Daily Hair Wash – Is It Good or Bad?

Hair wash is the simplest of tasks, yet sometimes it can get so confusing, right?

If you don’t wash it regularly, it can lead to hair fall and tangles. And if you do wash it too regularly, it can once again lead to thinning, hair fall and dryness. So, you stand in front of the mirror, examining your beautiful locks once again and stare blankly into the abyss with so many questions running in your mind. But hey! Wait up.

And do not worry, because we are here to answer all your questions about it. Let’s see some of the most frequently asked questions about this topic are - Can washing your hair everyday cause hair loss? Should you wash your hair every day? Can we use shampoo every day? Is it good to wash hair daily? Is daily hair wash good or bad? What happens if you wash your hair every How many times to Brush Your Hairday? So many such questions around whether you should wash your hair every day revolve around the common frenemy - ‘hair fall worries’. And we are here to answer all your hair wash related questions deeply with science to back us up. So, hold on to your combs and brushes tight cause we are about to dig deeper into the matter, ‘Does shampooing everyday cause hair loss?’

  1. Shampoo Decoded
  2. Daily Hair Wash = Hair Loss
  3. How Often Should I Wash My Hair
  4. The Solution to Your Worries

A] Shampoo Decoded

We use it week on week but do we really understand everything about a shampoo? We certainly don’t know if daily washing of hair is good or bad. Although shampoos come in different ranges, they are all designed to serve a common purpose to remove pollutants and surfactants from the roots or your head and hair strands. Shampoos do serve a noble purpose but while doing so they might end up causing some damage. Strong and mild shampoos both dry up the hair especially if you already suffer from thin hair problems. So, does shampooing everyday cause hair loss? We are not there yet but it does dry your scalp up and makes your strands brittle and dry. Because of this reason alone conditioners are designed to add a protective layer after the shampoo clean up so that your hair strands can lock in the moisture content more easily.

B] Daily hair wash = hair loss?

Can you wash your hair daily? This one totally depends on your hair type. Different people have different hair types; but it mostly depends on the genetics. In some cases, good health choices might improve the quality of your hair but mostly it's the genes. Now people with thick and strong hair could afford to wash their hair regularly given the fact that thick hair gets oily more often. But will shampooing everyday really cause you hair fall depends entirely upon the type of hair you have and its quality.

C] How often should I wash my hair?

Like we mentioned earlier the answer to this question could vary based on your hair type. The general answer to the question ‘Can washing your hair everyday cause hair loss?’ is yes, a general rule of thumb is to wash your hair at least thrice a week. In case you have extremely oily hair you should do it more frequently than that, may be up to four to six times a week. But if you have regular or dry hair it is not advisable to wash your hair every day. If you suffer from thin hair you should take extra care of your hair since they are more prone to breakage and hair fall. Apart from your hair wash you should pay attention to your diet and health as well. Exercise more and have a balanced diet.

D] The solution to your worries

Whether it’s how to reduce hair fall or control of hair fall, the answer is pretty straight forward - a good hair fall routine and discipline. Your question ‘is it good to wash hair daily?’ should be replaced by ‘what hair routine to follow every day?’ In this modern day and age, we understand you don't have the time to go out there and try each and every product on your hair to see what works for you and what doesn’t. That is why we here at Pantene came up with our Advanced Hairfall Solution products that are the ultimate solution to all your hair fall related problems. And it’s good for all the hair types. Here’s an easy and effective hair care tips for you to follow:
Use Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoo every alternate day thrice a week along with the Advanced Hairfall Solution Conditioner. Once every week apply Pantene’s Open Hair Miracle as a deep conditioner for optimum results.

So, to answer your question, whether daily hair wash is good or bad? We would say it’s better to avoid washing your hair every day to avoid hair fall and maintain good hair hygiene. Just follow the routine mentioned above and you should be alright.

But in case your hair still feels out of control, you can always opt for Pantene Open Hair Miracle and use it as hair serum to tame the frizz and give them a beautiful shine. Pantene Open Hair Miracle comes with all the essential benefits of hair oil without being too sticky.

So, after reading this article we are pretty sure you get the idea of what happens to your hair if you wash them daily. But not all hope is lost because you know Pantene is always here to help you out of your hair fall problems.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!