Something as simple as brushing your hair can get super complicated, especially if it’s causing hair breakage or hair fall. So, is there a right way of brushing hair?

Don’t worry we have got the perfect guide for doing just that, so that you can get super strong and healthy hair. But first, let us understand the benefits of hair brushing, because it surely has more benefits that just detangling!

A] Some of the advantages of brushing your hair are:

  • To distribute oils

  • Sebaceous glands present in your scalp produce natural oils that provide natural moisture to your hair. So, when you brush your hair it helps to distribute these natural oils from the scalp to your hair ends, thus giving a natural shine to your hair.

  • To stimulate the scalp

  • When you brush your hair gently it’s like a mini massage that encourages blood flow, therefore, stimulating hair growth!

  • To remove loose hair

  • It’s normal for an individual to shed between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day. Hence, when you brush your hair daily it helps you remove loose hair too.

B] Hair fall while hair brushing

Hair falls every day as a feature of the body’s natural renewal cycle. It is extremely normal for an individual to shed about 50-100 hair each day. Numerous individuals who style their hair using a hairbrush may worry when they see a bunch of hair in their brush. However, combing your hair generally just removes the hair that have already fallen from your follicles.

In some cases, brushing with extreme speed and force, often termed ‘aggressive brushing’ may lead to hair fall and breakage. This problem is extremely common among women.

However, if you are losing more than the normal number of strands per day even without aggressive combing, then it might be a cause of concern for you. In such cases, you can turn to a product that helps alleviate this. We recommend using
Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution shampoo to control hair fall as it contains naturally enriching ingredients like Fermented Rice Water. This includes a fascinating combination of eight amino acids and vitamins. The product also contains Pro-Vitamin B5 which nourishes hair from roots to tips and reduces hair fall in 14 days.

C] Tips to brush your hair

Now that we have understood how hair fall and hair brushing can be interrelated, let's find out the right way of combing. Before brushing hair, the type of brush you choose makes the world of a difference, especially when it comes to the health of your hair. If you have hair breakage, dry hair or thin hair, we recommend using a wide-toothed comb.

Brushing your hair with the wrong type of comb can damage your hair severely. Curly hair should always be brushed with a wide-bristled brush to avoid breakage. In fact, curly as well as wavy hair should only be combed wet, post applying a conditioner. They should be first finger-detangled to minimize damage and frizz. This ensures that the curl pattern stays intact while also giving those curls and wavies the TLC they need.

Another thing to keep in mind while brushing your hair is to start from the ends then slowly move upwards. If your hair starts to get stuck in your comb, untangle the locks with your fingers slowly. Once you have reached the crown area of your scalp start brushing the entire length of your hair. Do it for a few minutes to be able to distribute the natural oils from roots to ends, evenly.

D] How to brush wet hair

When it comes to wet hair, we suggest combing your hair very gently, as your hair is very fragile when it’s wet. Even a little excess pressure can lead to hair fall or breakage. Also, the type of brush and techniques used are the key to keeping your hair healthy and smooth. Using a wide-toothed comb is your go-to even in this case.

Steps to brush wet hair

  1. Prep your hair by parting them and focus on a few strands at a time.
  2. Use a wide-toothed comb and start from the ends of your hair.
  3. Comb gently and detangle your hair slowly. Use your fingers to detangle hair when needed.
  4. If your hair is particularly tangled, stop right there. Use a coin-sized amount of hair serum (Pantene Open Hair Miracle is your go-to) and massage it in. Then continue combing gently to avoid breakage.
  5. Once you have untangled the ends, start moving up and then combing down.
  6. Repeat on each side of the parting until you get tangle-free hair!

E] How to brush dry hair

Dry hair is more prone to getting tangled and messy, causing knots and breakage in your hair. We suggest being extra gentle and loving with your hair, in such a case.

Steps to brush dry hair

  1. Divide your hair into sections to prep them.
  2. Start brushing from the mids or the ends of your hair. Then, gently start moving upwards.
  3. If your brush gets stuck, gently remove it out slowly, with minimum damage and start again.
  4. Continue brushing your hair until you reach to your scalp and then start brushing the entire length. Brush all around the scalp as brushing encourages blood flow which stimulates hair-growth.
  5. If one section is tangle-free then continue brushing through the other sections, until you achieve tangle-free hair

F] How many times should you brush your hair?

Generally, experts recommend brushing your hair twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. This is the healthiest way to distribute the scalp’s natural oils throughout your hair — but only if you do it gently. However, hair brushing is also determined by hair type and hair length.

When it comes to curly hair, experts recommend brushing hair only twice or thrice a week, after shampoo and while applying a conditioner. This ensures that the slip of the conditioner helps detangle hair more easily. People with long hair might need to brush their hair thrice a day to avoid tangles.

G] Tips on How to stop Hair Fall

Now that you know the nitty-gritties of hair brushing to avoid hair fall, you should not be worried. However, even after following these steps, if the hair fall problem still persists then we suggest diving into these hair care tips on how to control hair fall right away.

  • Use an anti-hair fall shampoo!

  • Using an anti-hair fall shampoo is the best way to deal with weak hair. You too can heal them by switching to Pantene Hairfall Control Range. The anti-hair fall shampoo gives an additional layer of protection. It contains antioxidants to prevent the build-up of minerals that can damage your hair. Try out the specially formulated Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo to ensure your hair is shiny, smooth, and healthy.

  • Condition well!

  • Reduce styling stress with a nourishing conditioner. The Pantene Hairfall Control range has damage-blocking technology with ingredients such as Fermented Rice Water and Pro-Vitamin which nourish hair from root to tip, to prevent moisture loss, and protect your hair from breakage.

  • Oil it up!

  • Oil nourishes the scalp and gets the blood circulation going. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book for healthy hair as it saves your hair from becoming brittle and damaged. But what if you got all the benefits of it without the champi look and feel? Pantene Open Hair Miracle does just that. It nourishes your hair, keeps it moisturized and helps you deal with hair fall. It gives you all the benefits of oil with its intensely rich oil-replacement formula without the sticky feel.

We have told you everything there is to tell. From stepwise instructions for brushing your hair to tips and tricks. Now it's time for you to get those beautiful locks that you always dreamt of. So, don’t just brush your hair, get ready to brush hair fall away, already!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!