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HAIR SOLUTIONS for weak hair


Do you have a hair fall problem, but you aren’t sure where it roots from? You might just have weak hair! Know how you can identify whether you have weak hair and how you can deal with the problem. If you are wondering how to stop hair fall, that’s also something we’ve covered. So, read on and know how you can take your hair to the dream hair stage!



Exposure to harsh weather, aggressive chemicals and merciless heat-styling tools can make things quite difficult for your hair. This can also lead your hair to crack under the pressure – literally! If you feel like your hair is not growing for a while or if you find tiny strands of hair falling when you comb your hair, there’s a good chance that you have split ends. This is a sign that your hair is weak and needs a good hair fall treatment to be in place.


Often, we ignore our hair when it begins to tangle. We think that it’s no big deal and we come up with excuses for the same. We tend to say something like they are tangling because they are wet or have become dry. And sure, these extremes do affect hair, but does that mean they are excusable? What excessive tangling means is, your hair has lost its thickness and has become weak. This is not a sign that you can ignore. Top healthy hair tips suggest that you should go for hair serums that would smoothen out your hair and make tangles more manageable for you. The Pantene Open Hair Miracle is one serum that truly stands out and is great when it comes to dealing with tangles.


Do you go out of your way just to make your hair shine? There’s a good chance that your hair has become dull. Often, dull hair is accompanied by hair fall as well. So, how to stop hair fall and get your hair’s shine back? Among hair fall tips that even experts claim is true, one is to use a good hair fall shampoo. Make sure that the one you choose caters to your hair issue specifically and restores that shine in your hair.


A hair problem a lot of us face on a day-to-day basis, rough hair is something that doesn’t just cause frizz but also heavy hair fall? So, how to stop hair fall and give your hair some moisture at the same time? While there are many hair fall treatments you can go for, we suggest that you start by giving your hair good nutrition and moisture.



Probably the first thing that popped into your head too, chemicals are not good for your hair. Processes such as bleaching, colouring, and texture-changing treatments such as perms, cysteine, etc. penetrate deep into your hair shaft and change your hair composition. This procedure often also ends up weakening your hair follicles and makes your hair more vulnerable to breakage. The best hair fall treatment you can do here is to go easy on these chemical treatments.


We all sometimes tend to go a little overboard when it comes to styling our hair. A lot of us treat our hair with heat on almost a daily basis. We aren’t saying that heat-treating your hair isn’t a great thing, but it’s definitely not recommended for an everyday basis. What heat does is, it deforms the keratin protein in your hair and takes away the moisture. Among top healthy hair tips, one would be to take care of your hair while styling, especially using a heat protectant like Pantene Open Hair Miracle before styling.


Recently, scientists have discovered that there is a set of genes that is responsible for weak hair & hair fall. Having said that, it’s safe to say that dealing with this cause is the trickiest. Your genetics have quite a bit of control on how your hair behaves. For instance, if someone from your family is genetically predisposed to have weak hair, there’s a good chance that you are, too. But don’t let that get you down. With the right hair fall treatment and the right hair fall shampoo, your problem might just be more than manageable.



Known to be one of the best remedies, healthy hair tips from everywhere mention this point. Massaging your scalp with oil stimulates your hair follicles, boosts blood circulation and help your hair with sebum production, thereby leading to stronger roots. Oils also nourish your hair cuticles and strengthen your hair. You can get the nourishment of oil without the stickiness with Pantene Open Hair Miracle. It is infused with the blend of Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin formula & Fermented Rice Water to give your hair the tender, love & care they deserve.


Want a hair fall treatment that doesn’t just condition your hair but also repairs and restores the moisture? Hair masks are what you are looking for. While there are many masks to choose from, top healthy hair tips are to analyse the problem your hair is facing and choose likewise.


When your hair reaches a certain length where it becomes more vulnerable to falling, or when you start having split-ends, it is a sign that your hair isn’t receiving enough nutrition. One of the best hair fall tips for this is to simply trim your hair quite often. This gives a fresh start to your nutrient-provision system and gives you a new style to look forward to!


We all know that wet hair is very susceptible to damage and breakage. And sure, using a good hair fall shampoo can go a long way, but that doesn’t make over-washing a good thing. Not only does this disturb your sebum cycle but also strips your hair of its natural moisture and can even rip off part of your cuticle layer. So, it might be a good idea to go easy on washing your hair.


We know that this is a pretty difficult tip to incorporate in your daily routine since we want our hair to be perfect. But if you are wondering how to stop hair fall that’s caused due to heat & chemicals, top hair fall tips will only tell you to go easy on your hair. Giving your hair some time to heal itself is really important.


Among the most understated healthy hair tips, switching styles is something we blatantly disregard since we don’t believe that it’s a true tip. But it is! How you style your hair plays a big role in imparting structure to your hair follicles. What this means is that by styling your hair the same every time, you are risking stressing a few follicles and inviting bald spots. So, changing things up once in a while is important.

Weak hair is more often than not a consequence of lazy hair care. What’s worse is, this can also cause that unwanted hair fall. Using a compatible hair fall shampoo is the most recommended here. Pantene has combined the goodness of their Pro-Vitamin formula with fermented rice water and made powerful concoctions that can keep hair fall at bay. These includes the hair fall control products like Pantene Hairfall Control Shampoo, Pantene Hairfall Control Conditioner, the Pantene Open Hair Miracle serum.

Together, with these products, your question of ‘how to stop hair fall’ can be history. So, pick what’s right for your hair and have that perfect hair you’ve dreamt of!

Hair care problems are varied for different people, so your hair care products should also be so. Take a look at our diverse range of Pantene Shampoos and Pantene Conditioners and pick your choice!