Hair care tips to repair damaged hair

REPAIR HAIR DRYNESS & DAMAGE with these haircare tips

All of us understand the importance of a good hair care routine, we try to take the best care possible but due to our busy lives and some negligence, we make certain mistakes and our hair takes the fall. They get all dry and damaged, impossible to style, and become a complete mood spoiler. We can go cribbing over them, but it’s imperative to understand why they occur and what we can do to avoid them.

If you have dry hair, It means your hair lacks the moisture it requires. One of the prominent reasons could be, the low production of natural oil in the scalp. This could be because of your age and other reasons. Without this natural oil, your hair loses lustre and appears to be faded and frizzy. This not only affects the look of your hair but also makes them brittle and prone to hair fall. Dry hair may not necessarily mean damaged hair, but more often than not they can be interlinked, dry hair could be the sign of damaged hair. Hair damage occurs when the protective layer of the hair (cuticle) is attacked by external factors (heat, chemicals, friction, etc) leaving cracks in them. Because of the harmful effect of these factors the cuticles open up, making it appear dull, dry, and brittle and also more prone to damage and breakage.

While you might be searching for a remedy for dry hair, it’s important to understand the reason for dry hair and finally know.

Dry and Damaged Hair?

Environmental Factors:

While our environment nourishes us, pollution causes hairfall and dry hair.

  • Living in a hot or dry environment and spending a lot of time in the sun or wind could cause a lot of harm to your hair.
  • Swimming in chlorinated water can damage your hair. Chlorine sucks the natural oils out of the hair and makes it dull and dry.

Washing Habits

Washing our hair too often and using harsh shampoo and conditioners is a major reason for dry and damaged hair. They strip your hair of natural oils and also open the cuticles making them prone to damage.


Using chemicals, like dyeing and undergoing treatments may also lead to dry and damaged hair.


Heat styling using blow dryers, curling iron and straighteners are also contributing factors.Learn more about how you can protect your hair from heat

Brushing and Combing

Brushing too often can increase friction in your hair causing them to fall. So brush only when styling. Also, try using Wide toothed combs to avoid hair breakage.

Towel Drying

After a shower it almost natural to rub your body and hair with a towel to dry it. This rubbing could prove to be detrimental for your hair. It causes a lot of strain in your hair causing them to break.

Health Problems

Certain health problems could prevent your hair from retaining moisture.
1. Anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder that could lead to malnutrition, consequently loss of nutrients in hair and hence leads to hair damage.
2. Hypoparathyroidism which results in low calcium, which is an important nutrient for healthy hair.
3. Menkes Syndrome: In this disorder, the cells don’t absorb copper leading to dry hair.


In order to protect your hair from damage it’s important to have a nourishing diet as there are important nutrients, like iron, zinc, protein that your diet needs to have so that your hair could be healthy and not get damaged.

Dry and damaged hair are not only the enemies of your hairstyles they are the enemies of your hair itself. They lead to hair fall. When the hair loses the moisture it becomes brittle and fragile, and when the cuticles open they are very much prone to breakage. It’s important to give your dry and damaged hair treatment that it requires. A hair care routine that could prevent your hair from getting damaged could go a long way in giving you the desired styles and long voluminous hair.

Dry and Damaged hair

With causes and effects by our side, we can finally understand the ways that could help us to provide the right dry and damaged hair treatment.Simple changes as staying in shade avoid chemical treatments, heat styling, having a proper diet, etc could go a long way in preventing further damage. Learn more about how you can prevent damage of your hair from styling.

  1. First and foremost: Try avoiding the causes stated above. Simple changes as staying in shade avoid chemical treatments, heat styling, having a proper diet, etc could go a long way in preventing further damage.

  2. Oil is the most basic dry hair remedy. This allows you to make up for the deficit in the natural oils produced by your scalp. While the oil brings about its own hassle like the stickiness with the nourishment. You can opt for an oil replacement like Pantene Open Hair Miracle which nourishes your hair just like oil without the hassle. Try it for yourself and feel the difference. We just didn’t say it, Vogue Beauty Awards – winner of the Daily Hair Oil Category says it too!

Homemade Hair Mask - Weekly Essential

Using home remedies to moisturize damaged hair could also be helpful. Applying banana, egg mask, avocado paste, yogurt and oil mask, apple cider vinegar masks have their own benefits and could help you to make your hair healthy again

Trim Your Hair Frequently

Trimming your hair frequently where the split ends shows, and protect your hair from any further damage

Use The Right Accessories

Wearing loose hairstyles instead of tight ponytails, avoiding metal clips and other metal accessories are some ways you can take care of your hair

Along with these hair care tips you also need a proper Hair care regimen that prevents your hair from getting damaged while nourishing them from within is what your dry and damaged hair need. Using only the best conditioner and the best shampoo for dry hair would be our advice. Harsh shampoos do more damage than benefit. Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution provides the best care to your hair with it’s Pro-Vitamin B5 Formula that strengthens hair from within and nourishes them root to tip. With Pantene Advanced Hair Fall Solution shampoo and conditioner, your hair game will never take a beating.

Now say goodbye to those frazzled tresses!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!