Wouldn’t it be such a relief to have strong and flexible hair? The idea of not being conscious of hair, thinking about styling them regularly and having a good hair day more frequently is alluring! Isn’t it? But hey! Wait, do you know your hair well?

A] When can you call your hair strong? 

The health and quality of hair are determined by its strength. It’s when the breakage is minimal, the hair texture is smooth, and it is not prone to becoming frizzy, especially due to the moisture.

B] What is ‘flexible hair’?

Shiny and moisturized hair is what we generally associate with flexible hair, as it is easier to manage and style. The moisture keeps hair strands from becoming brittle and breaking in the middle. 

C] How can you identify weak hair?

Hair that is- prone to frizz, non-lustrous, easily tangled, thin, breaks easily and has split ends is categorized as weak hair. If a hair strand breaks easily upon being pulled from both ends, we can say that the hair is weak. 

D] Causes of weak hair:

1. Heat:

Exposure to excessive and regular heat can be in the form of hair styling tools and direct exposure to harmful sun rays regularly. Heat causes loss of moisture and the natural shine of hair because it makes it difficult for the natural oil to spread.  Eventually, there is an increase in hair fall, split ends, and regular breakage. Dry, rough, and brittle hair is prone to becoming frizzy upon exposure to humidity. The moisture in the cortex and the bond with keratin in hair evaporate, leading to dehydration. When hair is exposed to excessive and regular heat, it will lead to dandruff on the scalp due to dryness.

2. Chemicals:

Chemicals that might give temporary shine, smooth, and frizz-free hair. However, regular use will eventually change the composition of hair and weaken it. Chemical treatments and excessive use of shampoo can damage hair. It is difficult to avoid exposure to heat and chemicals. But what if you could have strong and shiny hair without significant damage, and that too, for a long period of time?

E] What are some strong hair remedies?

1. Bamboo extracts:

Bamboo extracts: Bamboo extract is the best friend for your hair. Its main ingredient is silica, which helps improve the growth and elasticity of your hair. It cleanses the scalp of pollution and dead skin cells Bamboo extract also works on the scalp by soothing it, improving blood circulation, and reducing the risk of a flaky scalp. It strengthens the hair follicles that give base strength to your hair. All in all, bamboo for hair is the key to long and strong hair. Try the new Pantene Bamboo shampoo, now with Bamboo extracts & Pro-Vitamin B5 formula which gives your hair Strength* & Flexibility for reduced hair fall**.

2. Diet:

The food we eat supplements the composition of our hair. Thus, a nutrient-rich diet could improve the strength and quality of the hair. A diet rich in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin E, zinc, iron, and biotin could help you achieve strong hair for the long term. Furthermore, because your hair is primarily composed of keratin, a protein, increasing your protein intake may be beneficial.

3. Deep conditioning and shampooing!:

Do not wait for your hair to get dirty before washing it. There is no perfect number of days after which we should wash our hair. It depends on your hair type. You can opt for the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Bamboo Conditioner, first time ever in India, which provides intense nourishment & moisturization with the benefits of bamboo extracts & Pro-Vitamin formula. Pro-Tip: Use cold or lukewarm water for hair washing, as hot water can lead to a flaky scalp, frizzy hair, dandruff, and hair fall.

4. Head massage:

Regular head massage for 5–10 minutes on the scalp could help improve blood circulation. Put on some calming music for the perfect therapy!

5. Home remedies for strong and flexible hair

- Banana and honey mask: Churn a banana and mix in ingredients such as oil, honey, curd, and aloe vera. Apply it for 20-30 minutes on the scalp and hair strands for deep moisturizing. It will help restore the natural moisture of your hair and reduce frizz. Bananas have silica that strengthens hair, and their antimicrobial properties work on flaky scalp and dandruff. Honey works as a moisturiser for your hair strands, giving them a shine.

- Curd: Applying curd for 20-30 minutes moisturises hair and scalp. It helps hair gain shine & flexibility, become frizz-free, and free of dandruff. 

- Egg mask: Egg white and egg yolk are rich in nutrients. Use your fingertips to apply the egg mask to the scalp and hair ends. It instantly moisturizes hair, improves its strength, helps it grow, and cleanses the scalp of any dandruff.

- Aloe vera mask: Applying aloe vera to the scalp cleanses any dandruff on the scalp. If the hair is brittle and there is excessive dandruff, consider applying aloe vera to the hair strands as well. 

6. Reduce the heat:

Reduce the exposure of your hair to heat. Hot water and hairstyling using flattening irons and hair dryers harm hair and take the natural moisture out of hair. In the long run, it causes dandruff, makes hair frizzy, and increases hair fall. 

7. Conditioning post-wash and Anti-breakage Products:

Use a conditioner on your hair ends to smoothen them and provide them with the moisture that is taken away from using shampoo and helps prevent split ends and brittle hair. It is best to rinse the conditioner with cold water. 

Just follow these secrets and fearlessly flaunt your hair in any way you like. It’s time you move forward without the baggage of doubting yourself and your style!

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*strength against surface damage

**due to breakage

P.S. These are our suggestions but as always, follow what your heart and hair want and invest in what works for you!

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