Tips to take control of hair fall Vs hair shedding

Who doesn’t like to take control of hair fall? Understanding your hair fall pattern and taking measures to stop the same is something everybody wants to do. But how do you know you are facing hair fall and not hair shedding? Rather than finding the right solution for the wrong problem and subjecting more damage to your hair, let’s first dive into understanding the term hair fall vs hair shedding!

Hair fall occurs when new hair does not replace the hair that has fallen out. Hair fall or hair loss can be called a condition, but generally, it is a common phenomenon. There are many potential donors for this problem. The hereditary and weak immune system is the most fundamental cause of this problem. But simpler problems like a reaction to dieting and allergy to medicines also contribute to hair fall. Making a tight hairstyle and overheating your hair also leads to hair fall. On the other hand, hair shedding is your everyday hair fall that varies from 50-100 strands per day and reasons for the same can be many. From taking stress to having a multi-vitamin deficiency, all can cause hair shedding.

While we briefly talk about hair fall, let’s address the bigger problem in the room - hair shedding!

  1. What is hair shedding and why does it happen?
  2. Hair fall, a small problem or a bigger one?
  3. Difference between hair loss and hair shedding
  4. How to take control of your hair fall?

A] What do you think is hair shedding, and why does it happen?

As already mentioned, hair shedding is a phenomenon where you lose around 50-100 hair strands every day. Yes, it might become serious if you are losing more than that, but generally, it is manageable and controllable. This problem’s root causes can be as simple as changing seasons and climate, over-styling, over-heating, and taking too much stress. Managing your stress levels is quite important for you, your body and your hair. Eating healthy and nutritious is one way to overcome hair shedding. Along with this, you should also prefer minimal styling and heating to your hair.

To complement the process and reduce hair shedding, you should also use the right product. Pantene gives you a wide range of products that work the best to reduce your hair shedding. Pantene Total Damage Control shampoo plus conditioner should be your go-to solution for this problem. It nourishes your hair from root to tip and protects your hair from shedding!

Let’s figure out what hair fall is and differentiate between hair fall and hair shedding.

B] Hair fall, a small problem or a bigger one?

Not able to reduce hair fall? Well, probably you’re pulling your hair too much! Unnecessarily tying your hair can lead your hair to break from the root, ultimately resulting in hair fall. Split ends, thinning hair, dandruff ridden hair and greasy hair are also factors that affect hair growth and become significant contributors to hair fall.

Hair fall is a problem that everyone, irrespective of their age and genders, experiences it and gets affected by it. But it may become an issue if you do not pamper your hair regularly. One quick way to deal with this problem is to use the right product. Pantene Hairfall Solution shampoo & conditioner is a boon for your hair and reduces your hair fall considerably! There are some more tips and tricks for your haircare which we’ll reveal later on, but first, we need to understand the difference between hair fall and hair shedding.

C] Are you not able to differentiate between Hair loss & Hair shedding?

“I think my hair is falling. Oh, wait! I think it is shedding! No, wait! I don’t know..”

Seeing a few hair strands on your pillowcase and wonder what you are suffering from to experience such a massive hair fall? Well, this is hair shedding and not hair fall. Taking stress causes hormonal imbalance, and having a hormonal imbalance or suffering from physical conditions such as PCOS or PCOD also affects your hair growth.

Hair fall is when you see many of your hair patches coming off and see yourself getting bald slowly but severely. Hair fall is not as serious as it sounds but slightly more severe than hair shedding. If you are still unsure about your hair falling or shedding, seeing a dermatologist is always an option! Getting to know your hair conditions better, and taking care of your hair should always be in your routine!

D] Trying to take control of your hair fall? Follow these simple steps!

Having effective and efficient hair fall solutions is every girl’s dream. So, here are some healthy hair tips that you can follow to control and reduce hair fall.

1. Keep calm & meditate!

Try meditating every morning to reduce stress. You can also resort to hot showers right before bed for a sound sleep that can help you with your hair fall problems!

2. Flaunt your natural hair!

However hard we try, we always end up styling our hair too much. Overheating and over-styling your hair causes hair breakage and hence, it is better to use products that can help you keep your hair intact and away from the damage! Pantene Open Hair Miracle is one such revolutionary product. It is an oil replacement and gives your hair a new shine and strength.

3. Pamper your hair a little!

Treating your hair with hair masks is always a fantastic option to get smooth and silky hair. Using hair masks once a week can help you improve your hair texture and hair growth! Pantene Open Hair Miracle works on similar lines and gives beautiful hair locks!

4. Uh no, that’s not healthy!

Prefer nutritious food items and give yourself a treat of fibres and multi-vitamins. Vitamin A, C, and D are essential for your hair, but Vitamin B and B5 tops the priority list and should always be taken to improve your hair conditions. Giving your hair external nutrients is also necessary. Pantene products, enriched with vitamin B5, nourishes your hair externally!

5. Go for cute & comfy hairstyles!

Pulling your hair too much can get them removed out of your head, leading to hair fall. So, it is better to go for some uncomplicated hairstyles with lesser styling.

Usage of the right products is always significant, be it hair fall or hair shedding. And using it accordingly after you understand the difference between hair fall and hair shedding is even more useful. If you are suffering from hair fall and hair shedding, look out for Pantene Hairfall Solution and Pantene Total Damage Care Shampoo plus Conditioner, respectively.

Now that you know all about hair shedding vs hair loss, treat your hair the best way! Say hello to your natural hair, and give your hair a new life with Pantene!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!