extracted from bamboo leaves and stems. Today, we see these supplements being used with other herbs to boost health. These bamboo supplements for hair growth give you the much-needed multivitamin.

5. Bamboo Oil For Hair

Massaging your hair helps in blood circulation and when you top it up with Oil that has bamboo, the nourishment for hair grows by leaps and bounds.

6. Bamboo Shampoo

Damaged hair is a problem faced by women especially young women and strong hair is a dream that seems distant. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t know what goes into our haircare products, especially shampoos and conditioners. Even if we do manage to pay attention to what’s going into our hair, understanding what is good and not good for your hair is not always a simple task as we live in an age of information overload and contradictory advice.

If you have reached here, by now you have seen how powerful bamboo can be for your hair.

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For someone like you, who tries to beat time every day, you need solutions and haircare products that save your time and take care of your hair in the best way possible!

Because girl, no matter what anybody tells you, remember that you deserve nothing less than a perfect haircare partner in your journey towards healthy and gorgeous hair!

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