Winter Hair Problems and Their Solutions


So, it is getting chilly outside and you’re ready to snuggle in, binge watch some series and have a hot chocolate cuppa. But then, in comes the static hair issues, that estranged hair fall strand you notice on your pillow or even the other excruciating hair problems, you never thought you could have.

The reason? Pretty obvious! The dryness of the winter air. Quite like your skin, your hair health too changes with the season. With the dry winter air draining out the moisture from your hair and scalp, you’ll start experiencing hair breakage and hair fall in winter.

That’s why our experts suggest giving your hair that extra TLC in winter and lessen the chances of hair problems like hair fall in winter. Take out a little time to notice if your hair ends have started to split, run your hands through your hair and check the texture whether it’s dry or rough and so on. And if you notice any signs of hair problems like these, we’ve got the solution ready for you in the read below.


#HairProblem 1: Dry hair, do care:

If you don’t know this already, we are here to tell you – ‘Winter air lacks moisture because of the temperature drop and yes, that changes your hair by nature.’

How about finding now if dry hair is your hair problem? Touch your hair and notice if it feels like straw or it’s feeling usual silky self. If it the former, you’ve got yourself a winter hair problem. But worry not, we’ve got a solution parked for you right here.

Dry Hair Problem Solution

The first thing to do would be ditching those heat styling rituals, if you don’t have a hair serum in place. You’ve heard this enough, but heat styling your hair in winter is just a strict no-no. What you can do to not stop the styling you love is use a hair serum that does more than just being a heat protectant. One such miracle your need to stop the dry hair problem and hair fall problem it brings is the Pantene Open Hair Miracle. So, don’t forget to apply a walnut size amount across your hair lengths before you go ironing or curling those locks.

#HairProblem 2: Hair fall in winter isn’t the fall you need

When your hair is dry, you can expect it to find it losing it moisture, making it more vulnerable to falling with a little tug, here and there. Hair fall problem in the cold winters are for real and they can have a lasting impact if not nourished right in time. Using a wrong comb, extra hot water during winters, or even blow drying your hair, all work you towards a hair fall problem. Then again, your experts in are ready to give you the fix to prevent hair fall.

Hair fall Problem Solution:

Winters as it is, is a tough season for your hair, and using the usual shampoo you use round the year isn’t going to be a solve. What you need is a winter shampoo that can strengthen your hair from within and knows exactly how to stop hair fall in winter, without you having to do much.

For instance, the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution range has a winter shampoo made for your hair loss problem. Its variant Pantene Hairfall Control shampoo is a mild, yet nourishing winter shampoo infused with the power of Pro-vitamin B5 formula and Fermented Rice Water, to reduce hair fall and give you lustrous hair every day. Adding this one to your anti-hair fall winter routine will be a good move.

#HairProblem 3: Is static hair for real?

Yes, it is! Ever wondered why your hair picks up that electric charge only in winters? Well, when temperatures dip, your hair totally flips. As you know there is dryness in the air, and chillier months can make your hair charge up to give you fly away and a not-so-attractive frizzy look. So many would tell you, that you have to work extra hard to fight this, but our experts say otherwise.

Static Hair Problem Solution

Pretty sure, you know where we are going with this. Take a second and think about this. Why must you work hard for this when you can have a leave-in conditioner do it for you?

The frizzy, static hair look that comes on in winters, can be tamed with Pantene Open Hair Miracle. This solution acts as a frizz-control serum that sets your hair to the gorgeous look you want while deep conditioning your hair with the nourishment of Pro-vitamin B5 formula.

#HairProblem 4: Split-ends? Just TLC it.

So, you’ve got the case of split-ends this winter. Interesting fact: Did you know split-ends or hair breakage is a sign of hair fall problems coming your way? If your split-ends are severe, the best call would be to head to the nearest salon and go chop, chop. But if it is in its onset phase, here’s what you need to do.

Split-ends Hair Problem Solution

Repairing your splits in its early phase isn’t rocket science. All you need is a great hair routine.

First, switch to a Damage and Hairfall Control shampoo like Pantene and follow it up with the same variant’s conditioner. Second, don’t forget to get a split-end binding cream that could work its way through your hair tips and ensure to lock in the moisture, especially in winters – much like the Pantene Open Hair Miracle that deeps conditions.


Step 1 - Apply Pantene Hairfall Control Winter shampoo

Wash your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water and avoid hot water in winters at all costs. You don’t want to have split-ends, dry hair and hair fall problems coming your way. Now apply your winter shampoo aka anti-hair fall BFF Pantene Hairfall Control shampoo on your hair and rub it across in circular motion.

Step 2: Follow one condition, apply the Pantene Hairfall Control conditioner

What’s more important is to not skip the conditioner, and how to use the conditioner correctly! Wash off the winter shampoo on your hair thoroughly and take a walnut size amount of Pantene Hairfall Control conditioner in your palms. Apply it through the lengths of your hair, right to the end of your hair tips and you can avoid the split-ends, dry hair problems coming your way.

Step 3: Deep condition with Pantene Open Hair Miracle

Before you can go about blow-drying your hair, don’t forget to save your hair from the heat with the Pantene Open Hair Miracle. It not just acts as a heat protectant, but also works as a deep conditioner to your hair ends. So, you can style without the fear of hair fall, hair breakage and split-ends due to winter dryness.

Hey! You made it this far. Before we sign off, here’s a last tip to keep in sight to deal with winter hair fall. Winters though our favourite season bring a lot of hair problems and hair fall with it. As much as you’re caught up with everything in life, don’t skip out on giving time to your hair a little bit more especially in dry winters.

Switch a healthier hair lifestyle, follow the Winter anti-hair fall routine we suggested to the T and you’re set to make winters your bae again.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!