We all know a good hairdo goes a long way to flatter our face and body structure. Braids are a popular hairstyle because there are multiple types of braids that are well-suited for different lengths of hair. They can range from extremely simple to extremely detailed and intricate too. The best part is that braids are fabulous for your hair as they don’t require excessive heat styling. Which means, no heat damage either. In fact, loose braids, are less constricting and don’t tug at your hair roots or shafts. Thus, making braids the perfect BFF for your hair.

Now that you’re in love with braids as much as I am, how do you know what braid will suit your hair type and length the best? Read on to find out. Because I’ve sorted them all out for you, from simple to complex, yet all equally gorgeous!

You may think you can only braid longer hair, but braids are so versatile they can easily be tweaked to perfection for short hair as well.

French Braid

The French braid is probably the most popular and well known style of braid apart from the regular braid. The best part about a French braid is that it makes hair look so much more voluminous, giving it a beautiful shape and look. This makes it a go-to hairdo for short-haired beauties. It’s also very simple to do!

Headband Braid

This is a version of the side braid with a dash of fancy added to it. This is great for a casual and fun outing, or even that date-night zoom call. It doesn’t just keep your hair out of your face, but also complements every face shape

Waterfall Braid

Another of our favourites, the waterfall braid is loved by many because of its beauty and intricacy. While the waterfall braid may look complicated, it’s actually easier than one might think. With minimum effort, you can rock every elegant party, looking dainty yet effortless. What’s more? It is sure to match a range of looks in your wardrobe and can also be pulled at a variety of occasions, ranging from super casual to super chic.


Medium hair is essentially the best of both worlds. People with medium length hair can experiment with all sorts of hairstyles meant for short or long hair without compromising much, and rock it all the same.

Braided Ponytail

This fun, sporty look is great for summer when you just want your hair out of your way. It’s so simple to do as well. Just throw your hair in a high ponytail, braid it normally and tie it off. It’s a great look to be paired with a cute or playful outfit. It also suits every hair type from curly to straight.

Reverse Braided Bun

This hairstyle is the perfect balance of messy and chic. A cross between a messy bun and a braid, this hairdo is more of a classy evening go-to. Wear it for that girls night and pair with an elegant pair of high-heels along with a flowy gown.

Twin Braid

There’s nothing wrong with going simple and classic. Twin braids are a fun way to bring out the playful side of you, and medium length hair is perfect to show off this style. You can even accessorize them with pretty clips or bobby pins to bring out its full potential.


Long hair is awesome! It can be styled in so many ways and look great no matter what you do with it (so long as you maintain your hair health). While braids are all amazing, below are some chosen styles that look especially fabulous on long hair.

The Simple Braid

Classic is gorgeous. This braid is so simple, easy and beautiful, that you can count on it to uplift your mood all the time. The longer your hair is the more it adds to the beauty of it. You can wear it straight down your back, or bring it over to the front, even roll it up into a classic braided bun. The possibilities are endless with this one.

Dutch Braid

The Dutch braid is the French braid in reverse, which is what gets the heads turning too. The unique way it sits on your head adds a lot of volume, and makes it look strikingly different yet equally elegant.

Fishtail Braid

The most intricate looking braid, the fishtail braid is one that women want to try but don’t as it can look a teensy bit intimidating. The truth is that the fishtail braid is a lot simpler to do than it looks. It’s very sophisticated and stylish and will be admired wherever you go.

While you do rock these hairstyles, it is also important that your hair looks healthy and feels strong through it all.



Always use conditioner after shampoo to give your hair the moisture it needs to prevent it from getting dry or frizzy. Use a leave in conditioner like Pantene Open Hair Miracle which acts as both, to give your hair extra moisture to retain. Hair that doesn’t get frizzy or dry easily means hairstyles stay picture perfect for longer. You can also use Open Hair Miracle if you plan to use heat styling tools as it is it also a heat protectant.

Post styling

Since braids are easy and pretty much hold themselves in place, there isn’t much you need to do to style them. If you have any flyaways, a little bit of hairspray would take care of that problem and keep your hair in place, though don’t use too much as it would lead to more product build up.

So there it is! Braids can be adapted to fit almost every hair type and length, and look just as awesome as any salon hairdo. Always follow hair care tips and hair products that are appropriate and suit your hair type specifically, and don’t braid it too tight because you could weaken your roots.

Remember to never pull on your hair too much while braiding because that could damage your hair too. And one more pro-tip: Use Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range to make your hair stronger from the roots and give your hair that gorgeous volume it needs to rock any look.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!

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