Prevent Winter Hair Damage – 10 Precautions for a Hair Fall Free Winter


Winter is all about Christmas presents or New Years’ gifts, right? Yet, for some of us, it is also about endless hair worries. Because, even with all its holiday spirit, winter can more often than not, prove to dampen our moods, due to the damage it leaves our hair with. This damage leads to weaker hair roots and therefore, hair fall. Let’s dig a little deeper to understand what exactly our hair goes through in the colder months.


Hair fall during winter is very common and a lot of people experience it. The reason being that winter takes away the moisture that is present on our scalp, making our hair extremely dry. Add that to the indoor heat that some of us may subject ourselves to. The constant hot and cold wind alternation onto our hair, causes even more damage, making our hair brittle and more prone to breakage.

What’s more? The dry winter wind also makes our hair super frizzy, throwing us off our fab hair game during these otherwise cozy, fun days. But hey! There’s no reason to feel low, is there? Afterall, holiday or no holiday, we can all reclaim our good hair days, with just a few right precautions. The only secret is to stay consistent with them and ensure you do them all, the right way! Read on to find out more.

  1. Get your headgear out!

  2. Well, you heard it right! Beanies, winter caps, stoles and mufflers, don’t just help you keep warm, they also help protect your hair. It’s important to keep your head covered and hair protected to prevent them from damage during winters. This ensures that all the moisture from your hair isn’t lost and your hair scalp stays healthy too. So next time you step out, make sure to throw on a hat or a scarf, looking like a diva, while your hair feels cared for too.

    A word of caution: Ensure that your beanies aren’t too tight, as they can pull at your roots and cause hair fall too.

  3. A teeny-tiny chop chop!

  4. Winters can mean stubborn split-ends for many. While you do not need to completely chop off too much, getting regular haircuts will help ensure your hair has no split ends and grows even faster. Split ends restrict the growth of hair, making it look very dull and damaged. Hence, it is always a good idea to go for a trim, once in a couple of weeks, based on the health of your hair.

  5. Say yes to cool water showers!

  6. Don’t we all love pumping up the heat in our showers during winter. However, this heat can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Hot water dries out the scalp and damages your hair lengths, leaving them parched. Hence, it is advisable to tone down the temperature at least on hair-wash-days, since a cold shower makes it easier for your hair to stay nourished and healthy.

  7. Wet hair? Stay in.

  8. Always dry your hair properly before leaving the house. When outside in winter, your hair can easily get damaged and break due to winter. It is a well known fact that hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet. Additionally, the water molecules can expand in cold weather, thus increasing the chances of breakage. If stepping out is urgent and your hair is still considerably wet, using a hair dryer with medium to cold heat, is a good idea.

  9. Get the oils out!

  10. Treat your hair to nourishing oils. Use a little bit of oil to keep your hair moisturized and nourished, before shampooing. This also helps avoid the terrifying winter hair fall. Oiled hair makes it very difficult for the hair to break and also decreases hair fall. However, for some of us, oils can be a no-no, due to their sticky, smelly feel. In such cases, you can always count on Pantene’s oil replacement formula with Pantene Open Hair Miracle. With its multipurpose, moisturizing benefits, you can get all the hydration in just a few pumps.

  11. Deep conditioners on!

  12. Deep conditioning at regular intervals proves to be very beneficial for the hair and is a good boost of nourishment too. Regular styling and continuous exposure to heaters during winter, can cause a lot of damage. While reversing this damage can be a little stressful, you can take the right precaution instead. In this case too, use the Pantene Open Hair Miracle as a pre-poo hair mask. Its Pro-V formula and moisturizing benefits, makes it an ultimate solution for all that winter related dryness.

  13. Cook up some home remedies!

  14. Since a lot of us are working or studying from home, there might be some extra time at hand, to try out all those home remedies you wanted to try, every winter. Applying curd along with a few drops of honey can really help moisturize your hair and give them that extra shine. Adding a bit of lemon, can also give your hair the extra strength they need. However, ensure that the curd isn’t too cold, as you defs want to avoid those chills!

  15. Use the right shampoo!

  16. Using a shampoo that’s harsh on your scalp or hair strands needs to be avoided. Try to pick out and research about the ingredients you need for a hair fall free, nourishing winter. Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo is enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5 and fermented rice water, both of which are naturally soothing and effective in giving you healthy hair that’s less prone to falling.

  17. Skip ads, not conditioners!

  18. For some of us winters are extremely hectic. No matter how much you need to rush to meet that deadline or join that Zoom call, take two to thoroughly condition your hair, post shampoo. This will ensure that all the lost moisture is replenished and your hair is ready to take on that winter dryness. If you are too pressed for time, you can count on Pantene 2in1 Hairfall Control to ensure that your hair gets the goodness of a shampoo and conditioner in one. Its hair fall control formula, enriched with Pro-V will ensure your hair is healthy and nourished.

  19. Heat styling is a no-no!

  20. Avoid styling your hair with heat equipment. Using a straightener or curler can cause your already dry hair to break very easily.This adds up to the overall hair fall during winters, too. Instead, you can use a hair serum to ensure your hair obeys and looks fabulous whenever you want it to. Pantene Open Hair Miracle with its multi-purpose magic can come in handy. Just use a coin-sized amount on your hair, like you would use any other serum to rock those winter locks!

    Equipped with all these precautions, you are now ready to brave the winter storms in style! Keep your hair winter essentials handy, with Pantene, and click your Insta-selfies like you love to! Happy winters to you (and your hair)!

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