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Strong and shiny hair without the worries of hair fall is a dream to a lot of us. But hair fall can turn those dreams into nightmares! Not knowing the cause of your hair fall makes it worse. Even more so, when no hair remedy seems to work its magic on your hair.

Here’s a fun fact: the causes of hair fall do not always have to be a wrong shampoo you may be using or the regular hair tugging done due to heat styling.

Believe it or not, your hair fall reasons could be iron deficiency! Yes, you read that correctly. This may have never occurred to you that iron deficiency can cause hair loss.

While this may sound alarming to you, we’re here to tell you, there is a solution for it. Keep reading below and we’ll fill you in on everything about hair loss iron deficiency and how you can treat it.

Let us dig a little deeper and find out how this works, shall we?

A] What is iron deficiency?

Iron deficiency is nothing but insufficient iron content in your body. Interestingly, iron is an important supplement for your hair and can alter your hair growth. Do you want to know how?

Hemoglobin, a protein within your blood produced by iron fills your hair cells with nutrients and oxygen. This is how your hair gets that oh-so-gorgeous lustre and keeps growing longer.

But when a body is iron deficient, this process gets interrupted. A lack of enough hemoglobin leads to huge amounts of hair loss iron deficiency.

    • Low hemoglobin or otherwise known iron deficiency is scientifically called Anaemia and when we talk about iron deficiency hair fall reasons, it’s referred as Anaemia hair loss.

    • Low iron levels in your body can even lead to premature hair graying and hence taking care of your iron level intake and hair is more important than you imagine.

Mostly, hair fall reasons are listed in a way where you are free to blame the medication, hairstyles, water or even family genetics. But sometimes, the causes of your hair fall are right inside your body. To most people, iron deficiency never seemed to be a potential reason behind hair fall but consuming a healthy diet and using good hair products could come to your rescue.

Well, now that you know what hair loss iron deficiency is, let’s identify if this may be one of your hair fall reasons.

B] Symptoms of iron deficiency?

What are some notable changes in your body that can be an indication of iron deficiency? Anaemia and hair loss due to iron deficiency can start off with barely noticeable symptoms. But they often increase over time. Here are a few symptoms of iron deficiency.

- Slight tiredness or sudden weakness

Do you experience tiredness most of the day and you have trouble in performing activities which are not so tiring? This symptom clubbed along with the others listed below, can be symptoms of Anaemia and hair fall due to iron deficiency. You feel physically exhausted almost all the time, with time, it can be a task for you to work long hours.

- Those annoying headaches you get every now and then

Don’t we all ignore those mild headaches we have? But if you have been having them more often than not, you may have a case of iron deficiency. These constant headaches which might range from very little to severe but always exist are a symptom of iron deficiency. They can keep you distracted and come in the way of that glorious mane you so want to keep without hair fall.

- Shortness of breath

Ever wondered, why do some of us get tired on very small walks, or a climb up on a flight of stairs? If this has happened to you, where you have felt a short of breath and feel fatigue over a small stretch of exercise, it might be a symptom for iron deficiency in your body.

- Looking paler than you are lately?

Don’t ignore your friend’s or colleague’s remark on you looking paler than usual, lately. This is something that happens when there is a lack of Haemoglobin, aka Anaemia. Low iron levels causes a paleness in the skin, showing lesser redness than you’re supposed to have.

- The endless hair fall worries

Don’t we dread this too much? The worst of hair problems one can have is hair fall. And, like we mentioned earlier, low iron supply to your hair cells can be one of the causes of hair fall.

Talking about these symptoms there is nothing to be scared of or getting worried about but looking for solutions and implementing them is of extreme significance. The solution to the key problem will be discussed later in this article but right now let us look at what is the source of this problem.

C] How is it caused?

Have you ever wondered what would possibly be the cause behind your iron deficiency? There are a few common reasons that may after all be the reasons for your iron levels being lesser than what your body should produce and to avoid hair loss iron deficiency too. Here are a few of them listed for you below.

- Less iron intake in foods

Your iron deficiency condition must only happen if you have been someone who has ignored intaking iron rich food for long. Well, it’s never too late to start now. For those who love non-vegetarian food, do increase meats, eggs in your diet as they are rich in protein aka iron. While for vegan lovers, making green leafy veggies your buddy would be your best bet to reduce hair loss iron deficiency.

- Can excess blood loss in menstruation be a reason?

This is one of the most common causes of Anaemia and hair loss due to it. Losing blood more than the usual amount, reduces the produce of haemoglobin. Hence, the consequences could be hair loss and iron deficiency.

- Is your body not accepting the iron-rich nutrients?

Now, some of you may think… “Hey, but we have been eating green forever? We’ve had meat all throughout our lives and in good amounts”. To that we say, at times, even if you have been providing your body enough of iron through your diet, celiac disease or intestinal surgeries may limit the iron absorption rate of your body.

- Could it be internal bleeding?

Could it be possible that you may have had an ulcer in your stomach or certain other conditions that can cause internal bleeding? In case, you haven’t yet found out, going to a doctor for further diagnosis will help come to a conclusion.

D] How to treat your damaged hair due to iron deficiency?

Now, we have the problem and symptoms. All we lack is the solution to it. Let us look at that and understand how we treat this universal problem of hair fall due to iron deficiency.

Changes in your body are not permanent. Variations happen every now and then. Hair loss due to iron deficiency is also not permanent. It can be treated easily but with proper care.

    • Consulting a doctor and inculcating iron-rich content in your diet is by far the best treatment to deal with Anaemia and hair loss from within.

    • At the same time, taking care of your hair loss iron deficiency problem from the outside is integral. Using mild hair products that enrich your hair from the scalp to hair length can nourish your hair can be a solution. This helps you smoothen your hair and reduce hair fall due to hair breakage. And that is a good start to dealing with this problem.

The Pantene Advanced Hair fall Solution is one such range of anti-hair fall products that gives your hair the required nourishing care. The shampoo and conditioner under this range, takes control of hair fall with the power of Pro-vitamin formula and fermented rice water. Making your hair loss due to other exterior reasons a thing of the past. So that you can go ahead and beat your iron deficiency from within without getting distracted. Let’s eat healthy and shine brighter!

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