Never Have I Ever Skipped my Night Hair Care Routine, here’s why!

Ever washed your hair two days in a row because you wanted it to look fresh and frizz free for that day? You’re not alone. Skipping hair care at night can be one of the main causes of hair fall, dry ends, and frizz, leaving you with dull damaged hair in the morning.

Hair care is as important as skin care is. Just like acne, blemishes and fine lines are bound to pop up if you aren’t consistent with your skin care regime, waking up with messy tresses is inescapable when you lack a night hair care routine. It’s not just the appearance of your hair that is affected, but your scalp health and hair quality that takes a toll when you skip hair care at night. You probably follow a day-time hair care routine, where you hydrate and style your hair for hair fall control and minimal damage. But all that effort may be in vain if you aren’t willing to protect your carefully styled hair at night.

If you want to wake up with lush healthy hair every morning, you need to know how to take care of your hair while sleeping. Read on to know how to tie your hair while sleeping so you can stop hair fall.

6 ways to protect your hair while sleeping:

Here are some hair tips for the best night hair care routine so you can have strong, shiny hair even the day after your wash:

  • 1. Wash your hair by evening

    Washing your hair in the evening is a perfect way to unwind after a long day; you don’t have to rush and can take your time de-tangling and deep conditioning your hair. Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo and Conditioner range helps you control hair fall and leaves you with healthy, soft protected hair. Apply the shampoo to the crown of your hair to make your roots stronger, and the conditioner to the lengths of your hair to soften and nourish after cleansing. You can even try the Pantene 2in1 Hairfall Control – it has the benefits of shampoo & conditioner in one bottle.

2. Use a serum to detangle

Once you've washed your hair, you might get frustrated with excessively tangled hair, and end up releasing your exasperation by hacking at your hair mercilessly. Using a quality serum after you wash your hair can let you detangle it easily, helping stop hair fall. Pantene oil replacement aka Pantene Open Hair Miracle is the perfect serum for hair fall control. With Pro-vitamin B5 and Fermented Rice Water, it has everything to give you soft, nourished and frizz free hair for days to come.

3. Dry your hair before sleeping

Now that you’ve washed your hair and applied a serum, what’s next? Drying your hair before bed is crucial; sleeping with wet hair can leave it vulnerable to breakage and be one of the causes of hairfall. You could either gently towel dry your hair, or if you’re in a rush, use Pantene Open Hair Miracle as a heat protectant and then blow dry your tresses to stop hair fall and any damage that may occur whilst sleeping.

4. Silk is your hair’s BFF

Now that most of your night hair care routine is done and your hair has been washed and dried, it’s time for bed. But laying your beautiful locks directly on scratchy cotton sheets can cause hair fall and damage. Investing in a silk pillowcase is an absolute must if you want to reduce frizz, stop hair fall, and wake up with luscious locks. A bonus would be purchasing a silk headscarf or cap to loosely tuck your hair into. This is especially crucial for those with wavy and curly hair.

5. Let your locks loose

Even with the silk pillowcase, you must be wondering how to sleep on your hair without causing any damage. How to tie your hair while sleeping? Should you tie it up, leave it loose, or maybe only half-up? Well, it’s completely up to you, but one major NO-NO is a tight hairstyle. Just like the rest of your body, your hair needs to recover and repair while you sleep, and it’s a little difficult to breathe when your hair is tied up too tight. Curly haired cuties can put their hair into a pineapple to avoid messing up their curl pattern whilst sleeping. Those with wavy or straight hair can even leave their hair untied or tie it into a loose braid to wake up with beachy waves in the morning.

6. Get that Beauty Sleep in

Beauty sleep is not just for your skin and body, but also for your hair. Not getting enough sleep can interrupt your body's regeneration process, causing stress and leading to poor hair growth. Aim for 7-10 hours of quality sleep every night for maximum hair fall control by giving your hair time to repair and restore overnight.

There’s not a lot to do, but your hair will thank you once you consistently adopt a night hair care routine. A nourishing serum for your night-time hair routine like the Pantene Open Hair Miracle serum is a must to protect your hair as you sleep and stop hair fall. With Pro-vitamin B5 and Fermented Rice Water, your hair will be softer, look and feel healthier. So now that you know how to protect your hair at night, what are you doing first?

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!