Are you someone who is considering using a hair straightener? Before you begin to straighten your hair every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday or just on Saturday; make sure you learn of some necessary facts and burst any myths you had before. Although a hair straightener straightens your hair temporarily, it can leave you with long-lasting and even permanent consequences upon over-use or wrong use.


Hair straighteners are electronic devices that use heat to temporarily straighten the configuration of hair. The hot iron is pressed on a section of hair from scalp until its end. The device is incompetent to permanently straighten hair.


Temporary hair straightening using hair straightener relies on the actions of heat and moisture. Heat breaks the disulphide and hydrogen bond with natural Keratin present in hair. This causes keratin to change its position. When the temperature of hair cools down, the bond of disulphide and hydrogen is reformed with Keratin and hair remains straightened. Heating hair causes contraction in the hair fiber, and it is open regaining the hydrogen bond that hair fiber swells and retains the shape. Increase in the moisture level like during hair wash and humid weather, the effect of temporary hair straightening is reversed to the original structure. Using hair straightener devices temporarily increases hair length. Excessive usage can damage hair and cause hair breakage and permanent change in hair texture.


Here are certain factors that must be considered in order to select an adequate hair straightener for your hair type -

1. Right size of the plates:

The natural structure of hair determines the right size of plates. Hair types like tight curls that are difficult to straighten require wide plates for straightening. However, narrow heating plates are required for hair structure like waves as they are easy to.

2. Right temperature for straightening:

Fine and thin hair strands are different from thicker ones. This affects the suitable temperature of the straightener. Only thick hair requires high temperature. Fine and thin hair strands must be straightened at low temperature as excessive heat can burn them.

3. Right material of the plates:

The heating plate of the straightener could be made of titanium or ceramic. The temperature of ceramic-coated plates increases in no time thereby rendering your hair to the risk of burning. They are handy to straighten wavy hair as they are easy to straighten. Titanium plates, however, are durable, light weight, transfers heat evenly, and straightens all hair types quickly. Therefore, it is safer to use titanium plates than ceramic coated plates.

4. Right size of the straightener:

If you are someone who travels frequently and have short, wavy hair, then a small straightener is sufficient. However, if you have hair that are difficult to straighten then a bigger straightener would be required. Lastly, restrain yourself from purchasing inexpensive straighteners as their heat can cause irreversible harm to your hair. It is important to select a supreme quality hair straightener to safeguard your hair from unnecessary damage.


Here’s how to use a hair straightener to achieve the best results -

1. Preparation of your hair before straightening:

• Using a smoothening conditioner can prepare hair for the heat that has to come.
• Avoid using a towel to dry hair as it enhances the natural curls of hair. Instead, either use a micro-fiber cloth or simply pat on your hair to dry them.
• Use a brush made of boar bristles to ensure that tangles are removed without making hair frizzy.

2. Only straighten dry hair:

• Don’t begin the process of straightening hair until the hair is absolutely dry. Wet hair upon being ironed with hot plates will release steam and render extra heat.

3. Preparation of the straightener:

• Ensure that the temperature of the ironing plates is heated only enough to straighten hair. It should neither be too cold nor too hot.

4. Before straightening, apply no products:

• Avoid applying anything to the dry hair before straightening. This will expose the product to direct and immense heat thereby increasing the chances to harm hair.

5. Keep temperature in check:

• Regularly check the temperature of the plates. Although wavy hair requires lesser heat than curly hair, high temperature can cause burns to your hair.

6. Straightening tips and tricks:

• Divide your hair into smaller sections and straighten one section at a time. This will allow effective straightening and avoid exposing hair to repetitive heat.
• It is advisable to apply adequate pressure in pulling hair while straightening them. It is a necessary measure for curly hair but not so much for way and short hair. It helps gain efficient results in no time.

7. After straightening your hair:

• If required, apply hair products to reduce the frizz but, only after the hair temperature drops to normal.
• Ensure to use a dry cloth to clean the ironing plates before and after each use. Dust can cause unnecessary hurdles in heating the ironing plates.


Using a hair straightener is tempting for its immediate results. However, regular use of hair straighteners can bring irreparable and unpleasant changes to hair. The heat does more harm than good. Straightener can help reduce the frizz on a short term. However, regular exposure to heat can make them permanently dry, frizzy, and dull. Furthermore, the heat also causes a loss of moisture from hair resulting in hair fall and split ends. Hair follicles lose their natural oil thereby making the scalp dry, itchy, and flaky. In fact, hair thinning is very common. Consequentially, the natural configuration of hair can change permanently. It is important be mindful of these things for the control of hair fall.


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