A] Shampoo Origins

When you think about the history of shampoo, do you ever wonder where the word ‘shampoo’ came from? Well, let us take you through the h(air)istory of shampoo and its evolution. The origin of the word ‘Shampoo’, the common word used for the liquid preparation for washing hair was derived from and Indian word ‘Champo.’ Champu means to press or to massage. The shampoo has been used on the scalp since 1500 AD, when a combination of boiling Reetha (soapberries), amla (gooseberry), Hibiscus, Shikakai (Acacia), and other hair-friendly plants were prepared together and used on the scalp to cleanse and nourish the hair strands and as a natural hair fall remedy. Even now, in many Indian households, women make pastes at home using these herbs and they have resulted in the strengthening of hair for hair fall treatment and adding natural shine and glow.

B] Going back to history

Shampoo was invented by the master of soaps and potions, Sake Dean Mahomed. He was also famous as the ‘shampoo surgeon’ during the time. Dry shampoo, which is a very trendy topic of our time, has a long history itself. It wasn’t just the savvy millennials who hopped on to the dry shampoo trend but Asians from the 15th century were huge dry shampoo fans too (trust us, they were). While we go back to history, dry shampoos or hair pastes were the most famous forms of products that could cleanse the hair.

Since then, many English hair stylists experimented to create effective hair care products by boiled soap shavings in water or adding fragrant herbs and oil essences to make a soap water solution that offers shiny and nourished hair.

And by the early 1900s, people started using a regular soap bar to wash their hair. However, the hard surfactants led to soap coating hair strands with a dull, unhealthy-looking film which led to discovery of newer solutions.

When a chemist from Berlin Hans Schwarzkopf invented a violet-scented powder called ‘Schaumpon’ that became available in German drugstores. When the popularity of the product grew in the next 25 years, he introduced Europe to the world’s first bottle of liquid shampoo. Shampoos post that became a product of massive commercialization,

By the 1970s, shampooing your hair became a cultural phenomenon with hair care and hygiene. And the rest is history!

C] Old is gold

While the new era is about developments, hair products, especially shampoos, saw drastic changes moving with time. While the people who came up with the idea of ‘shampoo’ believed in using all natural products for its production, the modern era gave it a chemical touch and started adding more chemicals that were clinically tested for better results. But the tables have turned again as these days, people are more inclined towards having natural hair products to avoid any side effects. Natural products are coming back to the game. Mild shampoos are the best when it comes to the right shampoo choice because of less added chemicals and better results. Mild shampoos do have a mixture of both chemicals and natural products that gives your hair the freedom it deserves while taking care of it.

Shampoos from Pantene like Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution, apart from pro vitamin nourishment also use a potent natural ingredient like Rice Water as RICE FERMENT FILTRATE (SAKE), ORYZA SATIVA (RICE) LEES EXTRACT to improve the hair with nourishment inside out thereby offering better hair fall control and reduced dryness!

D] One great option

From what started around 100 years ago, from the first shampoo product that revolutionized hair care to newer innovations in hair care, the new products have kept pace with the latest fashion and trends and blended them with timeless old hair fall solutions, bringing in organic ingredients like Rice water, Bamboo extracts and so on.

Many hair treatments like shampoos are now putting the global focus on initiatives like sustainability that are helping consumers to reduce their environmental footprint, while also offering better convenience.

That’s what many consumers dream of today. And modern hair care products are making that dream come true.

Now with this insightful history session, make shampoos from the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range your go-to buddy if you’re a fan of shampoos that have the goodness of ingredients like – Fermented Rice Water & Pantene’s signature Pro-Vitamin B5 formula. The blend of these ingredients makes Pantene one of the greatest products that can solve your hair fall issues.

So be it any party you want to rock or the solo trip that you want to take, Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range can give your hair the bounce and protection it deserves while also adding an extra bit of volume and shine to it. It is also the right solution for your hair fall problems!

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