Haircare for Strong Hair

Long, luscious hair is every girl’s dream but something not everyone is blessed with. 3 out of 5 people usually suffer from hair fall. This happens when one fails to recognise the signs of hair that has grown weak and is suffering from or prone to damage. Weak hair is hair that has lost structural ingredients like proteins and lipids and is characterized by a tendency towards hair breakage. Recognise the signs your hair gives to you to overcome weak hair and find a fix for it.

A few of the tell tales are:


A big tell-tale sign of weak hair is frizziness. Hair that is healthy and strong will seldom be frizzy. You may notice a lot of short and baby hair, especially during the winters, that are hard to manage. This frizzy hair needs extra nourishment and care. Lean on Pantene Oil Replacement it’s your saviour when it comes to taming frizzy and unruly hair.

Avoid Frizzy Hair


With weak hair comes the eminent problem of split ends. It takes a lot of effort to get rid of split ends and the turn around time to see the results can be treacherous and long too. Make sure to always condition your hair after you shampoo, to lock in moisture and prevent the occurrence of split-ends.

Hair Damage & Split Ends


Hair that is weak will not stand the test against hair fall and cause brittle hair. A small tug may cause the entire hair to get pulled, right from the hair follicle. This should be prevented by treating brittle hair right away. Treat your hair the right way with hair products that repair damage and rejuvenate the health of your hair. Take a step back from excessive styling, use a hair mask or use Pantene Oil Replacement, your one stop solution and give your hair essential nutrition. Learn more about haircare for dry and brittle hair from experts at Pantene India.

Avoid Hair Breakage


Another tell-tale sign of weak hair is tangling. Having to comb your hair often can get frustrating. A good hair style needs your hair to stay put but this isn’t possible with hair that gets tangled easily. Hair that is weak and tangled also has a dull appearance. Detangle your hair by using Pantene Oil Replacement that not only smoothens your hair but also ensures reduced hair fall that happens due to breakage. Learn about haircare by using Oil Replacement Serum suggested by Pantene India experts.

Hair Tangling & Hair Damage

Hair is prone to damage and gets affected due to several ways, stress being the main cause. Chemical damage due to colouration, bleaching and excessive use of heating products causes your hair to grow weak and vulnerable. Medical problems such as thyroid, alopecia and so on are also other significant causes of weak hair. Hence, in this hectic and busy lifestyle, taking care of one’s hair can get strenuous.

But, do not fret as you can fight damage in a couple of ways:


The best tip for overall health of hair, mind and body is to not take stress and take it easy. Letting your mind relax, causes a good flow of blood and hormones throughout your body, causing healthy hair growth.

Destress for Haircare


On a daily basis, your hair undergoes a lot. From dirt to dust and sweat to dandruff. All these are causes of damaged, dull hair and requires you to thoroughly wash your hair every time. Clean your hair of the impurities by using a good shampoo and condition your hair after every wash. Learn haircare for washing damage prone hair explained by experts at Pantene India.

Haircare Tips for Hair Wash

So, don’t get your spirits low when faced with the problem of weak hair. All you must do is follow the tips and tricks and maintain a good hair care regime. That of course, isn’t going to be complete without Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner. Filled with the goodness of Pro-Vitamin Formula, it protects and nourishes your hair, as you bid hair fall goodbye! Use Pantene Hair Fall Control haircare products for strong and healthy hair in 14 days!