What Does A Conditioner Do To Your Hair?

Conditioner is probably one of the best-known haircare products on the market, along with its washing counterpart shampoo. But have you ever wondered, what does a hair conditioner do? How to use a conditioner the right way? how often should you use conditioner?.

The truth is that hair conditioner is an absolute must-use for everyone, whatever your hair type or condition may be. If you want shiny, healthy-looking hair that’s easy to style and manage on a day-to-day basis, it’s a step you should never skip.
To convince you of its importance, it’s a good idea to understand exactly how to use a conditioner and how it works – so below, we’re giving you a crash course in this important hair-care step.

What does a hair conditioner do?

In short, the main job of your conditioner is to smoothen every single strand to support hair’s health. Any gaps resulting from damage in your hair are being replenished creating a smoother surface and contributes to healthier hair. You can be rest assured to skip the split ends, frizz and hair loss due to hair breakage coming your way. But there is a bit more to it than that, as not all conditioners were created equal…

How does a conditioner work?

Before you skip to buying a hair conditioner and how to use a conditioner, let’s understand how does a conditioner work.
All our conditioners include a signature blend of nutrients that penetrate the core of the hair lengths to keep hair strong from the inside out. Damaged areas of hair are targeted and smoothened on the outside, while the damage inside the hair is captured, so that it doesn't become worse. This leaves hair more resistant to breakage and more nourished, where needed without weighing it down with excess ingredients.

From the outside, the hair conditioner creates a smooth surface that better reflects light and is shinier, but also hair is more manageable and easier to style on a day-to-day basis, which reduces the amount of damage caused by styling.

Why shouldn't you skip using a conditioner?

The weather, daily wear and tear and styling habits all cause our hair to become more damaged. Whether it’s caused by the strong, cold winds outdoors or super high temperatures of your straighteners and curling wand, strands are left feeling dry, with moisture lost over time.

Your shampoo is designed to cleanse the hair of dirt, impurities and sebum build-up, but the real magic happens through how you use a conditioner and treatment part of your regime. Hair conditioners deliver conditioning agents to the hair shaft, helping to “seal” or flatten the hair cuticle. Smooth cuticles not only feel softer but are much shinier too. That’s why this step’s super important for a healthy appearance. This smoother texture in turn reduces the amount of friction in your hair, making it more manageable and allowing it to flow more freely.

Rather than coating each strand in heavy moisture, hair conditioners, like our Advanced Hairfall Conditioner, work in particular at the damaged spots, proven to preserve the strength of your hair and its protein structures. The ingredients include fermented rice water and Pantene's patented Pro-vitamin B5 formula, which help you in reducing hair breakage and preventing hair fall.

If you skip the conditioning step, your hair’s essential moisturised feel won’t be replenished post-wash, so it’ll become dry and lack lustre over time. Such rough hair is in even more danger of becoming tangled and is less protected against styling damage and hair fall. That’s why even the finest hair types need this all-important nourishing hair care step. If you find conditioner too heavy, it’s just a case of finding a formula that won’t weigh your fine locks down. With the Pro-V formula blends in our conditioners, you can improve the strength of your hair over time – so it’s important you find the right one for your hair type, know how to use the conditioner and stick with it.

Types of hair conditioner and our Pro-vitamin blend

It’s important that you find a formula that’s been specifically designed to match your hair’s challenges and individual needs. All conditioners work to nourish and protect strands, but the combination of ingredients and specially designed formulas meet this challenge at different levels, depending on the hair need and type. If you are someone who has thin hair, a lightweight conditioning treatment that reduces chances of hair fall and adds lustre to your hair would be best. While those of us with a thick head of voluminous curls would be better off with a heavier conditioning treatment that gives ends deeply nourishing moisture.

What’s So Special About Rice Water? All of the Pantene conditioners contain the signature ingredient Pro-vitamin B5 formula, as part of our Pro-V blend. Pro-vitamin B5 formula was first discovered decades ago when intensive care doctors found that it had a positive impact on their patient’s hair. This was then translated into hair products that make it grow thicker and stronger. Pantene has stayed true to its origin and keeps using this powerful Pro-V blend in its formulas to ensure healthy looking hair for everyone. Since not all hair are created equal, for over 70 years, we’ve developed a real expertise to create different conditioner types and formulas that meet the specific needs of different hair types. Then, depending on each hair’s individual needs, we have harmoniously blended our Pro-vitamin B5 with other potent ingredients, such as lipids, to help each hair type on its way to becoming stronger and healthier looking.

a) Traditional conditioner

A good traditional hair conditioning will help you add lustre to your dull hair. But if you’re someone who already knows what they want, i.e., have a strong desire for healthy hair without hair fall damage and silky hair? The Pantene Silky-Smooth Care conditioner is here to fulfill your wish!

