Egg Yolk for Hair fall

If only people could understand the struggle of finding the perfect natural hair fall remedy . Especially when you have done enough chemical experiments on your scalp to put a pharma lab out of business. Well, it is time to take a breather and open your refrigerator to meet the answer to your hair problems, which is Drumroll- Eggs.

Yes, you have gravely underestimated your fragile-shelled friend, as making a hair mask from egg yolk is really good for your hair.

There is an arsenal of benefits that egg yolk has for your hair, as they are fused with natural ingredients that can fortify your strands. We know the prospect doesn’t seem very pleasant if you have a functional nose, but once you see the results of using egg yolk for hair fall, it will prove to be a great trade-off.

So let us give you a breakdown of how an egg is good for hair fall:

Reduce hair fall and boost hair growth with egg yolk

The evergreen pollution and your blind faith in products imbued with chemicals ravages the moisture from the scalp. It rusts and tears up with dandruff as the last remaining remnant of its existence. The hair becomes brittle, lifeless, and more prone to breakage. Hair fall is just the aftermath of the atrocities your scalp has witnessed.

This is precisely where the benefits of using egg yolk on your hair shine the brightest. Eggs are fused with rich vitamins A and E, biotin, and folate, which act as a natural conditioner for your scalp. They replenish the depleted moisture in the scalp and nourish the hair to strengthen its bond with the root, making them resilient to breakage. So, including egg yolk for your hair fall treatment will fortify your strands to face their most formidable advisories.

Applying egg yolk on the scalp imbibes them with nutrients that are essential for hair growth. Egg yolk has special protein, which makes a delightful feast for your hair. It also contains a significant amount of iron, which is pivotal for the creation of new cells. The combination of these two factors stimulates hair growth, adds volume, and enhances hair thickness making egg yolk great for hair growth.

More motivation for using eggs on hair!

Tell us, would you like to rekindle your hair’s long-lost shine? The fats in the eggs which naturally condition your hair, also improve the hair texture and reignite its faded lustre. The high level of protein in eggs helps replenish the keratin gaps in the shaft, which leads to fewer split ends. Furthermore, the lutein in the eggs keeps the hair hydrated and enhances its elasticity, making them more flexible, silky, and smooth. So yes, egg yolk has uses for hair other than playing damage control for hair fall.

Which part of the egg is best for your hair-?

Overall, both parts of the egg are good for hair fall, but still, you have to choose carefully based on your hair type. If you have oily hair, go for the whites. It has minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, niacin, and riboflavin, which help stimulate hair growth.

When you apply the yellow part of the egg to your hair, you reap the benefits of natural conditioning. Comparatively, it has less protein than its white brethren, but it compensates for that with a rich source of B-complex vitamins and folic acids which retains moisture and fortifies your strands, making egg yolk effective for hair fall control .

Recipe for egg masks

Even alone, egg yolk has many uses for your hair, but you can mix them up with other ingredients to give yourself the best haircare treatment.

Still, your egg yolk mask will need a partner in its journey. As good as it is, slathering raw eggs on your scalp can also leave your hair greasy and oily, and not to mention the pleasant fragrance it leaves you with. So to counterbalance these effects, you need Pantene 2in1 Silky Smooth Care. The 2in1 formula helps restore your dried-up scalp by supplementing them with nourishment at the roots and making your hair smooth, shiny, and flexible, making them the perfect companion in your hair-care regime .

Let's take a look-

To curb hair loss

The dynamic duo of Curd and egg is extremely effective in fortifying your roots, enhancing hair thickness, and conditioning them to a greater effect.


1. In a bowl, mix an egg with 4 tablespoons of curd and for good measure; add in 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

2. Apply from root to tips and rinse with Pantene silky smooth shampoo after an hour

To promote hair growth-

Say hello to Henna, Methi seeds, and egg yolk. Heena has anti-inflammatory properties, which soothe your scalp and eradicates = dandruff. While methi seeds have vital ingredients which help boost hair growth. We hope you know what role egg yolk plays by now.


1. Mix a paste of henna powder with ground methi seeds, after soaking them in water overnight.

2. Mix both with an egg yolk.

3. In the morning, add some water to a cup of henna powder to get a smooth paste.

4. Apply from root to tips and rinse with Pantene 2in1 Silky Smooth Care Shampoo after an hour.

We hope this article gets you egg-cited to flaunt your shiny and lustrous locks!

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All references on this page to *Strength, **Hairfall and ***Breakage refer to *strength against surface damage, **hairfall due to breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo and ***breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo respectively.