Deep conditioning

DEEP CONDITIONING & Its Many Hair Nourishing Benefits

Your gorgeous locks are not behaving as tame as they used to. Or maybe they’ve been completely out of control right from the start.But have you wondered why that is? On an average, most of us wash our hair thrice a week. While that is the right way to go, we often tend to skip nourishing our hair before we wash them. Over that, we freely heat treat our hair for the look we want. You can only imagine how damaged your hair must feel from within. Learn more about how you can prevent damage of your hair from styling. So yes! Our hair does need to be nourished and caring enough for it can never get too much. Be it a condition of dry hair or scalp, oiliness or even hair fall, these are all signs of your hair asking that little bit of tender love and care that comes with hair nourishment. Well, how do you give your hair nourishment? Most of us already condition our hair. We diligently follow our hair routines of oil, succeeded by a shampoo + conditioner hair wash. But is that enough?

The answer is no. Your hair demands an extra treat of deep conditioning every once in a while, to auto reset. When you provide your hair deep conditioning, your hair shaft absorbs the moisture and strengthens the hair inside out, and hence this how conditioner helps in growth of hair.

Well, this is just one of the many reasons why one should practice deep conditioning hair treatment

Hence to know more about what does conditioner do?. Read on!

BENEFITS OF Deep Conditioning

DAMAGE control

If you didn’t know already, let us tell you that deep conditioning your hair can help you reverse the damage done to your hair over the years. It helps you reduce split ends and improves the health of your hair by dialling down the hair breakage and hair fall.

REVIVES Hair Shine

We’ve always looked at someone else’s hair and wondered when we would get that shine for our hair. While everyone’s hair is different from each other, Deep Conditioning at home does the job for you. When you apply a deep conditioner, it softens your hair locks and brings the shine it once had.


Did you know deep conditioning treatments for hair also give nutrition to the hair? They strengthen your hair follicles from within and repairs your entire strand from the root to the end tip of it, reducing breakage, split ends, hair fall and more.


Hydration for your skin is widely accepted, what about giving your hair the moisture it needs to stay healthy? Deep Conditioning does that for your hair by retaining the moisture in your hair strands. It keeps your scalp healthy and in turn reduces any other hair conditions such as hair fall, dandruff and more.

How to deep condition at home?

Now that you’ve made up your mind about Deep Conditioning at home, let’s give you some hair tips and tricks on how to DIY Deep Conditioner, and how often should you use conditioner. Usually, it’s best advised to deep condition your hair as often as 2 to 4 times a month if you have naturally endowed hair. But hey, if you are someone who has thick, dry or curly hair, deep conditioning once a week is a must.

There are a few different ways you can deep condition your hair at home. From apply a deep conditioner in the shower, to applying a leave-in deep conditioner after you have washed your hair, you can try and test what suits your hair best. You can even heat steam your conditioner after applying it on your hair to ensure it absorbs into your locks.

Now that you can pick one that you wish to try out, here are some tips you can keep under your sleeve while deep conditioning at home.

Before Deep Conditioning

Always wash your hair with a great shampoo and conditioner before you could deep condition.

when regularly practiced

Doing it just once may give you instant results, but if you want your hair to keep staying healthy, add Deep Conditioning to your hair regime.

To lock moisture

We’d otherwise advise to not let heat near your hair, but this is one place heat works wonders. Using gentle steam on your deep conditioned hair will not only speed up the process but also let the mask or product seep into the hair strands better.

Don't miss on that Beauty Sleep

Rapunzel to every other beauty queen got her beauty sleep. No wonder why they had such gorgeous hair to keep! Well, deep conditioning at home, works magically when you let your deep conditioner do its job overnight. Your hair gets that extra love it needs. All you need to do is simply wake up, rinse and voila!

Use Deep Conditioning products as required

Deep Conditioning treatments don’t just restrict to DIY hair masks at home, but also trusted products. When you do apply on your hair, ensure to use as much as required and not excess condition. This can weigh your hair down and make it excess oily, leading to damaged hair again. We get it. Prepping that enriched hair mask for Deep Conditioning at home may not always be possible. That’s why Pantene has an Open Hair Miracleready for you to deep condition like a pro at home. This one not just untangles your hair strands but seeps in to reduce breakage and hair fall. All you need to do is, apply a walnut size amount into your hair and you’re set with the winner of the Daily Hair Oil Category as awarded by the Vogue Beauty Awards.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!