How Much Hair Fall is Normal in a Day?

In today’s world, stress has become a huge part of our lifestyle due to long work hours and excessive pressure to perform well in different areas of our lives. A lot of times, this directly translates to a lifestyle that’s out of our control, with no time to focus on our overall well-being and the health of our mind, body, skin, and hair. This brings with it a lot of additional disadvantages. As a byproduct of many such factors, a lot of us go through unending hair fall. While a lot of myths and rumors about hair fall are rampant, there are few facts that people are aware of. If you are someone who has noticed a clump of lost hair strands on the side of the dressing table, on the drain cover, on the floor after a shower, or your pillow cover after you wake up, you need to understand hair fall a little better, to be able to alleviate it too. While hair fall problems can be caused due to multiple reasons, a certain amount of hair fall is normal.

  1. Is it possible to count hair on human scalp?
  2. How much hair fall is normal in a day?
  3. Life cycle of a hair
  4. Causes of hair fall
  5. How to reduce hair fall?

A] What is the total number of hair count on the human scalp? is it even possible to count?

A normal person usually has more than 1,00,000 hair follicles. So, how much hair fall is normal in a day? As per hair experts, it is normal to lose between 50 to 100 strands of hair in a day. But the average hair loss also varies between men and women. To understand how much hair fall in a day is normal for a man, it is important to understand that men lose less hair than women. Research says, 40% of women lose more hair than men due to pregnancy and menopause or majorly because of hairstyling. Hair usually has a two to five-year lifespan and how much hair fall you have in a day depends on nutrition, stress, hygiene, and daily styling.

B] So, exactly how much hair fall is normal in a day?

Now that you know how much hair fall is normal per day, you can perform a pull test at home to further understand if your hair fall is normal. Run your fingers through your hair, tugging once you reach the end of your hair strands, and see how much hair you have left in your hand. If more than three hairs are left in your hand after one tug, then you need a specialized anti-hair fall regime. Therefore, losing two to three hair after one tug is your answer to how much hair fall is normal per day.

With little understanding of the products in the market, we often end up looking for hair fall solutions in products that only focus on the looks of your hair. Whereas one of the answers to how to reduce hair fall is to have your hair properly nourished.

C] The life cycle of a hair? Let’s read it out!

We all face a normal amount of hair fall every day which makes a call generation very important. Call generation is a process that makes your already grown hair better and helps in the growth of new hair. To boost this call generation, you need products that have different vitamins in them. Amongst several hair fall remedies suggested, providing the appropriate number of vitamins to your hair is considered one of the best remedies to take control of hair fall. Vitamins act as both a hair fall solution and a hair moisturizer by balancing the oil production on your scalp and giving you better hair quality.

D] What are the causes of hair fall?

If you think, you are losing more hair than how much hair is normal to lose in a day, you probably lack proper nourishment in your hair. Poorly nourished hair often either looks flat, dry, and frizzy, resulting in extensive hair loss and different hair problems. Therefore, to take control of hair fall it is important to understand how to keep dry hair moisturized by providing them proper vitamins both internally and externally.

E] How to reduce hair fall?

Hair fall is a common problem among many women but it can be controlled with a little care. Here are some hair care tips that will help reduce hair fall.

1. Eat right!

Eating healthy food items can help you steer clear of hair fall and it is a great way to keep yourself away from hair fall problems! Food like sunflower seeds, spinach, avocado, and almonds are a great source of vitamins.

2. Moisturize

keep your hair and scalp moisturized. Moisturizing your hair minimizes hair breakage and gives your hair a good shine.

3. Comb through it

Combing your hair increases blood circulation which increases the strength of hair. This helps you keep the hair intact and healthy all throughout!

4. Keep your hair clean

Wash your hair every now and then. Look out for insects that might be present in your scalp and get rid of them quickly without it damaging your hair.

5. Use good products!

Even as they strengthen your hair from within, it is also important for you to nourish your hair externally. Understanding your hair fall problem and finding answers to How to Reduce hair fall can help you take control of hair fall better. You need to add products that also act as an important source of vitamins for your hair.

Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo and Conditioner is rich in Pro-Vitamin B5, a component that is highly effective in repairing damage, reducing hair fall, and giving you nourished, healthy hair. Pantene’s Advanced Hairfall Control range is also imbued with Pro-Vitamin that doesn’t just moisturize your hair but also helps in strengthening your hair from within, making your scalp feel healthy and giving an additional shine to your hair.

By preventing the damage caused to hair, the components in the Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo and Conditioner also help in reducing excessive dryness caused by styling, in addition to alleviating breakage and split ends.

Additionally, Pantene Open Hair Miracle with its multi-usage benefits also is an important product to add to your anti-hair fall regime. This acts as a deep conditioner, hair serum, and heat protectant to ensure your hair is intensely moisturized and protected from damage, thus reducing hair fall.

So, depending on your conclusion of how much hair fall is normal per day, you can create your anti-hair fall regime with the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range and Pantene Open Hair Miracle, to give your hair the right amount of nourishment it needs.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!