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Don't we all love our crowning glory? Wouldn't we do everything in our might to save it from hair fall or any other damage? Put in extra efforts in hair care, experiment with hair fall solutions and even supply it with vitamins.

And if you are here, reading this article, we know you too are looking for an answer as to how to stop hair fall. One such talked about hair fall treatment is 'Biotin'.

A] So, what is Biotin?

Now you must be wondering what biotin is, right? Well, it's nothing but a water-soluble B vitamin that plays a part in the metabolic processes of humans as well as other organisms. Hold on, that's not all. It is also linked to the regulation of carbohydrates, fats and amino acids.

How about taking you through the uses of biotin for your hair, along with some tips on how to stop hair fall? Let's get started!

B] What are the Benefits of Biotin for Hair?

As it is a water-soluble B vitamin, it has the capacity to take care of your hair's health. For this reason, it is highly recommended for your hair. Consuming biotin either in the form of a pill or tablet, or using a shampoo that is biotin-rich can thicken your hair as well as stimulate your hair growth. One thing is for sure, it makes your hair healthy.

While biotin is good for your hair and is known to surely:

  • Thicken your hair
  • Add shine to your mane
  • Stimulate hair growth hence becomes a hair fall treatment
  • Makes your hair healthy

C] Ways to Consume Biotin to avoid hair fall

Now that you’re up to speed with the uses of biotin, why not decode how to consume it? Biotin in two ways - either by food or by supplements.

- Foods Containing Biotin for Hair Fall Control:

If you are not sure about the foods that contain biotin or the types of biotin-rich foods you should be including to your diet to give your hair a vitamin boost, this list will help you out. You can try having:

  • Mushrooms
  • Nuts, such as almonds, peanuts, and walnuts
  • Soybeans and other legumes
  • Whole grains
  • Bananas
  • Cauliflower
  • Egg yolk
  • Organ meats, such as liver

- Supplements Containing Biotin for Hair Fall Control:

Keep in mind that heat and biotin don't go hand in hand, so go with the dishes that are minimally processed. Also, the quantity of biotin present in each food can differ. That’s why make sure you always read the nutritional information.

However, if you ever feel consuming biotin-rich foods is not working out, you can switch to having supplements. Even though there are a lot of biotin supplements which you can choose from, it's always better to buy them from your trusted supplier.

Consuming biotin supplements can cause minor side effects, such as diarrhea, nausea, cramping etc. So, have a talk with your doctor before consuming any.

D] Benefits of Biotin for Hair Loss

If we've learnt anything about Biotin till now, it is that it is enriched with Vitamins. Something that our hair needs regularly to feel healthy without hair fall worries. So why just restrict yourself to eating Vitamin-rich foods aka food that gives you Biotin?

Why not switch to an anti hair fall shampoo + conditioner routine that is rich in vitamins too? Pantene's Advanced Hairfall Solution range is enriched with Pro-vitamin B5 formula and Fermented Rice Water. This patented Pro-vitamin B5 formula belongs to the Vitamin B family - the same one as Biotin.

This hair fall shampoo nourishes your hair from root to tip and reduces hair fall to give you more open hair days. With this anti hair fall treatment, you can kiss your hunt for the perfect Biotin source goodbye.

E] Other tips on how to stop hair fall

  • Never Brush Wet Hair:

    Your hair is in its weakest condition when it is wet. So, it would be good for you to avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. This will definitely reduce the chances for hair fall. However, make sure you use a comb that's wide enough and our Pantene Hairfall Control shampoo if you have to comb your wet hair. Avoid brushing your hair too frequently as it only promotes hair loss. If you have to undo your tangles, apply our Pantene Hairfall Control conditioner on your hair length and run your fingers through it to comb.

  • Maintain a Sweat-free Head:

    During summers, people mostly experience dandruff due to continuous sweating, which eventually becomes a cause of hair fall. It is quite apparent that this mostly happens to the ones who wear helmets while driving, especially in the summer season. When this happens, the sweat gets collected in the pores, weakening the hair roots, and causes hair loss.

    So, what can you do about it? Make sure you cover your head with a headband or scarf while driving as it can minimise the effect.

    While you keep this tip in mind, we also have our very own solution for you to tackle this issue. Try the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoo to escape from the problem of hair fall, and enjoy a clean scalp.
  • De-stress yourself:

    Stress and hair loss. They don't really relate, you say? If you believe stress has no link to hair fall, well, you are about to learn something new now because stress too plays a major role in causing hair loss.

    Some studies in the past have even found medical evidence for the connection between stress and hair loss. If you are not sure how you can overcome this issue, just grab a seat and relax. We are here for you.

    The most important and major solution is meditation.

    If you have never meditated before in your life, this is it, the time has come. Meditation plays quite an important role in reducing stress. So, make sure you practice this and get ready to ease your mind. And, if all fails, you know you have Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoo to be your go-to hair fall treatment.

  • Wash your Hair Regularly:

    No matter what you say, there is no shortcut to this. You must wash your hair a minimum of 3x a week in order to prevent hair fall. Doing so, you just step away from hair loss.

    With our anti hair fall shampoo - Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution, you can bid adieu to hair fall! Try it once, and you will fall in love using it.

That's it, everyone! Those were the benefits of biotin as well as the tips on how to reduce hair fall.

We hope all the tips have inspired you, and while you try them, also get your hands on the Pantene products, mainly the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution, which knows how to stop hair fall without you taking the hassles of it. Besides that, it nourishes your hair and gives it a silky-smooth look.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!