Right Styling to avoid Hairfall



Ladies, did you know that if you tug on your hair too often, you can fall prey to hair fall? It’s totally cool to experiment with your hair, but keep in mind to not often rely on hairstyles that have you pulling on your hair too hard and pinning it down often. What really happens when you have hairstyles and updos that have your hair taut against your scalp, is you are lifting the hair follicle out of its place. Continuously pulling at your hair as you style will eventually lead to hair fall, and you don’t want that.

Some of the hairstyles and hair care tips mentioned below are the ones that we do very often. If not avoiding them, let’s try and give them a little twist to avoid hairfall and hair damage due to styling


Ponytails need you to brush your hair nice and neatly and collect all the hair to finally tie it up at the back of the head. For a sleek, high ponytail, you would ideally pull it back nice and tight and secure it with a hair tie. Now, what this does is block the blood circulation to your hair follicles. The first signs of having a ponytail as a regular hairstyle will be seen in a receding hairline.

Tip: Instead of tying the ponytail up high, secure it at the base of your neck. This way it doesn’t pull at your hair too hard.


Our childhood has passed with each of us going to school with braids in our hair. Unknown to our moms and dadis, braiding the hair continuously causes hair fall. Braids look phenomenally fashionable and is every girl’s fav! Braiding the hair too tight, partitioning it down the middle or side, both pull at the hair too hard and cause traction. Again, since they sit tight on the head, they reduce the flow of blood circulation causing hairfall. But fret not ladies, there’s something you can always to do keep this hairstyle on your favs list.

Tip: Braid your hair but don’t tug at it too hard. A braid tied loose provides the look like that of thick hair. Lastly avoid tight hair ties. Style away that braid, Elsa!

A couple of other hairstyles that are not commonly used, but still can cause hairfall are cornrows, chignons, and twisted hair updos. All these require your hair to undergo a lot, like the use of hairsprays, that again ruins the health of your hair, if used often. However, we’re not telling you to go all-plain Jane! It’s okay to do these hairstyles and look like a complete 10/10, but what’s necessary is knowing not to do these often.

Our scalp gets sensitive after extreme hairstyles, so the best way to treat it is by massaging your scalp. After you are back home, untie your hair and massage your scalp with your fingertips to get the blood-circulation going. It’s that easy to look fashionable and avoid the damage.

What helps your hair really breathe and be happy is when you leave it open. Untie your hair wherever possible and let it loose. Let those curls, waves or straight tresses bounce because they deserve it.

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