Colouring your hair and worried about hair fall? Here’s what you can do!

Planning to experiment with new shades for your hair? The stunning shades like the blue, the reds, the ombre can not only transform your looks but also make a statement about one’s personality. By following a lot of hair colouring tips people try to take the utmost care for their hair.

Colouring your hair is such a great way to express yourself! However bright colours require your hair to be bleached to get its true colour. While coloured hair looks great from afar when you do it yourself by following hair colouring tips, the question many hair colouring enthusiasts still always have is…

Can hair dyes/colours cause hair loss?

The damage, dryness is just the start of commonly associated symptoms with hair dyes causing hair loss. Coloured or dyed hair dries up all its moisture making it dry causing a great deal of damage to your hair strands, Hair dyes and colours can cause more stress to your hair by getting rid of the lipids, nutrients and natural oils which causes it to become weak and break away easily.

A] Hair Colour and Hair Loss Breakdown

One must know that the more often you colour your hair, the greater the potential for hair shedding. Excessive hair dying / colouring can physically weaken hair shafts due to disruption of the protein backbone leading to an increase in breakage-caused hair loss. Often times the hair beneath the scalp which are in telogen(growth) phase cannot be reached by hair dye and thus hair dye cannot further cause hair loss, but can increase hair shedding with excessive hair colouring and dyeing.

B] Why does hair colouring cause hair fall?

Hair falling out after colouring your hair is one of the common problems and here’s what you need to know before your next trip to the salon or your next colouring session over your own bathroom sink.

1. Heavy hair colouring procedure

Colouring your hair requires heavy combing and rubbing in a different direction with extensive force by hairstylists causing the manipulation of the hair shafts, which can also contribute to hair loss because this manipulation can loosen the hair treated with dye and eventually causing hair fall.

2. Strong mixtures

Many hair dying products these days contain potent bleaching agents like Alcohol, Peroxide and Ammonia, which cause loss of telogen phase hairs and also weaken hair shaft leading to hair breakage. To minimize hair damage, you will want to limit treatments to every six weeks. This can reduce hair breakage and shedding to a more acceptable level.

It is advised to go for semi-permanent hair colouration products than permanent ones that are gentle and do not contain alcohol or ammonia.

3. Disruption of hair protein

Protein for our hair is like water for our body, an essential building block of the human hair. The physical and structural weakening of the hair strands caused by hair colours/dyes leads to the disruption of the protein backbone.

Colorants like Hydrogen Peroxide found in hair colouring products can cause a chemical reaction that can significantly alter the protein structure of the hair, and the resulting damage cannot be repaired because hair is non-living. If your coloured hair is not taken care of this damage to the hair shaft building up to hair breakage.

4. The peroxide effect

High volumes of peroxide in hair colouring dyes remove the eumelanin pigment from the hair shaft by releasing oxygen. Lightening of the hair colour to get the true tone of dark blues, greens, etc. Bleaching hair without peroxide is not possible. So ladies, the damage is bound to happen. If the hair has been bleached further to a very light colour from a very dark colour, the hair can be weakened to the point of breakage at the point

C] Hair colouring tips to follow for breakage free hair

Here are some tips that can help you reduce hair fall -

1. Moisturization for the win!

Give your chemically damaged and coloured hair the ample moisturization. The chemicals and the ammonia present in the dye pull all the moisture from the hair strand and make them dry. This dry hair is prone to breakage. In order to avoid hair fall due to breakage, it is important to bring back the moisture and nourish this hair. Use Pantene Open Hair Miracle as a serum and transform your dry, damaged hair into soft and nourished locks.

Formulated with the miraculous Fermented Rice Water and Pantene’s Signature Pro-Vitamin Formula, it deeply nourishes your hair from root to tip, so that you have flawless coloured hair without any damage worry.

2. Avoid Ammonia

Read the labels of the products, when using a hair dye make sure it has no ammonia or less ammonia can help minimize the damage. As high ammonia content is extremely drying towards coloured hair that cause loss of moisture. When there is no moisture in your hair strands, hair loses its elasticity and is prone to breakage. So, girlfriends, say no to ammonia and yes to hydrated and strong hair

3. Choose the right shampoo

Give your coloured hair the right shampoo care, as one of the major issues that colouring your hair brings along is hair fall. Therefore, it’s essential to opt for a shampoo that prevents hair fall and strengthens your hair from the roots.

Try the Pantene Advanced Hairfall Control Shampoo from the new Pantene Advanced Hairfall Solution Range to tackle your hair fall problem in the shower. Why lose those beautiful coloured and luxurious strands in the shower? Keep in strong and intact with Pantene.

4. Condition all the way

Give your coloured hair the power of deep conditioning! If there’s one thing that can instantly work its magic on your dry and damaged hair is deep conditioner. If there was a ‘shower sins list’ for women with coloured hair, skipping the conditioner would top the list. Skipping the conditioner is not even a choice. After shampooing, use the Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner to nourish your dry hair instantly. Its rich ingredients will help you bring back the lost moisture and reduce breakage and hair fall.

But for all the busy bees out there who don’t have time for conditioning, we’ve got your back too! On days when you cannot spend those extra 10 mins in the shower to condition your hair. Use the Pantene Open Hair Miracle as a leave-in conditioner. It’s rinse-free and effective. So, after you’re doing with your regular shampoo routine, take a walnut-sized amount of Pantene Open Hair Miracle in your palms and evenly apply it on the lengths of your hair and you’re good to go!

Now that you know all the hair care tips on how to reduce hair fall after colouring or dying your hair, go on and transform yourself with a zillion colours because Pantene is here to give your hair all the nourishment it needs.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!