Whenever you talk about the health of your hair, the conversation steers towards changing your hair products. We start debating about which shampoos and conditioners are good for our hair and which are the ones harming it. You know what we are saying, right? But are these products actually the problem or is it something else? What if, for example, the problem lies in your comb? Before you dismiss us and close this tab, do hear us out!

Your plastic comb comes with hard bristles and when it slides through your scalp, the nutrients don’t really reach the scalp! Moreover, it comes with a host of problems including detangling of hair, hair fall and more. This might come as a surprise for those who hardly pay attention to the comb! So, what’s the solution?

You might have heard about bamboo hair products that have taken over the market for their promising results but there is one product which is still an underdog and hasn't received the spotlight it deserves -The Bamboo Comb! A Bamboo Comb is not only good for your hair and scalp but it is also a more sustainable choice to make for the sake of our environment. There are multiple benefits of a Bamboo comb and if you haven’t heard of Bamboo hair brushes before, be ready to have your mind blown (Well, no hair pun intended!).

The health of your hair and scalp depends on more things than just your hair products. A 100% plastic-free vegan bamboo hairbrush can give your hair and scalp a healthy touch. Besides the fact that it is environment-friendly, it is also the secret to healthier and shinier hair.

A] Benefits of Using Bamboo Combs

Here are some benefits of using a bamboo hairbrush -

1. Better Blood Circulation:

Bamboo hair brushes come with cushioning of natural rubber. The bamboo brushes have soft bamboo wood bristles that help to stimulate blood flow and massage your scalp while improving sebum production in the hair and making it softer and shinier.

2. Frizz Reduction:

Frizzy hair has always been a product of plastic combs. Plastic hairbrushes increase the electrical charge of your hair, and the increased electrical charge causes static as the brush glides over your hair. Fly-aways, knots, and frizziness are all signs of this. Because wood and bamboo neutralize the negative charge, they minimize static, helping your hair to stay silky.

3. Scalp Health:

We have talked about the bristles of Bamboo combs and how they aren’t as hard and sharp as plastic combs. Almost all bamboo hair brushes have incredibly soft, silky bristles that are free of unpleasant and harsh edges. When you brush your hair with a bamboo hair brush, any knots are detangled without causing discomfort, resulting in less hair/scalp damage.

4. Shinier Hair:

A bamboo hair brush runs through your hair, coaxing the natural oils from your scalp along each strand for a richer, glossier look. These natural oils preserve your hair, and if you use them regularly, you should notice that your hair is healthier, stronger, and smoother from root to tip.

5. Available in all styles and sizes:

If you can have a good, relaxing hair wash, then why should your post hair wash rituals have any hassles? Bamboo hairbrushes come in handy, just for this job! Bamboo brushes come in a variety of styles and varieties. They also come with both long and short handles and with both a wide and a narrow base. They are small enough to fit in your handbag are also easily available. These hairbrushes and combs function well with all types of hair, including long, short, thick, and thin hair. Additionally, Bamboo Combs need less frequency of cleaning because there is less breakage and hair fall as compared to a plastic hairbrush or comb.

6. Sustainability:

Wondering why we can’t stop talking about this factor? Well, here’s something amazing for starters: Bamboo has a quick regrowth cycle and may be cultivated without the use of any pesticides. Bamboo hair brushes are made entirely of bamboo and rubber, and are, therefore, plastic-free and biodegradable. Another of the best features of a bamboo hairbrush is its durability. Unlike plastic brushes, which shatter quickly after a while, the handles and paddles are robust and durable, so they can stand the test of time.

7. Reasonable Cost, Amazing Benefits:

In addition to all the benefits that we have seen above, Bamboo Hairbrushes score even more as they aren’t very expensive as well. They will cost you just the same as your plastic fancy hairbrush and will last longer – almost twice the time your current hairbrush lasts.

So, the next time you think about your hair and think of investing in the right hair products, try the new Pantene Bamboo shampoo, now with Bamboo extracts & Pro-Vitamin B5 formula which gives your hair Strength* & Flexibility for reduced hair fall**.

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To reduce hair fall, hair needs to be not just strong but flexible, just like Bamboo.

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*strength against surface damage

**due to breakage.

Also go one step ahead and get a bamboo comb because perfect hair products and a perfect comb are a great comb-o that you should always invest in!

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