Foods to get thick hair

Imagine, you are running your fingers through your long and thick hair. Feels so glamourous right? Well, we all can imagine this, but we also know the reality is far from met. The horrors of thin and weak hair always knock our expectation down. But what if we tell you that these expectations could turn into reality. Yes! We aren’t lying. The secret is in your diet. The food intake highlights how your hair behaves. Foods for thicker hair growth have nutritious and nourishing components that help in.

Foods for hair growth and thickness include antioxidants that help nourish hair follicles, protein and silica heavy food to support hair growth and healthy hair, high iron intake to boost red cells.

9 Healthy foods to make you hair thicker and stronger

So, let’s discuss in detail about the different kinds of fruits, vegetables and seed that are needed in the diet for thick hair:

Fruits for hair growth and thickness

Fruits have an essential amount of fibre and vitamins that promote hair growth . They are the best form of foods for hair thickness. Brace yourselves to know how much difference a fruit can make in your diet.

  1. Mango
    This gorgeous fruit can be one of the best foods for hair thickness. It contains the mineral silica, a component of connective tissue which supports to boost hair growth. The nutrient content in it plays a vital role too, it includes vitamin A, B6 and C, and folate. It is a must to include 2 slices of Mango in your diet for thick hair .

  2. Avocado
    This exotic fruit is not just appealing to see from the outside but the nutrition it contains within is a holy grail to promote healthy hair growth. Eating medium sized avocado 2-4 times a week will give your body Vitamin E, that will increase oxygen levels which will help to improve the circulation in the scalp that increases hair thickening and growth.

  3. Figs
    This delicious fruit is one of the top hair thickening foods for hair growth. Just include 2 figs a day to keep hair thicker and stronger. It is rich in iron and which is important for hair growth and gorgeous hair. Without a doubt, it’s a great form of food for hair growth and thickness.

    Vegetables for hair growth and thickness.

    We all know how important vegetables are for our overall health, but do you know how much it impacts our hair health? Consuming a few veggies daily can leave your looking thick, strong and beautiful. It is one of the best foods for hair thickness.

    1. Spinach
      It is a no-brainer. We are aware about spinach; it is a veggie most of us don’t love eating but which is really good for our health. Well, maybe after knowing how beneficial it is for hair growth you might want to develop a liking towards it. It is a major source of iron, vitamin C and A. Its nutrients helps in producing sebum which keeps the scalp healthy and hydrated. It’s iron content boost’s hair growth.

    2. Carrot
      With carrot in your diet, hair health is bound to benefit immensely. Intaking a carrot will help you grow thicker, stronger and longer hair. It contains Vitamin A that helps in enhancing blood circulation which help in preventing the growth of grey hair .

    3. Bell Pepper
      These colourful vegetables have antioxidant-rich vitamin C that helps in hair growth. The vitamin supplies collagen production that supports hair strands and protect them from oxidative stress.

    Seeds for hair growth and thickness

    Including some nutritious seeds in your diet can do wonders to your hair. They are nourishing and help in increasing hair growth and promote its development.

    1. Flaxseeds
      When in need of Omega-3, give your body some flaxseed. It has rich levels of omega 3, which nurtures hair and restrains it from drying out. Having it 1 teaspoon a day can help your hair follicles enormously.

    2. Sesame seeds
      To strengthen your hair, include 1 teaspoon of sesame seeds in your diet and you will see the difference in the thickness of your hair. It contains loads of minerals, vitamins and fatty acids that improve the hair growth and lustre.

    3. Pumpkin seeds
      It is high on zinc which helps in cellular reproduction and promotes immunity which then helps us in improving hair thickness and growth. It gives our hair the goodness of magnesium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, copper, iron and protein. Having it 1 teaspoon a day can be of immense help for our hair.

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    All references on this page to *Strength, **Hairfall and ***Breakage refer to *strength against surface damage, **hairfall due to breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo and ***breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo respectively.