Dry hair is one of the most common hair-related issues faced by young women. Dry hair typically means that hair lacks moisture that is very important for heathy hair. Dryness usually leads to hair fall and hair breakage which makes them the point of focus. Most women don’t realize that dryness is the main cause. Pollution, changes in weather conditions, excessive styling, heating tools and using the wrong hair care products are some of the main causes of dryness.

A] The Right Hair Care Regime

No matter what the cause, one of the easiest ways to fight dryness is with the right hair care regime. Most people don’t follow up shampoo with conditioner. This could be due to lack of time, laziness or lack of basic hair care awareness. Using conditioners should be considered the second step in one’s hair care regime. It should not be used instead of shampoo but after it. Failing to shampoo before conditioning will cause hair damage. Unlike shampoo, conditioners cannot remove the sweat and dead cells from the hair and hair ends up making the hair feel oily and sticky. It is true that our hair produces sebum, a natural oil that moisturizes hair. However, due to many reasons, this might not be enough, and your hair may need that extra nourishment that a conditioner can provide.

B] Benefits Of Conditioner For Dry Hair

On the other hand, failing to condition leaves the hair dry and dull. Its main job is to make hair softer, shinier and form a protective layer around it. It replenishes the moisture that shampoo and chemical treatments strip away and helps hair recover from heat damage. Conditioning also makes it easier to manage and style your hair as it helps get rid of tangles. Immediately post usage, your hair will feel soft and clean to the touch.

C] How To Use Conditioner Correctly?

How much conditioner, which conditioner, how long and how often it should be used are also of importance. These factors can make a big difference to your hair and if not considered, can lead to further hair damage and dryness. Too much conditioner can lead to greasy hair which can make it look oily and unwashed. Applying a little conditioner is as good as applying none. Additionally, applying conditioner on your scalp can make the hair look limp and reduce volume. It must be applied on the tips and along the length of the hair. Keeping the conditioner on for under a minute is more than enough for your hair. Also, make sure the shampoo has completely washed away from your hair before you apply conditioner and that the latter is completely rinsed off before you step out of the shower.

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D] So which hair conditioner should you go for if you have Dry Hair?

If you are someone with dry hair who likes to follow a hair care routine with focused attention on conditioning your hair.

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The mixture of shampoo and conditioner in one product is perfect to drive away your dryness worries. It helps you save time and put less effort into hair care. There is also no additional worry about shampoo not being washed off completely from the hair before the application of conditioner. Pantene 2-in-1 cleanses, nourishes as well as strengthens the hair and leaves you feeling amazing and confident every day.

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