DIY Bridal Hairstyles & Tips

Wedding functions are all about your outfit! And what plays an important role in your outfit? Your hair. Your hair completes your look, and especially during the wedding season, your outfit is a 10 if your hair cooperates the most. Imagine having some picture-perfect moments but suddenly they are ruined by hair fall! Yes, one thing that’s bound to happen during the wedding season. Courtesy- excessive styling.

The whole after wedding season brings the question of “How to prevent hair fall?” Doesn’t it? Be it simple bridal hairstyles or easy ones, it ultimately results in tremendous hair fall if you don’t know the causes of hair fall or how to protect your hair.

Now that the wedding season has started, your round trip to salons is about to begin. Styling the best way and making a statement in all the wedding functions is everyone’s ultimate dream. But in the time of hurry, are the round trips doable? How convenient would it have been to have a salon at home! You can style your hair yourself because here, we will help you with a few DIY wedding updos & hairstyles that are easy and faster with our little secret gamechanger on how to prevent hair fall.

A] Do-It-Yourself, Do it at home!

No one knows your hair more than yourself. You have a better understanding of your hair conditions and all the style you want to do. Worried about having a perfect look but not used to styling at home? Pantene has got you covered!

Having a perfect hair and hairstyle is impossible without treating it with a lot of heat and equipment but treating your hair too much leads to hair fall. So, how to prevent hair fall while styling the hair during wedding functions? By doing it yourself.

Style your hair at home with a lot of care to give you the best results and convenience. No matter what’s your style, you will shine brighter, and hair fall will not ruin this special season for you.

A few easy bridal hairstyles to rock the wedding season effortlessly are all covered in this article for your ease. So, do it yourself, do it at home with Pantene.

B] Hairstyles you can’t go wrong with

Your hair needs constant attention for functions is quite impossible but doing it at home with a little less styling is possible! A few basic and easy hairstyles are always a win-win for you and your hair and resorting to those should always be on your list.

Here are some hair care tips and hairstyles that you can always consider to look elegant without any damage.

1. Say yes to Bun!

Bun always gives your face an elegant and mature look. Making your hair into a bun is very easy and perfect to go with on all your traditional as well as western outfits! So, what are the simple steps to do it?

Step 1. Take your hair from end to end and make a high (or whatever angle you want your bun to be at) ponytail out of your hair. Make sure it is tight enough to be handled without loosening up.

Step 2. Twist twist twist. Twist your pony until it starts rounding up on your hair at the start of the ponytail.

Step 3. Fix the bun with a hairpin, and there you go! All set to rock your wedding look.

2. Hello, Half up do Hairstyle!

Wish to get those beachy waves and also keep them secure, get the best of both worlds with the half-updo hairstyle. This needs a little heat treatment but Pantene brings to you Pantene Open Hair Miracle, a revolutionary product that protects your hair from heat and secures your beautiful locks! Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Section your hair and use the crown portion to tie a bun

Step 2. Prep the lower half of your hair with Pantene Open Hair Miracle and use a curler to beautifully set the lower portion of your hair

Step 3. There you are! All ready to glow up your favorite day!

3. Braids? Oh yes!

Braiding your hair is the best way to give your hair a better shape. People often braid their hair to protect it from the dust and prevent all the hair fall that is caused by styling. Keeping your hair clean and braiding it once it has dried is a miraculous way to give your hair a new and strengthened look and texture. There are several different ways you can do it, but the simplest one is the best for you to save time and energy and gives you a perfect look!

Step 1. An easy 3 step hairstyle for a gorgeous you!

Divide your hair equally into two parts in a way where you are holding the right part in the right hand and the left one in the left hand.

Step 2. Ready, set, braid!

Bring the right most strand in the centre and hold the rest in your right hand and then bring the left most strand in the centre and hold the left part again in the left hand.

Step 3. Almost there!

Continue this process of bringing in the right and the left parts in the centre until 1-2 inches of your hair strand is left. Secure this gorgeous fishtail braid with a scrunchie.

Step 4: Accessorize.

Use small beads and hair flowers to decorate your braid to add that extra dash of elegance. Lastly, squeeze a little Pantene Open Hair Miracle on your palms and settle those flyaways effortlessly.

Some easy techniques and you prevent so much hairfall. Look out for such hairstyles of wedding functions, and you are ready to give your hair a brand-new look!

C] What to keep in mind while styling your hair at home?

There are some dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind while trying out DIY hairstyles at home.


1. Untangle your hair. Make sure your hair is not tangled otherwise it may lead to hair fall.
2. Apply oil or Pantene Open Hair Miracle (aka Pantene Oil Replacement) is an oil replacement if you cannot apply oil before braiding your hair to keep you intact and give it a shinier touch.
3. Make sure the pony that you make is not too tight, it may cause a headache and may lead to hair fall.
4. Make sure you comb through your hair before all the hairstyles to have knot-free hair.


  1. Do not braid your hair when it is wet, it may lead to damage and hair fall.
  2. Do not over-heat your hair while styling. It makes the hair prone to damage and hair falls off quickly.
  3. Avoid getting out of the house in wet hair, because of all the dust and dirt hair becomes prone to breakage.

The best way to take care of your hair during the wedding seasons and the best answer to “How to prevent hair fall” and "How to prevent damage from hair-styling" is to take good care of your hair and keep a good shampoo & conditioner like the Pantene Hairfall Control & Pantene Open Hair Miracle by your side.

With Pantene, you are all ready to prepare for your 10 on 10 outfits for the wedding seasons to come!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!