Detangle tangled hair with Pantene

Ever experienced that pull while you comb your hair through the barriers of hair knots? It surely is oh-so annoying. The pain, the extra time to release the knots and of course the damage done to your hair makes you want to chop it off instantly with least hair fall control.

With long, luscious locks or short hair, all of us have experienced the tangled mess. If not, you are a blessed soul. Hacks and hair care tips to skip this nightmare and causes of hair fall can be a lifesaver.

Read on to know all about ways to get rid of tangled hair and how you can sail through it, worry-free and hair fall-free!

A] What causes hair knots?

#1 Wind tops the list.

The most obvious yet a natural cause of knots is the wind. Let’s say two or more strands of your hair intertwine due to wind or even movement, it’s very natural for your hair to form knots. Sometimes they are easy to separate while others don’t give up easily. Also, there are chances when a fallen hair winds around the other strands due to rough cuticles at its ends, which causes even bigger and complicated knots.

#2 Lack of moisture

Lack of hydration can be titled as the major cause of hair damage and tangled knots. Tangled hair is more prone to people who challenge their hair with heating tools, chemicals, and other harmful substances, leading to rough-dry hair due to less moisturisation.

#3 Excessive hair washing

Over-washing also leads to breakage and other dehydrating hair problems to start another hair tangling situation. Over-washing that makes your hair feel worn out, is one of the biggest causes to avoid soon for better results. You can wash your hair thrice a week with Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo and follow it up with the Pantene Hairfall Conditioner.

B] Ways on how to detangle hair

We have a major hair problem here and thankfully we have easy solutions to it too. Let’s get to its roots and learn how to remove knots from hair.

#1 Moisture is key

For rough, frizzy hair types you must need moisturization to ease out knots without balding yourself. To bring back moisture to your hair, use detangling hair sprays or non-sticky oils just like the Pantene Oil Replacement now Pantene Open Hair Miracle for smooth release of hair knots. Learning how to use conditioner that is rightly suited for your hair can help as well.

#2 Choose the right comb

Use a wide-tooth comb for easier and smoother detangling. Using finer toothed comb can cause breakage leading to damage to form knots in the future. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top.

#3 Your fingers work magic

Slowly moving through your tresses, you can release the knots and carefully untangle them before you pull your hair out while combing with a brush. Fingers can be your best tool and let you be an expert on how to remove knots from hair.

#4 Divide and conquer

Sectioning into parts can help you tackle the problem one at a time and free yourself from the tangles effectively.

C] Hacks to avoid detangling and the nightmare that follows:

Hack #1 A big no-no to towels

Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel after hair wash. Rubbing your hair can increase the chance of breakage as your hair cuticles get damaged which increases the chance of forming knots. Instead use a cotton t-shirt and let it soak the water out.

Hack #2 You got to do this before washing

Before washing, detangle your hair with a brush. Start from the tips and progress higher for easier detangling. To ensure less damage and breakage give your hair the Pantene Oil Replacement aka Pantene Open Hair Miracle treatment, this will make your task feels easier and smoother.

Hack #3 Before bed hair routine

Sleep is the time where you unknowingly rub your hair against the pillow covers causing friction and breakage. Be sure to comb and braid your hair to reduce the chance of hair damage.

Hack #4 Use shampoos the right way

Use it on the scalp instead of going through the entire length of the hair as the action of shampooing on the lengths of the hair can create new knots, which none of us wants. Ensure you use Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo to strengthen your hair against hair fall.

Hack #5 Don’t skip the condiitoner

It’s an absolute no-no to skip the conditioner every time you wash your hair. Shampoos usually strip your hair off the moisture so it becomes even more essential to use a hair conditioner for tangle-free & hair fall-free hair.

Hack #6 Gentle care will do the trick

Just like your skin, hair needs gentle care to feel healthy and grow well. Gentle brushing can help your hair from creating split ends and rough ends for knots.

Hack #7 Say no to unruly hairstyles to avoid friction

This can help you stay away from rough hair strands that lead to hair knots that take hours to untangle and reduce hair fall.

D] What’s the right time to detangle?

It may come surprise but here’s something you wish you knew! Yes, there is a right time to detangle, and the answer is while it's semi-dry, not when your hair is wet.

Hair is the weakest when it is wet which can result in more hair breakage. Brush them before washing your hair and when it's semi-dry to see visible changes. When your hair is semi-dry, moisturize it with our Pantene Open Hair Miracleand using a wide tooth comb, get detangling. Get shinier, non-sticky, tangle-free hair in no time.

Give your hair the love and your hair can-knot stop loving you!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!