Can stress make your hair fall out?

One of the universal concerns for most women these days is excessive hair fall. The number 1 reason for hair fall can be easily traced back to stress. It is more likely that one may suffer from hair loss due to emotional stress than physical stress. Our hair is constantly cycling between the growing out and the falling out phase and its normal for about 10% of our hair to be in the falling out phase. However, a portion larger than that could be triggered due to stress and signify the need for a hair fall treatment.

Apart from stress; smoking, alcohol, change in diet and hormonal changes are few causes that lead to increased hair fall. Some of these causes of hair fall can be eliminated by making certain lifestyle changes.

It’s important to realise that hair loss due to stress is not permanent and stressing over your tresses wouldn’t be an ideal hair fall solution. Nonetheless, there are certain things that can make your hair loss take a back seat and make way for new healthy hair.

Here are a few ways to de-stress and overcome hair loss

#1 Exercise

Exercise helps you activate your feel-good hormones aka endorphins. When these hormones are released in your body, you seem to feel calm and peaceful. Running or a little Zumba can take you a long way.
Exercise & Hair Care

#2 Meditate

A few moments of self-examination and relaxation can help in ways more than one. Not only does it ease your stress but also makes you more resilient towards it in the future.
Meditation & Hair Care

#3 Shampoo And Condition

Healthy scalp leads to healthy hair. Include the Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo and Conditioner to reduce hairfall in your hair-wash regime. It is perfectly suited to not just reduce hair fall but also to maintain the overall health of your hair. That is why, using a Shampoo and Conditioner that protects and strengthens your hair is super essential.
Use Hair Fall Control Products

#4 Beauty Sleep

Lack of sleep can cause stress which in turn causes hair fall. One of the most important beauty mantras is a good 8 hours sleep. Sleep affects your mood and behaviour immensely and a small change in your sleeping pattern can cause stress and restlessness.
Sleep & Hair Care

#5 Protein-Rich Diet

It’s always said that ‘you are what you eat’. If you eat food rich in protein, your hair receives all the goodness of protein which makes your hair stronger and healthier. Protein is known to be a great hair fall solution.
Proteins for Hair Care

Little lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on your hair. Use Pantene Hair Care products for stronger hair in 14 days. Here’s to many more great hair days with Pantene!