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Experiencing bad hair days lately? Oh, wait. Have those exceeded to weeks and months now? It should be no surprise to learn that Bad Hair Days is equal to Frizzy Hair, Hair Thinning, Greasy Hair and the mother of all hair issues - Hair fall Problems.

Bad hair days come in all types of hair related issues and each of these eventually lead up to hair fall problems. Your frizzy and always tangled hair is one break away from hair fall and we all know it isn’t easy finding the right solution on how to stop hair fall. No! Don’t stress. Pantene’s got your back with solutions to each hair care issue. Now that you have identified you are a victim of bad hair days, let’s understand what causes a bad hair day. Without much further a do, let’s get to it?

QUESTION OF THE HOUR: What causes a bad hair day?

Having a bad hair day yet smiling - said no one ever. Bad hair days are pretty much the reason for a bad mood. Funny that bad moods can be changed easily, but bad hair health - that needs massive change in hair health. Let us understand what results in a bad hair day and then go on to the plausible solution for it!

- Are you using the right nourishing shampoo?

The wrong shampoo might be the worst move you can make. But we all know that buying the right shampoo can be a confusing task. The right choice you have to make is to choose your shampoo based on your hair type. Using an anti-hair fall shampoo can always turn out to be the best for you to treat your hair and hair fall worries. You can only expect best hair days ahead if you’ve sorted out the right hair fall control shampoo.

- Are your showers too hot?

Cold showers in winter? Yes, it might sound like a difficult task but it is very beneficial for your hair. Hot showers can dry out your scalp and irritate your skin. Distance yourself from washing your hair with water that's too hot. This results in fragile and breakable hair. To secure your hair, wash it in warm water rather than hot, and wash it with cooler water.

- Are you stressed?

Don’t worry and be happy! Stressing out too much for different things can cause permanent bad hair days with added hair fall which you might not even realize for a long time. Hair fall due to stress or anxiety is generally taken to be temporary and the situation of your hair may get back to normal once you are calm and no more in a stressful situation. But how can you get yourself out of a stressful situation? The best way to deal with your stress and the hair fall due to stress is to take a good head shower. Taking time out for a relaxing shower not just reduces your stress levels but also improves your hair health. And once you are back to your good hair days, the vicious cycle of stressful days can be put behind you.

- Are you drinking plenty of water?

Thirsty? Don’t be lazy and go drink water! Treating dehydrated hair is no big deal. It is very easy when it comes to hydrating your hair and body. Drinking lots of fluids can help your body and hair remain hydrated but to speed up the process of hydration for your hair, try out a hydrating shampoo. Treating your hair with a hydrating shampoo can reduce all bad hair days and give your hair a new start! It gives your hair the shine and strength that we all desire.

- Have you over styled your hair?

We say we are all guilty as charged. Nailing that trending hair look, wanting to have that perfect, picture worthy hair instantly, we all reach out for hair styling products. Every time we put our hair through the heat, it’s pretty much that we’ve signed up for bad hair days. Rather than taking the short-cut of heat styling, why not take out time to love our hair and give it the nourishment it needs with a great hair care routine. You can expect soft, luscious hair and no hair fall problems ahead. Now those are the best hair days.


  • BAD HAIR DAY PROBLEM #1 - Frizzy hair drizzling on your parade?

    Oh you know that stubborn frizzy nightmare every morning? That’s a brutal bad hair day. But do you know why, how is it caused and the solution to treat it? The common mistake we make is not taking out enough time for hair care. When you choose the right hair care routine, all your frizzy hair worries and hair fall problems coming your way disappear. Frizzy hair is a result of dampness from the air, causing the hair to swell and frizz. What you need is a hair rescue. One that soaks into your hair lengths and works it’s magic before you land up in a situation wondering how to stop hair fall instead of frizz. Pantene’s got you covered in this aspect!

    While you must start off with an anti-hair fall shampoo like the Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo, what will actually reduce frizz is never skipping out on using a conditioner. We suggest the Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner. It solves two problems in one go - hair fall problems and frizz hair worries. If you want to try a deep conditioning, anti-frizz agent, top off your hair care routine with Pantene Open Hair Miracle once a week. It’s the dream-come-true frizz-free hair serum.

  • BAD HAIR DAY PROBLEM #2: Greasy hair, do care!

    Picture this - it's a big day for you tomorrow. You washed your hair tonight, to just set it right for the next day. But guess what you wake up to? Greasy hair. Isn’t that a bad hair day we all want to avoid. Apart from looking unappealing, it also results in hair breakage and hair fall problems. Greasy hair catches a lot of dirt and makes your hair and scalp dirty prone to breakage. So, what is the solution?

    Overuse of products is a strict no, while using the same products is also a big no. Your hair is asking for help and you need to help it with the right hair care routine. For this, we suggest a thorough hair cleanse with the Pantene Long Black Shampoo. It gives your hair the lustre back while it cleans your hair thoroughly with its Pro-vitamin B5 formula aka vitamins (something your hair so badly craves for good hair days) and Fermented Rice Water (yet another ingredient that helps hair grow smoothly and long). What else are good hair days made of, eh?

  • BAD HAIR DAY PROBLEM #3 - Hair lacking volume?

    When you look at your hair, do you find it too flat and lifeless? Does it feel like you lost it all? Not everyone is blessed with volume, but that doesn’t mean your hair should look flat or lifeless or like you have major hair fall problems.

    So what causes hair to lack volume? While it could be a case of missing hair nourishment, always tying up your hair, it can also be hair fall. Continuous hair fall with more 50 to 100 strands a day can cause your hair to lack volume, looking like it’s not itself. Moreover, this hair fall can be caused due to over-styling, or by using the wrong product too.

    There’s only one solution to these bad hair days. A shampoo to control hair fall and a conditioner to give your hair its life back. Pick up the Pantene Hairfall Control shampoo and conditioner range from your nearest store and add life to your hair with its Pro-vitamin strength. Expect good hair days with stronger hair and shinier lustre.


While you’ve got all the information you need on turning around bad hair days, our hair experts wanted to sneak you in with a few hair care tips to stick to for good hair days only.

Hence, your 5 take away tips for having a good hair day every day are:

    • Make time for self-care and by that we mean hair care pampering.
    • The right products can do your hair wonders.
    • Start at the root level. Begin with using a shampoo to control hair fall or any bad hair day problem.
    • Always wash your hair products off thoroughly from your hair and scalp.
    • Avoid heat styling as much, choose DIY hair styling ways. If you have to heat style, then use a heat protectant like Pantene Open Hair Miracle.
    • Keep your diet clean and treat your hair right.

Here’s to the best hair days you can ever have. Love, Team Pantene

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!