Things To Know About Curly Hair And How To Diffuse It!

Want to know the secret to have gorgeous and perfect curly hair? Look no further!

Many of us love having curly hair as it gives our hair that desired volumized look, which is sure to wow the crowd even more! While many of you may desire that naturally curly hair look, have you ever wondered why is it that some people have curly hair while some have straight or wavy hair? One of the reasons why your hair is curly is because of the follicles, more specifically, the shape of the follicles. Yes, that's right!

The shape of your follicle determines the shape that your hair may grow into. If you happen to have perfectly circular follicles, then we bet that you most probably have straight hair, if you have oval-shaped follicles then your hair might grow wavy and if the follicle is more oval or elliptical shaped then you might have curly hair.

Now that you’ve understood one of the reasons why hair can be curly, let’s briefly look at some effective tips and curly hair products to maintain your beautiful curls. One of the most common ways is to wash your hair with the right products, which essentially means that you need to pick a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. However, after choosing suitable shampoos for curly hair, you also need to make sure that you’re not excessively using shampoo on your hair, as that can strip away its natural moisture. Now that you’ve learned about the correct ways of washing your curly hair, it's time to pay attention to what comes after - drying it.

A] Diffusing curly hair? What's that?

Now, we know that not all of you may have the time to let your hair dry naturally, which is why the quicker alternative is for you to diffuse your curly hair. Usually, when you're in a hurry, a diffuser can be a go-to product to dry your curls with, especially when you want to highlight your curl pattern. Now, a quick search on ‘how to diffuse curly hair’ or ‘how to diffuse wavy hair’, can easily show you how to diffuse your curls or diffuse your wavy hair. However, you need to remember to always diffuse your hair safely as even the process of diffusing can have its disadvantages on your curly hair. Now, here’s how to diffuse your curly hair.

Let’s first understand what exactly a diffuser is. It is an attachment that distributes air evenly across big portions of hair and can be attached to the nozzle of your hair dryer. A diffuser helps you dry your hair and also helps you prevent that frizzy look. So now, let’s look at how to use a diffuser to diffuse your curly hair.

Step 1: Product Application

While your curly hair is wet, apply the moisturizing hair product like the Pantene Open Hair Miracle to style your hair. Pantene Open Hair Miracle not only acts as a serum but also as a heat protectant. Once you've finished your styling, let your hair air-dry for a while and get ready to use the diffuser.

Step 2: Select the correct setting

To diffuse your curls and give them a defined look, you need to select a setting on your hair dryer that’s neither too high in terms of airflow or too hot in terms of temperature.

Step 3: Find the right position to diffuse your curly hair

Put your head forward in such a way that the curls are hanging forward as well and then gently take sections of your curly hair into the diffuser.

Step 4: Diffuse in an upwards direction

For each section of hair, move the diffuser in an upwards direction and stay still for at least 30 seconds after which you can lower your diffuser and move on towards a different section of the hair.

Step 5: Keep Repeating

This process should be repeated until your gorgeous curly hair is about 75-90% dry. Now, you have your perfect curls!

B] Heat Damage?

While diffusing your curly hair it is also important to make sure that no damage is caused to your hair as curly hair is more vulnerable to heat damage. Now, you might wonder, isn’t a diffuser supposed to reduce the heat damage? Well yes, a diffuser is supposed to decrease the heat damage to your curls but at the end of the day, it is still attached to a hairdryer which is a heat styling tool. And as many of us may already be aware, overuse of heat styling tools can cause your hair to become dry and susceptible to breakage.

But there are ways you can cut back on heat damage while diffusing, one such way is to use heat protectants on hair. Pantene Open Hair Miracle is a 4-in-1 multipurpose product that acts as a heat protectant, a serum, a leave-in conditioner, and an oil replacement. While styling your curly hair before diffusing, make use of the Pantene Open Hair Miracle, to provide your hair with the much-needed protective layer.

C] Style Away Your Curly Hair!

But wait! Where are you leaving? We’re not done yet!
Now that we’ve learned how to diffuse curly hair, let’s also look at a few tips for styling your curly hair.

1. Use a silk pillowcase

Need a reason to buy a silk pillowcase? Well, here's a good one! To avoid your curly locks from turning frizzy, use a silk pillowcase while sleeping at night.

2. Shampoos & Conditioners

As we’ve mentioned before, try using conditioners and shampoos for curly hair and observe what fits you the best.

3. Pantene Open Hair Miracle

We’re mentioning this multipurpose product here again because it not only acts as a heat protectant but also as a leave-in conditioner, which you can use when your curls feel frizzy.

D] Pantene For Your Hair

While we’re on it, the Pantene Open Hair Miracle also has other benefits such as serum and oil replacement. The oil replacement helps nourish your hair and also acts as a solution to hair fall. For the overall control of hair fall, Pantene also has its conditioners and shampoos for hair fall in the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range, which consists of ingredients such as Pro-Vitamin B5 formula and Fermented Rice Water and helps reduce hair fall by strengthening your hair from within.

So now, alongside having gorgeous curly hair, you can also get yourself an anti-hair fall treatment with the range of Pantene products!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!