How to get shiny hair? Shiny hair tips and don’ts

If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with hair that’s worthy of an ad or Instagram boomerang, it’s shine. Lustrous, light-reflecting, shiny hair, that would make a mirror jealous. But that is not the case every time, is it? Shiny hair along with a smooth texture is a sign of healthy hair. But sometimes your hair just doesn’t seem to listen to you and looks a bit dull and unhappy. This might even be a sign of unhealthy hair, which means split ends, cracks in the outside layer (cuticle) which increases the chance of your hair getting further breakage and hair fall. That’s why it is important to maintain your shiny hair and take good care of it. So how do you get back this all-important shine? Can you really learn how to get shiny hair? Well, we heard you and fear not, as we bring you a crash course in how to make hair shiny by adjusting a few easy steps in your routine and some shiny hair tips. Let’s get started.

  1. Why does shiny hair become dull
  2. How to get back shiny hair

Why does shiny hair become dull?

Think about shiny surfaces; one thing they have in common is that they’re completely smooth and so light reflects off them easily. The same applies to your shiny hair: If your hair is not shiny, it means the cuticles are damaged and the texture of your hair is not smooth. This is a sign of hair fall issues which can become problematic further on, if not taken care of. But how does shiny hair lose its shine? Let’s see!

1. Lack of moisture:

One reason for the lack of shine in your hair is the lack of moisture. Lack of moisture in the air results in drier hair which makes them brittle and prone to breakage. Fortunately, it's very easy to combat this with Pantene Oil Replacement aka Pantene Open Hair Miracle which takes care of nourishment and moisturizing of your hair all through its lengths.

2. Lack of vitamins in your diet

- Your diet can be another no shiny hair or hair fall reason. Whatever you eat is transferred to your hair follicles in the form of nutrients, but if your body is deficient in nutrients, your hair won't get the required vitamins it needs. Hence, having a good diet means having shiny hair, which ultimately means having healthy hair.

3. Stress?

This can affect your hair too. Lack of sleep due to stress can cause your glands and kidneys to work harder which makes it harder for them to process out all the toxins. This makes your hair more prone to toxins and hence they are more open to damage, hair fall problems, and subsequent dullness i.e. no shiny hair.

4. Are you facing heat styling damage?

Your love for styling your hair often than not can cost you. This usually results in hair-related problems such as dull and no shiny hair. Appliances and heat treatments damage your hair as they suck away the moisture from your hair leaving them dry and brittle with split ends. Therefore we recommend using Pantene Oil Replacement, also known as the Pantene Open Hair Miracle. This acts as a heat protectant and creates a protective layer for your hair before you get that gorgeous hairstyle with heat styling appliances.

5. Are you combing your hair wrong?

A lot of pulling and tugging of shiny hair can eventually result in dull hair. Most brushes have hard and rough edges which damage the cuticle (outer layer of hair) causing frizzy hair and makes shiny hair lose its lustre. Also, brushing vigorously or when your hair is wet puts your hair at risk of breakage and hair fall.

How to get back shiny hair?

Now that we have learned about the different causes of losing shiny hair, it's time to get to the most important part. How to get shiny hair? Can you really crack the code on how to make hair shiny again? Turns out with some simple and easy to follow shiny hair tips, you can learn how to get shiny hair at home. Let's get cracking!

1. Start with using the right Shiny Hair Products:

First things first. You need to know that excess residue from product build-up can dull the surface of your hair, so it’s important to give it a really thorough, deep clean to keep those shine levels shining. Go for our Advanced Hair Fall Solution Silky Smooth Shampoo to deeply cleanse your hair of build-up and impurities while returning the smooth silkiness to your hair and reducing chances of forthcoming hair fall problems. With the smooth texture of the hair and silkiness, returns the shine of your hair, which is a sign of healthy hair.

