How to choose the right shampoo for Hairfall in winter

Gear up folks, winter is coming.

No one wants to wake up on winter mornings, snuggled up all nice and cozy in their blankets, only to discover that their pillows depict a battlefield of fallen hair strands. And later spiral into a panic search and detailed speculation of millions of “best shampoo for winter” list.

Just know that your regular hair fall control shampoo isn’t equipped to handle the onslaught of the bitter winds of winter. The arid wind barrens your scalp of moisture which makes your hair prone to breakage. Which in turn leads to flaking, inviting dandruff to the party and leaving you scratching your itchy scalp.

The intense indoor heat temperature is also not doing your scalp any favours, just further dehydrating them which turns them brittle.The dry air challenges even the healthiest of hair, so to combat the battle against winter, we have to choose our shampoo for winter wisely.

Let’s look at the things you have to consider before selecting the best shampoo for hair fall in winter.

1) Moisturising is Key:

Retaining the moisture is your trump card in winning this war against winter, as most of the issues the scalp faces is due to dehydration. Your shampoo for winter should contain fatty acids and humectants that help in restoring the dried up moisture. Also be sure you use one with a moisturiser to properly nourish your scalp, something which it really needs in this weather.

2) Oils Are Essential:

Oils are your natural fertilisers as they are rich in fatty which forms a shield on your hair to not let the moisture escape. They replenish the lipids which are essential to keep them from getting brittle and develop split ends. They strengthen the strand and restore damaged hair. They soothe dry and frizzy hair by penetrating the roots to supply them with hydration on the inside. Apart from this, oils fortify your hair roots as they supplement them with vitamins and antioxidants, providing them with the nourishment they deserve. So whatever you deem as the best shampoo for hairfall in winter should have oil ingredients.

3) Combat Dandruff:

You can see dandruff as the tears of a worn out dried up scalp as it holds off against the bitter harshness of winter. Dry scalp issues spike up as the moisture grows thinner and thinner, until it fades. Your scalp actually has a complex microbiome of which includes your skin, microbes, bacteria and fungi in a balanced state. When this balance gets distured, you experience itching, irritation and dandruff on your scalp. Especially in a weather in which your scalp dries up faster than your attention span, your winter shampoo for dry hair , must redeem the moisture in your hair to reduce flaking issues.

4) Resolve Static Hair Issues :

You might have ghosted chemistry after school, but let's take a trip back to "basics". The reduced moisture in the air leads to an imbalance in the electric charges in your hair that makes them static and lifeless. Plus, the friction caused by combs and winter wear creates more static electricity. Or in other words, rendering your hair rigid and prone to breakage. Whatever you select as the best shampoo for winter, should be effective in holding the natural moisture in your strands to ensure that they aren't dry enough to process static electricity. Apart from this, they should also preserve the natural oil in your hair strands to maintain their lustre.

5) Effective Against Split Ends :

The natural oil produced in your sebum gets dried up this season and surprise, surprise your hair becomes brittle. Hair strands are actually made up of layers of keratin protein which are held together with hydrogen bonds. Once the hydrogen bond in the inner layer gets weakened, it can cause your hair to separate at the tip and progress along the shaft, compromising its structural integrity. Your safest bet is to go with a repairing shampoo which specialises in hydrating the strands with ingredients to keep them flexible. Repairing shampoos maintain the moisture of your hair and are rich in nutrients to fortify the strands which makes their fibres resilient to splitting, making them the best hair fall control shampoo for winters . Moreover they sooth your roots by having a higher acidic pH level to make them robust and fertile.

Now that you are equipped with this information we hope you’ll find the perfect match to resolve your hair fall issues, but before you set out on the quest for the shampoo for winter season, we recommend you check out the Pantene 2in1 Advanced Hairfall Shampoo . The duo of a strengthening shampoo and a nourishing conditioner reduces the dryness of damaged hair and fortifies the strands to prevent them from breakage. Which makes it an anti hair fall shampoo not just for winter but for all seasons.

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!

All references on this page to *Strength, **Hairfall and ***Breakage refer to *strength against surface damage, **hairfall due to breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo and ***breakage vs non-conditioning shampoo respectively.