Just got a bob cut and want your hair to reach the shoulders? Or got a pixie cut and not liking it? Knowing the right way to take care of your hair will always keep it steady and healthy. The rule of thumb for faster hair growth is: TAKE CARE OF IT!

We girls and women have this common problem: - we go to get our hair an inch smaller, but the haircut session turns a bit longer and we lose more than an inch, ALMOST ALWAYS. Well, to be very honest girls, it is very important to trim your hair from time to time, but what is even more important is to make sure you are doing it all right with your hair’s healthy growth. There are some really cool hacks to growing your hair naturally and some secrets that we’ll share with you to help your hair grow and stay healthy simultaneously.

A] Stimulate the scalp 

Do you ever massage your hair? If not, it’s high time you start doing it. With all the stress and tension taking upon our lives, it’s important to have a ‘me time’ girl. So, get a good hair massage and relax it out because that hair is about to grow and get healthy!

B] Make sure the scalp is clean

Pollution and other oxidants usually make your hair dry, which causes hair breakage. Not just that, dry hair is very weak, so, in that case, you’ll end up having loads of hair fall. To keep your hair clean and healthy, make sure you follow the right hair care routine. Clean hair gives your hair strands a space to breathe and grow. Pantene Bamboo Shampoo & Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner from the Pantene range is what comes to your rescue! Its combination of Bamboo extracts & Pro-Vitamin B5 Formula is very effective in reducing hair fall and no doubt a fast hair growth shampoo. Bamboo extracts are also known to stimulate hair growth.

C] Style but with care

Too much heat can cause severe damage to your hair. You shouldn’t stop styling your hair, obviously not, but using heat devices excessively on your hair can be really harmful. Whenever you’re styling your hair, try applying a serum heat protectant so that your hair is protected from breakage or hair fall. Using the right moisturizer is also important when it comes to styling your hair. Even here, you can try the Pantene Hairfall Control shampoo and conditioner from the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range to moisturize and condition your hair. Styling your hair can cause hair breakage, but if you do it a bit carefully, there’s no loss to the length!

D] Get regular trims :

Yes, you read that right! Getting your hair trimmed regularly can help your hair have steady growth. Shearing off dead ends doesn't influence the follicles up top; nonetheless, hair development comes from the follicles on our scalps, not the ends of our hair. It does, however, aid in the prevention of breaking. Breakage, of course, will prevent you from reaching your desired length. When you go to your hairdresser to get a regular trim, they tend to remove the dead ends of your hair, which actually causes split ends and never-ending frizz. So, if it’s been more than 4 months since your last haircut, it’s time to go to a hair salon and get that hair done!

E] Minimize the hair coloring

Because the colour procedure might weaken strands, restrict your salon and at-home colour treatments if you're attempting to grow your hair. If you're going for highlights, steer clear of strands that are already blonde and instead go for a toning treatment. This is gentler on the hair's condition and can help avoid hair breakage. Do communicate to your hairdresser that they must be a bit careful with the hair that wants to just grow, grow, and grow!

According to experts, hair grows at a rate of roughly half an inch per month, giving you a total of about six inches per year to play with. A lot of your hair growth also depends on your genes (you’ll have to talk to your mom and dad about it). Nonetheless, what’s in your hands is to take good care of the gorgeous hair that you’ve got. The strength and vitality of strands are something we can manage. Understanding how to encourage hair growth and protect it from harm is crucial to ensuring that it lasts. It is important to make all the efforts to provide your hair with the necessary protection to reduce breakage, split ends, and damage.  

So, the next time the hairdresser asks you to get an inch less, let her do it because you know the secrets to growing that hair back!

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