How to maintain curly hair


The groovy and bouncy hair that’s always in style, curly hair has its own charm; it’s beautiful, bouncy and looks voluminous but with a lot of maintenance, of course.

But styling and caring for naturally curly hair is not an easy task. Without proper hairfall treatment, the hair can become rough and coarse pretty easily leading to more hair breakage & hair fall.

Getting long, flowy curly hair from a curling wand is one thing and having to care for a naturally curly hair is a completely different feat altogether. There are lot of things to keep in mind when defining your curls like making sure they appear shiny, nourished, hydrated, and going tangle-free throughout can be challenging task.
That’s why following a proper curly hair care routine will make the process more enjoyable. There are many reasons why hair problems like damaged hair and hair fall happen, which is why you must know and apply the right curly hair tips.


But before we move on, here are some common hair damage and hair fall reasons for curly hair -

Over-washing your hair: Do you prefer washing your hair every day? Cause if you do, it can affect your hair curl structure. A commonly recommended curly hair tip is that you should not wash your hair too often.
For those with curls or coils, shampooing your curly hair once or twice a week is enough to control hair fall as washing your hair everyday can strip your hair of its natural oils that help maintain your curly hair.

Improper blow drying: Blow dryers can be damaging to your curls. While it is great for a quick dry on days you don’t have time to air dry, also you should know the appropriate way of diffusing your curly hair, or it can cause more damage as well as make your curls will look messy and not so defined. Hands down, air drying is the perfect alternative to avoid damage and to keep hair healthy in the long run.

Over-doing Heat styling: Excessive heat can be damaging to your curly hair and frequent heat-styling can lead to hair damage and even more hair fall. A single pass of the flat iron on your curls can change your curl pattern and the damage your hair sustains can make it appear unhealthy.

Using a regular towel aggressively to dry your hair: In your curly hair care routine one of the mistakes, you can make is using a regular towel made of terrycloth to dry your hair. These towels have tiny nubs that can cause friction when you rub and dry your hair with it. It builds up your cuticles and makes your hair look rough and frizzy. Instead of a towel, switch to a gentle cotton t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair.

Using the wrong tool to detangle: Every hair type is prone to be tangled, but with your curly hair, it’s a different story altogether. Mostly on textured hair it is advisable to not use a fine-toothed comb since it causes breakage and hair fall. Also, keep a limit on the use of hairbrushes as they can break up your curls and trigger hair frizz. Instead, your fingers can work through the tangle gently or use a wide-tooth comb and start from the ends to the roots to gently detangle your hair.


As endless as these curly hair problems sound there are endless curly hair care products and solutions in the market. And we have some effective solutions that will make styling your curls even easier. Once equipped with the right curly hair care products and curly hair tips, nothing will stop you from sporting your gorgeous curly hair. Here’s what to do:

Choose your hair products wisely: When it comes to maintaining your curly hair, finding the right curly hair care products plays a vital role. The right hair care shampoo + conditioner will cleanse your hair gently without stripping it of its natural oils. That’s where Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo and Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner can help, your curls need more nourishment and care to avoid hair fall. It is formulated with a Pro-V blend of Pro-Vitamin B5, and Fermented Rice Water that cleanses and nourishes curly hair while protecting & strengthening its natural texture from within, thereby reducing hairfall.

Keep the heat-styling tools at bay: Always choose air dry over blow dry for your curls. They look the best when you allow them to dry on their own and do not subject them to the extreme heat from your styling tools. If your hair takes too long to air dry, if you are running short on time you can always use an attached diffuser to the blow dryer can help circulate the air without disturbing your curly hair pattern. Try Pantene Open Hair Miracle for that extra moisturization to give you bouncy, smooth, and luscious hair, everyday! For hassle free nourishment, just apply a walnut size amount to your damp hair to create a protective layer as a heat protectant just before you style your hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner: Curly & dry hair is never a good combo as it can make your curls appear frayed and dull. If you are prone to dry hair, when you don’t have time to condition and wash your hair, a leave-in conditioner & hair moisturizer like Pantene Open Hair Miracle is the best way to keep your curls moisturised and healthy.

Satin pillows for the win: Curls are easily prone to hair fall while sleeping due to friction created by regular pillows, which ultimately leads to hair breakage & hair fall. To keep your curls intact use a gentle satin pillowcase to reduce hair breakage, it’s one of the easiest tips to follow.

Curly hair is beautiful in its own way, and by following the right curly hair tips and adding our Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range to your hair care routine, you can style and embrace your curls and experience open hair days, every day!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!