Hair styling tips for you to shine through an interview

Apart from a flawless outfit, what other tools do you gather the night before a big interview? The perfect nude lipstick, the most elegant eyeliner, the subtle, but eye enhancing mascara: these are essential if you want to nail the interview, right? What about your interview hair look? Probably a quick wash and a blow dry? Not giving your hair the love it deserves is one of the main causes of hair fall, but is something we end up doing while rushing to get ready. But why damage your hair when you can get that bread without any hair fall dread?

    A] How important is your Interview hair look?

    How you present yourself says a lot about who you are as a person, indirectly commenting on your judgement and confidence. Your appearance gives your interviewer an impression of what to expect from you professionally and affects how they may treat you. With more and more interviews being conducted online, there are a lot of factors you can skimp out on with the frame restricted to your upper body. However, no matter whether the interview is conducted in person or over video, your face will always be the centre of attention, and what frames your face is your hair. How you wear your hair reflects who you are and nailing your interview hair look may just help you get the job!

    B] Hair do’s and don’t for your interview hair look:

    Your hair can be your greatest friend, but it could also be your biggest foe. Here are some things to avoid as you plan out how to wear your hair for an interview:
    - Fly-aways and loose strands can distract you from the task at hand and add up to unnecessary stress.

    - Avoid tying or styling wet hair. These are one of the main hair fall reasons and may show that you were unprepared for the interview.

    - Don’t try a hairdo you have never tried before. An interview isn't the time for experimentation. - Don’t fidget with your hair. It can indicate signs of nervousness and put off your interviewer.

    - Avoid humid surroundings that may cause you to sweat, and makes your hair frizzy .

    - Can’t stress enough on this but don’t get a new haircut the day before your interview. A trim is fine, but a drastically new look can make it difficult for you to work with your hair in time for your interview.


    So, what are some of the things you could do? Here are some hair care tips that one should follow to get the flawless interview look.

    - You could visit our plethora of articles on hair styling tips, but if you’re unable to keep it in place, it could do more harm than good. Using a product like the Pantene Oil Replacement serum, now known as Pantene Open Hair Miracle keeps your hair frizz free and helps you keep your hair in place. This way, messy hair during an interview is the last thing you need to worry about.

    - Wash your hair the night before the interview, so you have enough time and a clean, fresh canvas to work on. - Use bobby pins or U-pins to tuck away fly-aways and baby hair. - Stay indoors as much as possible with air conditioning to keep you cool, so the hairdo you spent an hour perfecting isn’t ruined by the humidity. - Your hairstyle for the interview should be a hairdo you are confident with. In case of any mishaps, you should be able to fix it in a jiffy. - Keep the accessorising to a minimum. Let your gorgeous hair do the talking!

    C] Try these hairstyles for an interview:

    How our hairstyles looks can make us feel more confident, so here are 3 hair styling tips so you can use to look and feel your very best:

    1. Half up-half down: If your long tresses bring you joy, and you don’t feel as confident with your hair up in a bun, then this will be your perfect hairstyle for an interview. This gorgeous hairstyle lets your hair breathe while maintaining the professionalism of an interview hair look and is perfect for any hair type!
    2. Soft waves: soft waves subtly show off the natural beauty of your hair without making it seem like you’re trying too hard. Loosely braiding your hair, the night before your interview, with the Pantene Open Hair Miracle serum will give you gorgeous frizz free waves to rock to your interview.
    3. Classic open hair with a twist: the ultimate hairdo when you want your hair to do all the talking for you! Flaunt your hair with two small braids running from the crown of your head, pinned behind your ears. Using a bobby pin will discretely ensure any loose strands are kept from falling in your eyes and draws attention to the entirety of your face.

    The way you style your hair is as important as the outfit you wear for an interview, if not more. And no matter what hairdo you pick, keeping a trustworthy serum handy will never fail you. The Pantene oil replacement aka Pantene Open Hair Miracle serum helps you style your hair along with hair fall control, so your interview hair look is absolutely flawless! While a good anti-hair fall shampoo & conditioner go a long way, you can try the Pantene 2in1 Hairfall Control – it has the benefit of shampoo & conditioner in one bottle.

    First impressions matter, especially in professional settings where sometimes, all you get is that one chance to shine. So don’t waste it, let your hair be your biggest tool in helping you excel at that interview.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!