5 Easy At-Home Hairstyles


Your favourite go-to hairstyle may not always stay your favourite most. We all need that break from the mundane and what better than doing an easy hairstyle at home with us. And no we are not just talking about the easiest Messy Hair Bun. There’s much more to easy-to-do hairstyles like the half-up and half-down and more to let you look good on a dull hair day too.

In this article, we’ve got you covered with easy – to – do hairstyles that not just suit your hair texture but also accentuate your hair length. The next time you have some spare time, you know what to do. Just open out this page and pick out one that you can’t wait to show off on your next video call or social media selfie.

We’ve listed down some hair care routine and hair-styling tips to flaunt that gorgeous hair wherever you will.


The 90’s best hairdo has made a comeback and it’s hard not to look good at a brunch in this hairstyle. All you need is a floral scarf and some anti-frizz serum to set your bun.

Apply some serum into your hair and then secure it into a bun using a hair tie. Now wrap the hair scarf around it, to secure it. Pull out a few loose curls from either side of your ears and you’re ready to get all heads turning at the event.


Slick and easy, that’s how fun this hairstyle will be. First this, apply a serum to detangle your hair and apply it with your fingers to detangle your hair. Don’t use a comb, it might open them up frizzy. Now take two sections of your hair from either side of your ear and twist them in to secure them behind with 3-4 bobby pins. Yes, that’s it. You’re done!


Grab your comb, your hair serum and you’re ready to ace this look. First apply your serum and comb half of your hair back. Now tie it up into a high ponytail and done. Your hair will do the rest with it is bounciness.


For edgy squared faces, this hairdo works best. Comb your hair into a side parting and leave more volume on one side. The little hair remaining on the side will be put into a braid. Keep braiding into a French style till you reach the nape of your neck. Secure the braid with a hair pin and let the rest of your open hair do its thing.


We get it, open hair can make you feel hot. But we also get that you want to flaunt your luscious wavy hair. That’s why we’ve brought you the half up! Just pick the crown section of your hair, as if you were putting into a loose ponytail. Now take the hair in your hand and wrap it into a small bun. Use a comfy hair tie to keep it unkempt and messy. Your open wavy hair will not just be flaunting itself below but also your hair will be tied up just enough to not let you sweat it out

We know! You can’t wait to try these styles out. But one thing is a must – using a solution that cares for your hair while you experiment is important. Yes, even when it’s just trying new hairstyles at home. And for that, you have us to gift you a miracle that lets you enjoy these easy to do hairstyles while you still avoid the risk of hair fall. The Pantene Open Hair Miracle is that anti-frizz saviour which lets you detangle your hair with just a walnut size amount. Yes! You read that right.

Every time you decide to style your hair, don’t forget to apply the Open Hair Miracle with your fingertips to ensure your hair feels lively and frizz-free. And hair without frizz means hairfall-free. We’re sure you now know the drill. We’re rooting to see you in one of these hairstyles!

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