Wondering how to use the Pantene Silky Smooth Care conditioner to your hair’s benefit? It plays quite a major role in taking care of your hair as it prevents hair breakage, reduces hair fall and gives your hair the proper nourishment it needs.
Hold on, it's not over yet. The product contains fermented rice water, which includes eight amino acids and vitamins, and Pro-vitamin B5 formula. Hence, it has the capability to give you up to 10x more damage protection against hair fall and makes your hair smooth and silky.

b) Treatment conditioner

Sometimes, a hair conditioner can do more than just fulfilling the lack of hair lustre. Having hair fall, split ends and frizz is natural when you don’t know how to use a conditioner or have never added a conditioner to your hair care routine. And using the right hair conditioner that gives you the freedom to leave your hair open without the fear of damage like hair fall, split-ends is what you need. That product for your hair needs can be the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution conditioner.

It treats your hair to the TLC it needs, and solves your hair fall issues while giving your hair a smoothness like never before.
This also nourishes your hair, prevents hair fall and hair breakage with its enriching ingredients of Pro-vitamin B5 formula and Fermented Rice Water which contains eight amino acids and vitamins.

c) Leave in conditioner: for dry hair that needs extra moisture

Okay, so your hair is in dire need of help! It lacks moisture and needs an extra dose of TLC. There’s only one answer to this – Deep Conditioning.
You’ve heard of the treatment and traditional hair conditioner, but how to use a deep conditioner? And which is the best one for your hair?

Don't worry, we're here to help. Deep Conditioning doesn’t have to be an excruciating long process or needn’t take much efforts if you have the right solution. All you need is a leave-in conditioner that can work its way through your hair to the tips, and ends your hair worries like hair fall and damage.

Our Pro-v blend Formula

The Pantene Open Hair Miracle is one such product. This leave-in conditioner is made with the ancient remedy of Fermented Rice Water and Pantene's patented Pro-vitamin B5 formula to give you smooth, strong and flawless hair while reducing the chances of hair fall.

Here are its 4 benefits:

Oil Replacement

Gone were the days when oil was the only solution for getting rid of the hair damage. Now, you can gt rid of that oily hair look with our Open Hair Miracle. All you have to do is apply it from the root to the tip and leave it for half an hour. Lastly, rinse your hair.

Leave-in Conditioner

With rinse-free conditioning, getting smooth soft hair is not a big task. For those days where you do not have the extra 5 minutes in the bathroom to apply and rinse-off your usual conditioner, the Open Hair Miracle can be used instead!


If you're someone who's looking for detangled, frizz-free, shiny and soft hair, make sure you take some amount of the conditioner as much as required, rub it on your palms and apply it along your hair lengths.

Heat Protectant

With Open Hair Miracle, there's nothing to worry about the usage of styling products. Make sure that when you're styling your hair, apply a walnut-size amount to your hair lengths. This creates a protective layer over your hair, which prevents damage, hence reducing hair fall and giving you a happy ending.

How to use conditioner the right way?

While your shampoo reduces hair fall and gives your hair a frizz-free look, the conditioner plays an important role in making your hair soft and manageable. The point is - never feel lazy to condition your hair as it has a lot of benefits.
So, how to use a conditioner? Here are the 6 simple steps:

i) The first step is to wash your hair thoroughly in the shower and rinse out all shampoo.
ii) Squeeze a quarter amount of conditioner into your palm and rub it evenly.
iii) If you have long hair, spread the conditioner from your chin level and down. Never apply it on your scalp.
iv) Run your fingers through the ends of your hair while conditioning.
v) Allow it to stay on your hair for a while - around a minute or two.
vi) Lastly, rinse the conditioner off your hair. Ensure to check it if it's slippery, that means you need to rinse it again.
Now that you know what a conditioner can do and how to use a conditioner like a pro, it's time for you to try it out. Keep in mind that adding a conditioner to your hair is always the best choice if you need smooth and strong hair. However, if you're looking for better results, that is - getting rid of hair fall and breakage, the Pantene Advanced Hairfall conditioner is always there waiting for you.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!