If your hair is particularly greasy, you need our Pantene Oil Replacement aka Open Hair Miracle in your hair care routine. It’s hassle-free compared to oil, so no stickiness or stained clothes! Also, it nourishes and gives damaged hair the important repair needed for healthy, manageable, and great-looking hair going forward. Shine bright!

2. Hydration is key!

We can’t stress this enough: Never forget the conditioning step, when you wash your hair. How to find the right conditioner, and how to use conditioner to get back your hair’s moisture is key to the solution.

Even the finest of hair needs moisture, not just dry or thick hair, as it fills any gaps in the hair structure for a smoother surface, thereby making your hair shine more. A general rule to remember is that finer hair needs a light conditioner, while coarse or dry hair loves thicker moisture in regular conditioners and masks. The Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo and Conditioner is a great choice for medium to thick hair, specifically designed for hair that frizzes easily. If your hair witnesses breakage easily along with being damaged it can be one of the future hair fall reasons. It prevents the same by providing total damage protection to your hair and can be used for deep treatment as well and it promotes smoothness and manageability.

Meanwhile, for finer hair, Silky Smooth Care Shampoo and Conditioner is the perfect answer for how to add shine to hair. It fights thinning hair while instantly revitalizing your hair with the power of Pro-Vitamin V5 formula, giving life to your hair and making it smooth and shiny to remove dullness. Make sure you always rinse carefully and thoroughly to ensure no residue is left on your hair.

3. Style your hair with these products, but smartly.

For healthy hair that shines, it’s important to style in a way that’s not going to cause unnecessary damage to your hair. Style your hair smartly by being mindful of how you brush your hair – be gentle, use a natural bristle brush if you can and never brush your hair when it’s wet as it’s at its weakest. Using a hairbrush with natural bristles, like a boar bristle brush, can help to bring out the natural texture in straight, wavy, or curly hair without damaging it.

4. Use Cold Water -

After you’re done shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinse it with cold water to seal the cuticle to minimize the frizziness of the hair. Once done, use a soft towel and pat your hair with it to absorb the excess moisture which will also help you in preventing breakage by providing gentle treatment to the hair. Such gentle treatment and the sealing of cuticles help maintain the shine of your hair.

5. Increase the time gap -

Although shampoos and moisturizers help prevent your hair from damage, excessive hair washing might lead to hair damage which furthermore increases the dullness of your hair. It can also cause the natural oils in your hair, which helps your hair maintain its shine, to slip away which makes your hair dry and brittle. Hence, wash your hair every other day and use Pantene Oil Replacement aka Pantene Open hair Miracle which acts as a serum for your hair to get soft and shiny hair in seconds! After you hop out of the shower, take a walnut size amount, rub it on your palms and apply it along the lengths of your damp hair to get detangled, frizz-free hair all day long Or keep frizz at bay and add shine and softness to dry hair by applying a pea-sized amount before you step out.

6. The correct way to blow dry your hair -

Who doesn't like to blow dry their hair and get the perfect salon-like style and look? But the important thing to remember here is that too much or excessive heat can suck away all the moisture from your hair which ultimately makes your hair look dull. Once 80% of the hair has been dried, point your blower downwards and use it from the roots to the tips. Do not focus on one area too much, as it damages your hair unnecessarily. This will help smoothen the cuticles of your hair which will result in shiny hair! If your hair needs extra moisture because of harsh weather or intensive heat styling, grab our Pantene Open Hair Miracle to bring back that moisture it craves. As powerful as a deep treatment, it can be used as frequently as your regular conditioner. Don’t forget, if your hair is correctly moisturized, your cuticles are smooth and reflect light better, meaning extra shine!

So, achieving shiny hair at home doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think – how to get shiny hair is much easier in reality: it’s about ensuring your cuticles are closed and aligned, that your hair strands are moisturized, and that your hair is protected from damage at all times! Make these quick and easy changes to your everyday hair care routine, and your hair will be shining bright like a diamond in no time at all.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!