Can lack of hair hygiene be a hair fall reason?

Ever wondered how hair hygiene could be related to hair fall? Yes, maintaining good hair hygiene can help you keep all your hair fall worries away and give your hair a new shine by making it shinier and stronger. Keeping your scalp clean is the least you can do for your hair care and that is the most basic requirement to maintain hair hygiene as well. Resolving hair hygiene issues can give your hair a new life and keep you away from hair and all other hair-related issues. It is going to be a good ride for you if you maintain hair hygiene and keep your scalp clean as that is going to help for a long time by maintaining your hair looks!

  1. Tips for Good Hair Day
  2. Hair Hygiene to Avoid Hair Problems
  3. Steps to Maintain Hair Hygiene
  4. Hair Cleaning Tips

Treat yourself to a good hair day!

Be it inside or outside, you always desire tons of good hair days and a lot of things affect your hair which you might not be able to even identify. The most important thing that affects your hair conditions is the lifestyle that you follow. Having a good and healthy lifestyle is very important for your hair and body. It keeps you away from hair fall and other hair related issues as well!

Another thing is that it can affect your hair growth could be the stress that you have been taking for so long. Having so much stress can lead to hair fall in huge amounts! Not using the right rug or towel can also affect your hair type and lastly but not the least treating your hair too much can lead to hair fall and other hair issues like dry hair and scalp, hair prone to breakage, weak and lifeless hair, frizzy hair which are better to steer clear of, always.

Medication, absence of a healthy diet, environment-pollution, hormones, pregnancy, infections, lice in your hair are some other factors that may affect your hair looks and patterns and can be reasons behind your hair fall as well. Too dry of atmosphere can cause dandruff and dry scalp or flaky scalp which may lead to hair fall later on. Residing of small insect-like structures on your head can even cause your hair growth to vary and defy.

Keeping your hair hygiene up to the mark can avoid these hair problems:

Maintaining clean hair and scalp is an unsaid rule that has been existing for a long time. One of the major hair fall reasons is hair hygiene. The more you maintain hair hygiene the lesser will be your hair fall and other hair related issues. This is one of the most effective tips to keep your hair healthy. But first, let’s look at what are the possible hair hygiene-related issues that may occur in your body.

● Dandruff-

If you haven’t been practicing clean hair regularly, the dead skin developed throughout these days does not have a way to go away. This dead skin layer is converted into dandruff and that could amount to one of the causes of hair fall in all the ways!

● Lice-

That urge to scratch your head? Well, in all possibilities it could be a lice-alert! Not knowing how to clean scalp or hair for a long time can become a place of residence for small insects that may become a parasite on your head and one of your hair fall reasons.

● Greasy hair-

Your scalp manufactures a lot of essential oil for your hair which may become non-essential over time if you do not clean your hair properly and give your hair a chance to stay clean and non-greasy.

● Hair fall - the ultimate problem.

You not knowing how to keep your hair clean and healthy is directly linked to hair fall. In fact, one of the main causes of hair fall is hair hygiene. Greasy hair or dandruff-ridden hair often becomes very prone to breakage and hair fall affecting the growth of your hair and changing the hair patterns. Scratching your head too much also leads to breakage of hair which is due to lice or any other insect in your head. The best hair cleaning tips to deal with this hair fall problem is to keep your head clean and healthy.

Now, when we say healthy scalp, it means that you should be well-nourished and you should keep yourself clean and hygienic. Especially during these days, it is always better to maintain a lot of hair hygiene and steer clear of all the other infections as well!

What are some steps that you can follow to maintain hair hygiene?

When we talk about the problems, we also long for some possible solutions! Understanding your hair type and using particular solutions is the most basic way to look forward to hair hygiene. Changing your lifestyle a little and eating healthy food is another way to deal with this problem. A little bit of junk food but most nutrition-rich food is the best way to lead your life. But let’s dig a little deeper and figure out a few detailed solutions to maintain good hair hygiene.

● Correct brush-

Use a wide-toothed brush for wet hair to brush through your hair. Brush your hair in parts and remember to be gentle while brushing as well.

● Wash your hair-

At least 3-4 days is an ideal gap for a clean hair wash routine. Hair wash is equally important as the gap needed between two consecutive head washes. Too much head wash can lead your hair to become dry and brittle but not washing your hair can cause hair to fall in a large amount. Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo is a perfect solution for your hair to control your hair fall and take care of how to keep your hair clean and healthy with a therapeutic hair wash!

● Oil your hair-

Don’t forget to oil your hair before washing. Oiling your hair nourishes your hair from the root to tip and gives your hair growth a boost. It also smooths your hair texture and makes it look shinier. Pantene Open Hair Miracle - a revolutionary product that is also an oil replacement that works the best for your hair when it comes to keeping it moisturized and well-nourished.

● Use a leave-in conditioner-

Learning how to keep hair clean and properly moisturized is a great hair cleaning tip. Moisturized hair can reduce the chances of hair fall and keep your hair well-nourished. Pantene Open Hair Miracle can also work as a leave-in conditioner and help you reduce your hair fall.

Time to note down some hair cleaning tips?

The way to your hair’s goals is through hair hygiene. Follow a few hair cleaning tips and try to manage good hair hygiene that can lead to a better shape of your hair and a healthier version of you!

● Brush it & wash it-

Wash your hair timely and brush through it according to your hair conditions. Brushing hair helps to keep your hair intact and keeps your scalp clean from all the dead skin and cells. Brushing also helps to increase the blood circulation in your head and scalp that helps to increase the hair growth and makes your hair strong and shinier!

● Keep your hair nourished-

Have a proper amount of protein and stay clear of deficiencies to keep your hair healthy. Having vitamin deficiency or iron deficiency can cause hair fall and degrade your physical health. Pro-vitamin B5 formula in Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution is the answer to nourishing your hair from the outside while you take care of your vitamin intake with nutritious food.

● Use the right products-

Try understanding your hair type and follow particular hair products like conditioner and shampoo. Pantene offers a wide range of products that can help you with your hair fall worries. Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoo and conditioner is proven to be the best solution for your falling hair. As mentioned, Pro-vitamin B5 formula works the best for your hair that nourishes it from root to tip and keeps your hair fall worries away!

● Use hair masks and keep your hair moisturized-

Keep your hair away from the dirt and dryness of the atmosphere. Using hair masks weekly and keeping hair moisturized can help your hair grow stronger and longer. Pantene Open Hair Miracle - a leave-in conditioner for you to keep your hair fall issues away and give your hair a shine that it deserves!

● Say yes to minimal styling - flaunt your natural hair-

Try reducing styling and heating your hair too much as it causes brittle hair and hair fall in a great amount. Pantene Open Hair Miracle is one such product that can help you with styling. It works as a heat protectant and helps reduce hair fall during styling.

So, the bottom line is that looking for the right solution will always be followed by better results. Pay attention to your hair and take it as important as your body. Because treating your body right can bring to you the hair of your dreams!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!